chapter 11 n.
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Oral Reports

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Chapter 11:. Oral Reports. Analyze the Audience. Language appropriate Understanding International Audiences. Shape the Content to Suit the Audience. What point are you trying to convey In which context are you trying to convey the point. Organize the Content.

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Presentation Transcript
analyze the audience
Analyze the Audience
  • Language appropriate
  • Understanding International Audiences
shape the content to suit the audience
Shape the Content to Suit the Audience
  • What point are you trying to convey
  • In which context are you trying to convey the point
organize the content
Organize the Content
  • Choose a manner that makes sense!
choose appropriate visuals
Choose Appropriate Visuals

The wrong picture may take away from the overall presentation

choose an effective delivery style
Choose an Effective Delivery Style
  • Avoid long sentences and jargon
  • Make sure your audience understands what you are trying to say
don ts in oral presentations
Don’ts in Oral Presentations
  • Talk too fast or slow
  • Chew gum
  • Play or fiddle with your hair or any object
  • Say uhmm
  • Look down or use your notecards
  • Cover your face
  • Read off the PowerPoint
  • Use unnecessary animations or slide transitions
  • Make funny gestures
  • Memorize presentation
  • Give audiences handouts before the beginning of the presentation
do s in oral presentations
Do’s in Oral Presentations
  • Use appropriate visual aids
  • Use bullet points or titles
  • Speak at an appropriate pace
  • Use appropriate gestures
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Rehearse presentation
helpful tips for organization note cards
Helpful Tips for Organization- Note Cards
  • Number each note card
  • Use ring to bind them together
  • Write big enough
helpful tips for organization powerpoint presentation
Helpful Tips for Organization- PowerPoint Presentation
  • Use tables, graphs and charts for data and numerical information
  • Use bullet points
  • Use images
  • Choose appropriate template