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At the Bell

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At the Bell. As the elected head of state, the president should be the most powerful person in the government. Respond to that statement in writing. Chapter 7: Nationalism and Economic Growth. SECTION FOUR: JACKSON’S POLICIES DEFINE AN ERA. I. A question of land.

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at the bell
At the Bell
  • As the elected head of state, the president should be the most powerful person in the government.
  • Respond to that statement in writing.
chapter 7 nationalism and economic growth

Chapter 7: Nationalism and Economic Growth


i a question of land
I. A question of land
  • Early hope was that the Native Americans would assimilate to American society
  • Cherokee nation
    • Some assimilated with help of Sequoya

a. Created a writing system for the Cherokee language

ii jackson s american indian policy
II. Jackson’s American Indian Policy
  • Jackson calls for removal Indian Removal Act
    • Relocation of Indian nations east of Mississippi River
  • Violent resistance

1. Second Seminole War (1835-42)

  • Resistance in court

1. Cherokee fought for rights in courts

  • The Trail of Tears
    • Federal troops round up Cherokee and force them to Indian Territory
    • 4000 died on the 800 mile journey
  • You are a resident from Georgia in the months following the Trail of Tears. Write a letter to a friend in Boston explaining why U.S. officials wanted to pursue American Indian removal and describe how American Indians resisted the policy.
iii the nullification crisis
III. The Nullification Crisis
  • Increased regional tensions

1. Over tariffs on imported goods

iv opposing the bank
IV. Opposing the Bank
  • Second Bank of U.S.

1. Jackson allowed the national bank’s charter to expire in March 1836

v the panic of 1837
V. The Panic of 1837
  • State banks began to loan more than they could back up
  • Hundreds of bank go under
  • Great Britain bought less, factories closed, construction projects stood idle, thousands lost jobs
vi the rise of the whigs
VI. The Rise of the Whigs
  • Martin Van Buren elected president
  • Jackson’s opponents created Whig Party in 1834- grew during economic problems
  • William Henry Harrison nominated in election of 1840- and won the presidency and died four weeks in of pneumonia- John Tyler became president
fun facts
Fun Facts
  • When Martin Van Buren was vice president, he presided over the Senate wearing a pair of pistols, as a precaution against the frequent outbursts of violence.
  • Martin Van Buren had large mutton-chop sideburns.
  • President Harrison had a billy goat at the White House during the short period he was there.
  • John Tyler was on his knees playing marbles when informed that he had become president upon the death of Harrison.