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System Implementation and Monitoring Regional Session Day 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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System Implementation and Monitoring Regional Session Day 2

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System Implementation and Monitoring Regional Session Day 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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System Implementation and Monitoring Regional Session Day 2
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  1. Resources are available at System Implementation and Monitoring Regional Session Day 2 Fall, 2014

  2. The Power of a Growth Mindset

  3. What People Tweeted “In every rink ,on every ball diamond , by every swimming pool and on every soccer pitch there are more " Dave Belisles" who make sports that much more fun and society that much better.” -brm373

  4. “What a great man to lead boys, this was allowing them their sorrow and allowing them grief., and to relish their success as people and their growth in the failure of what is just the game.. what they do as a team is much more valuable than any game ... great stuff.” howbigisyourlove8

  5. “A coach who actually knows it's about the kids and not about living out wannabe fantasies through the kids. • Outstanding example of a guy grabbing hold of a teachable moment to let kids know that sport is NOT life - but a PART of life. Sometimes you lose - doesn't mean you're a loser.” • Walter Lantz

  6. “This coach just gave a championship speech that will be rebroadcast as a lesson for the ages. Let's just give it to him.” Laurent Munier

  7. “This kind of role model in baseball is exceptionally rare. Having coached competitive baseball at that age level there's a pride and yes patriarchal affection that develops for those kids as you grow through a season.” “Many coaches dwell on the players bad plays being a reflection on them, a few coaches will project their best human qualities onto the players and hope that they take it with them once the season is done. No doubt not one of these players will forget this coach.” TheOriginalearlthepearl

  8. Share your Thoughts or @lnssim #lnssim #fallsim

  9. Agenda 8:30-11:40 Power of a Growth Mindset Keynote Address - Bruce Rodrigues, CEO of EQAO Breakout Information 11:40 Lunch 12:30-3:00 Breakout Sessions Breakout Team Debrief followed by Team Planning Time Monitoring Moments and Feedback to Inform SIM 2

  10. Keynote Speaker Bruce Rodrigues Chief Executive Officer of EQAO

  11. “Ontario will cultivate and continuously develop a high-quality teaching profession and strong leadership at all levels of the system. Our education system will be characterized by high expectations and success for all. It will be responsive, high quality, accessible and integrated from early learning and child care to adult education.” -”Achieving Excellence – A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario, 2014, page 1

  12. Breakouts

  13. Lunch 11:40 – 12:25

  14. Breakouts SessionsFrom 12:30 to 1:45 Full session reconvenes at 2:00

  15. Team Reflection, Planning and Consolidation Considering the learning from the Keynote Speaker and Breakout sessions, how can these learnings assist your team in the: refinement, expansion and/or extension of your Implementation and Monitoring Plan?

  16. Resources to Support the Work Additional resources are available to support the implementation and monitoring plan: • Provincial Monitoring Moment Video Clips available from your SAO, FTL and/or ESSEO • Student Achievement Division Fall 2014 Resource Package • Ministry Personnel Support

  17. In-Between Work document the implementation and monitoring process and that of the team learning bring evidence of learning to Winter SIM

  18. Feedback Please complete the following feedback either electronically or manually. 1. How did the content and process from Day 2 meet your personal needs? • How did it meet your team needs? 3. What would be beneficial for you and your team in moving forward and to consider for Day 2 of Winter SIM?

  19. Thank you! We look forward to seeing you at SIM 2: Day 1 – Tuesday February 10th Day 2 – Wednesday February 11th Reminder to please bring back materials (timeline, organizer and in-between work and evidence) to Winter SIM