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Religion Project. By Taylah. Mary Mackillop [well known]. I chose right judgement for Mary Makillop.

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Religion project

Religion Project

By Taylah

Mary mackillop well known
Mary Mackillop [well known]

I chose right judgement for Mary Makillop.

Mary Makillop shows right judgement because she gave all her money to her family and gave her life to the poor. Mary Makillop also made a school with fr Julian Woods. She let all kids join even if they couldn’t pay the money for them to be in the school.

This example shows that Mary Makillop has shown Right judgement because she chose to help the poor and I think that that was the right choice.

Saint valentine saint
Saint Valentine [saint]

I chose knowledge for Saint Valentine.

Saint Valentine showed knowledge when he helped a little girl who was blind to see. The little girl’s name is Julia. Julia’s father was very pleased that Saint Valentine could help Julia, so he also asked if he could give lessons to Julia. Saint Valentine said he would. Saint Valentine used his knowledge to teach Julia to read and write.

This example shows that Saint Valentine showed knowledge, because he used his knowledge to teach Julia. Saint Valentine also taught other kids how to do things as well. Saint Valentine has lots of knowledge that’s why he taught kids.

Mum family
Mum [family]

I chose wisdom for Mum .

Mum shows wisdom by using her experience and knowledge to make good decisions and to teach me and guide me when I need help.

This example shows that Mum has showed Wisdom, because she uses all that knowledge and wisdom to teach me things that I will need to know.

Father brian community
Father Brian [community]

I chose Understanding for Father Brian.

Father Brian shows Understanding when he is the priest in church, because when a family has had someone past away he feels sorry for them and he starts crying as well. If you go to ask him a question he will listen and try his best to give his honest answer.

This example shows that Father Brian Shows Understanding because he put himself in your shoes feels your emotions or your problem.

Taylah myself
Taylah [myself]

I chose courage for myself.

I show courage when I try new things and try to do things that I am afraid of . I am also willing to have a go at things.

This example shows that I show courage because I try things that I have never done before or try new or scary things.

Nannie free choice
Nannie [free choice]

I chose wonder and awe for Nannie.

Nannie shows wonder and awe when she always sits peacefully outside and tells me what a beautiful world God has made. She is also always relaxing outside by her pool, and says come have a play and enjoy what God has made for us.

This example shows that Nannie shows Wonder And Awe because she thanks God and always says that the world is beautiful the way God made it.

Mrs selemba free choice
Mrs Selemba [free choice]

I chose reverence for Mrs Selemba.

Mrs Selemba shows reverence in the church when the class or classes are being too loud. Mrs Selemba tells them to show respect to God and stop talking.

This example shows that Mrs Selemba shows Reverence because she respects Gods space and Thanks him.