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Profile of Maybelline PowerPoint Presentation
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Profile of Maybelline

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Profile of Maybelline - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Profile of Maybelline
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  1. Profile of Maybelline T.L. Williams founded the Maybelline company in 1915 and introduced Maybelline Cake Mascara. In 1996, Maybelline was acquired by L’Oreal USA, Inc, a leader in the mass-market color cosmetics business. Maybelline creates seasonal color stories with products in the season’s hottest shades. The Maybelline image is hip, intelligent, stylish and trendy Maybelline has the top research and development terms and resources through their parent company L’Oreal.

  2. Maybelline’s Objective To become world’s number one color cosmetics line by increasing emphasis on technology, moving into new product categories and expanding into foreign markets. To differentiate its product from local and other competitors.

  3. Maybelline’s Marketing Mix PRODUCT : • New, very modern product • Wide variety of products - lipsticks, nail enamel, Face Make-Up, eye products. Price starts from Rs 80 and goes up to Rs 700. • Eye Catching packaging • Made to fit seasonal Conditions

  4. PRICE • Very competitive price • Low-cost production • Benefits from economies of scale • Pricing up to local purchasing power rate • Pricing followed: value and psychological Maybelline’s pricing strategy of sitting between budget (Elle 18/Street Wear) and premium (Revlon, L’Oreal, Chambor, Lakme) brands — is a clever one. That is because it can still drive premium imagery at a price point lower than many other imported brands.

  5. PLACE (Distribution) • Maybelline has a presence in about 1,000 stores. • Available at New U, Shopper’s stop, Lifestyle, Pantaloons, Big Bazaar, Westside. • Excellent location for export expansion to China, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. • On-line services plus catalogue • Wide distributions channels in more than 70 countries worldwide.

  6. PROMOTION Globally, Maybelline has been heavily promoting its trendy New York image • The American image in India was found to have a positive effect. Maybelline has continued with the same global branding in India using supermodel Christy Turlington and Sarah MichelleGellar to promote its products. • Adsare printed in Indian editions of Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Femina • OHH Advertising • TV spots are conducted on channels like Star Plus, Sony, MTV etc. • Maybelline’s viral route (DIGITAL is the main medium): recently launched the campaign “Dare to go Nude” this summer.Maybelline wanted to educate its consumers about the BB or Bright Benefit Clear Glow Cream, the campaign was a huge success on facebook and twitter

  7. SHARE OF PLAYERS IN THE MARKET • Maybelline’s two main competitors in India are : Unilever ( Lakme) and Revlon • Maybelline is actually number two if modern trade is also taken into account. • Nielsen does not track modern trade nor does it cover face and eyes, which are big make-up categories

  8. CONSUMER PROFILE • Maybelline are banking on the aspirations of middle-class Indians with products that are international in appeal and reasonable in price. • Maybelline is is positioned as the leader of mass-market cosmetics at a reasonable price. It is globally branded with the Urban American Chic Image. • The Maybelline girl is full of fun, very spirited, optimistic, unpredictable, confident. She is 18-25 years old and already so aware. They have their FB, Twitter, BlackBerry Phones and are so connected.

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