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Howard Brown

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Center for the Study of the Origin and Structure of Matter (COSM) Presented at University of Texas, Brownsville March 1, 2002. Howard Brown. Hampton University…. Is one of just over 100 Historically Black Colleges and Universities. ~approximately 6,100 students. mostly African-American.

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Howard Brown

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howard brown

Center for the Study of the Origin and Structure of Matter


Presented at

University of Texas, Brownsville

March 1, 2002

Howard Brown

hampton university
Hampton University…
  • Is one of just over 100 Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • ~approximately 6,100 students
  • mostly African-American
  • privately endowed
historically black colleges and universities
Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • Performing with very limited resources, HBCUs are responsible for the undergraduate and graduate careers of:
    • 40% of this country’s Black college graduates
    • 75% of all Black Ph.Ds
    • 46% of all Black business executives
    • 50% of Black engineers
    • 80% of Black federal judges
    • 85% of all Black doctors
    • 75% of Black military officers
    • 75% of the nation’s Black veterinarians
increased diversification
Increased Diversification
  • Hampton University has educated students from four continents around the globe.
    • Some countries our students have been from include:
      • Kenya
      • Ghana
      • Japan
      • China
      • Armenia
      • France
      • Myanmar
      • Spain
      • Greece
      • Brazil
      • And many others
    • We’ve also had students from various Native American heritages
network stats and capabilities
Network Stats and Capabilities
  • Hampton university operates for the moment on a DS3 connection:
    • 45 mbps
    • Internet2 affiliate
    • Local loop connects to an ATM OC3 hub
    • Connects to internet2 through Network Virginia
      • Goes from VA-tech’s OC12 to the MAX(OC48)
network stats continued
Network Stats Continued…
  • Local loop shadowed and protected by a Synchronous Optical NETwork (SONET) Ring
  • Our servers work with 10/100 combos for local networks
    • Connected via a 1 gig NIC through copper lines to a 1 gig fiber back plane connecting the campus
network stats continued1
Network Stats Continued…
  • Desktops connect to 10/100 switches (Cisco 1900, 2900 and 3500 series switches) via copper
  • All buildings are connected via fiber to a Cisco 6509 multi-layer switch capable of LAN/WAN/MAN convergence on a single platform
  • Five of these multi-layered switches provide a primary and redundant path to a CISCO 7000 series router over a 1 gig fiber backbone
the purpose of atlas
The Purpose of ATLAS
  • The purpose of the ATLAS project is the design, construction, operation and physics exploitation of a large general-purpose detector (ATLAS)
  • It is to be installed in one of the interaction regions at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN
  • We are the ATLAS group operating at Hampton University
  • Over 1,800 researchers in 33 different countries are participating in the ATLAS collaboration
  • There are 27 universities and 3 national laboratories that make up the US ATLAS group
  • The US ATLAS Project is supported by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) serves as the main Project office of US ATLAS
hampton s role in us atlas
Hampton’s Role in US ATLAS
  • Our two main focuses at HU regarding ATLAS are on both the hardware and software level
  • At Hampton, we’re building and testing parts for the inner detector of ATLAS
    • We construct straws and components for small, medium and large detector modules
hampton s atlas involvement
Hampton’s ATLAS involvement
  • In addition to the construction of these modules, we’re also doing simulations on data
    • These simulations are being done remotely at BNL
    • All the code for the analysis and hardware is housed on Linux boxes at BNL
    • One of the reasons we’ve needed this fast connection before our iVDGL involvement was to help the transfer of this data between Hampton and BNL
  • Quarknet is a teacher professional development program funded by the NSF and the DOE
  • It’s purpose is to reach middle and high school students through the intense training of teachers
  • The Project office for Quarknet is FermiLab
  • Teachers work on particle physics experiments during a summer
    • These teachers along with scientists work on introducing some aspects of their research into their classrooms
  • Quarknet does more than just allow teachers to work on frontier physics during the summer
    • It also provides material for the teachers to use to guide the students in the classroom as they conduct experiments
    • For all the projects, there are web pages for both the teacher and students
      • This refreshes the teachers’ memories and provides another tool for the students to look to for further study
  • Quarknet serves many goals:
    • It gets teachers involved with particle physics providing them with hands on experience
    • It allows students a better chance of really learning about the experiments due to the teacher’s experience
    • It increases the number of students exposed to particle physics; a seed program of sorts
  • There are already 34 universities and labs across the US involved with Quarknet
  • That number is expected to grow to 60 within two years
contact information
Contact Information


  • Dr. Oliver Keith Baker


  • Dr. Ken Cecire


  • Howard Brown