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pompeii eruption n.
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Pompeii Eruption! PowerPoint Presentation
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Pompeii Eruption!

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Pompeii Eruption!
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Pompeii Eruption!

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  1. Pompeii Eruption! By Sadie Rafferty, Darcey Cannon and Chloe Newton

  2. Pompeii before the eruption. • Pompeii was a city, with the population of about 20,000 people. Pompeii had indoor running water, a market place, and many more. • The people of Pompeii wore togas, but like all Romans, only in formal public places, as they were considered sacred garments.

  3. What was Pompeii like after the eruption? Disappearance! Although many people saw it, no one believed it, that almost all of the people had died. It was only rediscovered in the 19th century by a famer digging.

  4. When the volcano exploded ! As the massive cloud from the volcano went up into the sky, pumice and rocks fell from the sky , this knocked out and killed some people ! Then a huge pyroclastic flow came and destroyed and demolished any thing in its path, including people. When the people were found they had been turned to stone and rubble in the same position as they were in when the flow came.

  5. Their Gods The people of Pompeii believe that the terrible thing that happened was because they were doing bad things so gods sent them a sin. They believed that there was more then one god. People who survived longer then other s when it was happening prayed to try and get the gods to save their life's.

  6. Pliny’s Account Pliny was a young man witnessing the whole thing from his bed room. He wrote down every thing he saw , after a few thousands of years people found Pompeii and they uncovered the secrets of Pliny’s account. It was looked in a box in his room , not touched.

  7. Pompeii

  8. Thank You for watching.