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Somalia Civil war PowerPoint Presentation
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Somalia Civil war

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Somalia Civil war
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Somalia Civil war

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  1. Danielle Clifford, Dakota Stark, Erin Hoedlmoser, Jamie Tice Somalia Civil war

  2. Somalia mapping & history • Located on the horn of Africa • Surrounded by the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean • Surrounding countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti • Capital City: Mogadishu • Population: 10 000 000

  3. Mapping & History Con’t... • Fight for Somalia’s territory goes back to the 10th century  Trading posts • Britain and Italy wanted to rule Somalia in 1920 • Britain ruled until 1941, Italy was UN until 1950 • Somalia was granted full independence in 1960 • 1969 Pres. Abdi Rashid Ali Shermarke was assassinated by opposing groups • Military took over: new president was General Siad Barre • Somalia helped Ethiopia fight a war, they lost 32 000 men and most military equipt. • Because of this, Barre fled Somalia and left the country to fend for itself • Led to an Anarchist state

  4. Mohamed FarrahAidid• Well known/controversial Somalian leader • Often described as a ward lord• Once was the chairman of the united Somali congress• Along with other armed forced they drove out Barre’s regime• IN 1992 Adidid challenged the presence of the United Nations Major General MumommadSiadBarre • Was the military director and president of Somalia, (1969-1991)• Gained his power through an assassination of another president • Left Mogadishu in January 1996• Temporarily remained in the Southern part of the Gedo region, this is where his power base was • He attempted to regain control of Mogadishu but failed and was forced to exile. Key individuals

  5. United States• Armed forces consisted primarily off Bravo company and first special forces (delta squad)• Attempted to seize two of Aidids high leveled lieutenants• Shooting started and Somalian militias and armed civilians shot down a US helicopter • The ordeal was only supposed to last less than an hour and it ended up lasting a lot longer than that. Few Americans died, but many Somalians perished UNOSOM 2• Was established in march 1993• Fist mission was to restore order in Somalia• Landing in 1993 to start 2 year peace keeping mission• The U.N forces main mandate was to take “all mean necessary” to deliver aid to Somalia Key individuals

  6. 2004 an accord was signed by Somalia’s leaders for political transition in the country. With growing confidence, Somalia currently has its first formal parliament in more than 20 years. Hassan Sheikh Mohamed was elected president in September of 2012 Piracy: Piracy in Somalia began with lack of authority. It became so strong that it is still a conflict today. Piracy causes threat to international trade and shipping Also a threat to innocent seafarers and peace and security of the region Current State of Somalia

  7. Drought: In 2011, Somalia was hit with a drought that resulted in millions of people on the verge of starvation. The drought sent thousands to flee to Kenya and Ethiopia Britain aid has helped provide 3.5 million starving victims with food and water Although international aid has helped a great deal, there is still a serious concern for Somalia Current state of Somalia