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A Day in the Life Of a Knight PowerPoint Presentation
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A Day in the Life Of a Knight

A Day in the Life Of a Knight

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A Day in the Life Of a Knight

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  1. A Day in the Life Of a Knight Play this text adventure and save King Arthur or explore Camelot castle! Click on the arrows with the option you like best to follow your destiny! Make sure you have some fun! CLICK HERE TO START YOUR DAY!

  2. You wake up to another beautiful day in Camelot. What will you do with your day? Explore the castle! Go to knight training!

  3. Time to explore Camelot Castle! What direction do you travel? East! West!

  4. It’s time to become the best knight you can be! What type of training do you start with? Archery training! Sword practice!

  5. You see two doors at the end of the corridor. Do you take a risk and open one? Right door! Left door! Turn back!

  6. You choose the right door and find yourself in a lady’s chamber. You try to leave discreetly but she catches you. She screams and you flee! TRY AGAIN?

  7. You end up in the knight’s meeting room. You turn to leave but notice somebody sitting at the end of the table. Who is it? It’s a lady… It’s a man…

  8. It’s Lady Guinevere! It appears as if she is crying. What course of action do you take? Slowly back out of the room. Cough gently to get her attention.

  9. It’s the court sorcerer, Merlin! He looks busy. What do you do? Announce your presence. Turn to leave.

  10. Lady Guinevere looks up. She nods at you and you take a step forward. “Are you okay?” “What’s wrong, m’lady?”

  11. That’s no behaviour for a knight! You should be sent to the stocks! TRY AGAIN?

  12. Merlin looks up and scowls. “Can’t you see I’m busy here? Be gone!” TRY AGAIN?

  13. You turn to leave, but a voice calls out to you. “Young knight, would you be able to help out this old sorcerer?” Politely decline. Agree to help.

  14. Lady Guinevere looks up at you and answers your question. “No, knight, I am not okay.” “Yes, I am quite alright.”

  15. You bow and give your best wishes to Lady Guinevere. You leave the room, wondering if she was truly okay. You shake it off and continue to explore the castle. GAME OVER. PLAY AGAIN? [Press ESC to quit]

  16. You take a cautionary step forward. “Is there anything I can do to help, m’lady?” “Unfortunately not, good knight.” “Why, yes, there is!”

  17. You politely decline Merlin’s wishes, meaning no offense. However, Merlin turns angry and starts to chant. Next moment, you are a frog on floor! You hear Merlin laugh. GAME OVER. PLAY AGAIN?[Press ESC to quit.]

  18. The sorcerer smiles and hold up two potion bottles. “I need to see if these concoctions work!” Which bottle do you choose? Red! Blue!

  19. You take the red potion and BAM! You’re on the floor, struggling to breath. Hands scoop you up and place you in water, and it’s then you realise you’ve been turned into a fish! Merlin smiles at you gently. “Thank you. That worked brilliantly!” GAME OVER. PLAY AGAIN? [Press ESC to quit.]

  20. You decide on the blue potion. You swallow it and your inside feel like they’re burning. You close your eyes, and when you open them, you notice that your arms have become wings. In fact, your whole body has changed into a fire-breathing dragon! Merlin looks at your new majestic form. “That worked perfectly,” he exclaims! GAME OVER. PLAY AGAIN? [Press ESC to quit.]

  21. Lady Guinevere tells you that King Arthur has gone missing! A small group of knights was just about to leave to search for him! What shall you do? Join the search party immediately! Ask for information!

  22. You ask Lady Guinevere which knights are in the search party. “Oh, some of the newer knights. They were quite eager, but I am worried for them…” “Oh, the Knights of the Round Table, lead by the valiant Lancelot and Gawain…”

  23. You assure Lady Guinevere that King Arthur will be found and soon. You swear upon your oath that you will stand by her side to make sure that she remains safe. GAME OVER. PLAY AGAIN? [Press ESC to quit.]

  24. You assure Lady Guinevere that you will assist the knights and make sure the King Arthur is found. You bow and hurry to prepare for the long journey ahead. Continue on!

  25. You meet your fellow knights at the castle gates. You ride off and soon reach the forest entrance. You have to decide which direction to search first. What is your instinct telling you? Go east! Go west!

  26. You ride into the west for a couple of hours until you spot King Arthur’s dagger lying on the ground. It’s lying near the stream, and your instinct is telling you that Arthur fell into the stream and is nearby. What do you do? Try to rescue the King alone. Alert the other knights.

  27. You stumble to the stream. Just as you think that you were mistaken, you lose your footing and fall into the water. You let out a loud scream and soon enough the other knights come to your rescue. King Arthur is with them and he smirks at you. “Nice trip?” GAME OVER! PLAY AGAIN? [Press ESC to quit.]

  28. You call out to the other knights. They follow your lead and through a team effort, you rescue King Arthur! He thanks you all many times over, and promises a feast in you honour on return to Camelot! GAME OVER! PLAY AGAIN? [Press ESC to quit.]

  29. You ride for most of the day, with no sign of the king. It is almost night, but if turn back now, you will be able to reach Camelot before long. What do you decide? Ride to Camelot! Make camp!

  30. You decide to ride back to Camelot, and try to find the king in the morning. But, some bandits attack you on your way back! They leave you for dead and you lie on the cold forest floor, thinking of your loved ones back home. GAME OVER. PLAY AGAIN? [Press ESC to quit.]

  31. You decide to make camp for the night. In the morning, you wake bright and early. A loud shout punctures the silence. Follow the shout!

  32. You find King Arthur alive! He is trapped under some fallen trees, but relatively fine. Congratulations! GAME OVER! PLAY AGAIN? [Press ESC to quit.]

  33. There is nothing but a long corridor with some intricately detailed tapestries. You stop to look, then decide to keep moving. Go forward. Go back.

  34. You find the doors to the throne room. The guards have been knocked out! Look inside the room! Leave to seek help!

  35. You catch a thief in action! You look around for a weapon. What do you see? A ceremonial plate! A sword!

  36. You see a sword on the wall. You run over to where it is hanging and pull it down. The thief pulls out a dagger and attacks you. Quick, make a move! Block! Dodge!

  37. You try to block, but move too slow. The dagger pierces your side and you fall to the ground. Luckily, you've such a commotion that other knights have found you and continue to fight the thief. GAME OVER. PLAY AGAIN? [Press ESC to quit.]

  38. You dodge the attack, which give you the element surprise for just a moment. You strike the thief hard and he falls to the ground. You place the stolen items back in their rightful place and wait for help. GAME OVER! PLAY AGAIN? [Press ESC to quit.]

  39. The thief laughs as you pick up a fallen plate. He pulls out a dagger and lunges at you. Do something! Block! Dodge!

  40. You block the attack, the plate just the right size to defend against the dagger. Shocked, the thief lunges again and misses, allowing you the chance to knock him out. You have just stopped him from stealing the King's favourite crown! GAME OVER! PLAY AGAIN? [Press ESC to quit.]

  41. You know the other knights would be up and active. Where do you search for them? Training grounds! Mess hall!

  42. The knights in the mess hall just stare at you like you've gone crazy. After a moment, they laugh and you run out, trying to find someone who will care. TRY AGAIN?

  43. You find some knights practising their sword skills out on the training grounds. “Quick! This way!”

  44. The knights follow you to the throne room. You look through a gap in the door. “There’s someone in there!” “It looks empty…”

  45. The other knights trust you word and enter the room. You search for clues to find out who caused so much trouble. You know in your heart that you will find the culprit and bring them to justice. GAME OVER. PLAY AGAIN? [Press ESC to quit.]

  46. You and your fellow knights charge into the room, taking the bandits by surprise. A fight ensures, in Camelot is victorious! You have saved the kingdom's most precious treasure! GAME OVER. PLAY AGAIN? [Press ESC to quit.]

  47. You had always been good with a sword, but you know that constant training was the key to success. What training do you start with? Practise against the dummy. Fight another knight.

  48. You battle with another knight to sharpen your defence. First to three strikes wins. Who lands the first strike? You! Your opponent!

  49. The other knights laugh at you and call you a wimp. One challenges you to a duel. Do you accept? No. Yes.

  50. Your archery skills are second to none, but you know that training is vital. How do you start your training session? Shoot a moving target! Shoot a still target!