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NYISO Phasor Measurement Unit Capability - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NYISO Phasor Measurement Unit Capability . Wes Yeomans Vice President Operations New York State Public Service Commission Power Quality Technical Conference December 12, 2013. Phasor Measurement Units.

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Nyiso phasor measurement unit capability


Phasor Measurement Unit Capability

Wes Yeomans

Vice President Operations

New York State Public Service Commission

Power Quality Technical Conference

December 12, 2013

Phasor measurement units
Phasor Measurement Units

  • Monitoring devices called phasor measurement units (PMUs) measure the instantaneous voltage and current phasors, and frequency at specific locations in the electricity transmission system

    • Voltage and current phasors are parameters characterizing the transfer of electric power from generation plants to end-user loads

    • Frequency is the key indicator of the balance between electric load and generation

Smart grid project
Smart Grid Project

  • Budget: $75,710,733

  • Timeline: July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2013

  • Partners: NYISO and New York Transmission Owners

  • Equipment: Phasor Measurement Units, Phasor Data Concentrators, Phasor Measurement Network, Capacitors

  • Applications: Enhanced State Estimator, Voltage Stability Monitoring, Situational Awareness (Visualization), Post Analysis

Synchrophasor applications
Synchrophasor Applications

Phasor Enhanced State Estimator

Phasor Enhanced Voltage Stability Monitor

Post-Event Analysis

Visualization / Situational Awareness

Phasor enhanced state estimator
Phasor Enhanced State Estimator

  • NYISO State Estimator was augmented to accept SynchroPhasor measurements

    • Voltage magnitudes & angles (220+)

    • Current magnitudes & angles (280+)

    • Frequencies (70+)

    • Line flow Mw & Mvar (400+)

  • Selected points are being used by SE

  • Monitor the actual values against SE solutions

  • Phasor Enhanced State Estimator developed by ABB

Voltage stability monitor
Voltage Stability Monitor

  • For a given interface VSM provides

    • Proximity of voltage collapse under real time conditions

    • Proximity of voltage collapse under contingencies

  • VSM Program Execution

    • Every 30 seconds after State Estimator run with SE data

    • Every 2 seconds with updated PMU data

  • Contingency Selection

    • Process pre-defined set of contingency definitions every 30 seconds

  • Initial focus is on NYCA Central-East Interface

Post event analysis
Post-Event Analysis

  • NYISO uses the Phasor Grid Dynamics Analyzer (PGDA) for off-line analysis of system events (e.g. BPS line tripping, generation trip of 300 MW, etc.)

    • Frequency response

    • Transient voltage recovery

    • Modal analysis (freq. oscillations)

    • Ringdown analysis (dampening)

    • System Stress analysis

    • Validation of system component

      response (SVCs, Statcom)

Replay of system events
Replay of System Events

Operators able to replay events and zoom in on any points of interest

Visualization situational awareness
Visualization & Situational Awareness

  • Displays / dashboards organized by New York’s electrical load zones, as well as by external neighboring electrical regions

PMUs grouped by zones to reflect expected coherent generation response

Visualization is part of new NYISO Control Center video wall

Video wall dashboard
Video Wall Dashboard

  • New Alarming Capability for New York State

    • Abnormal oscillation detection

    • Abnormal voltage magnitude & angle

    • Abnormal frequency

  • New Alarming Capability for External Regions

    • Abnormal angle differences across external regions

    • Abnormal voltage magnitude

    • Abnormal frequency

  • Short Term View (minutes) and Long Term View (hours) for Wide Area Monitoring (WAM) of angle differences of External Regions

Scheduled forced outages
Scheduled & Forced Outages

The NYISO coordinates bulk power generator and transmission scheduled outages with Generator Owners and Transmission Owners to meet steady-state “pre” and “post” operating criteria.

The NYISO directs operating actions to “re-secure” power flows post contingency

Nyiso phasor measurement unit capability

The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) is a not-for-profit corporation responsible for operating the state’s bulk electricity grid, administering New York’s competitive wholesale electricity markets, conducting comprehensive long-term planning for the state’s electric power system, and advancing the technological infrastructure of the electric system serving the Empire State.