Managing yourself and others
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Managing Yourself and Others. by Sara Hansen and Jennifer Doderer, Ocean County Library. Sara will cover: Managing others while keeping your sanity Jenn will cover: Human Resources 101.

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Managing yourself and others

Managing Yourself and Others

by Sara Hansen and Jennifer Doderer, Ocean County Library

Sara will cover managing others while keeping your sanity jenn will cover human resources 101
Sara will cover: Managing others while keeping your sanityJenn will cover: Human Resources 101

Management and LeadershipManaging the daily operations of your organization.Leading the library toward the future.

Self Assessment: Who are you? What kind of a leader are you?Where do you excel?Where do you need help? Who do you ask for help?

Two types of new directors
Two types of New Directors:

  • Old relationship – came up through the ranks and was “one of the gang” in the past

  • New relationship – Director hired from the outside and not privy to all the problems, staff interactions, and enabling that has gone on in the past

What makes the director seat different
What makes the Director seat different

  • You need thick skin – you will be accused of having favorites

  • Confidentiality is a heavy burden

  • Open Door policy is OK for most, as it indicates you are open to new ideas and changes in the organization, but beware of martyrs and narcissists – they feed on the attention

In what direction are we going cultivate your team be honest address the issues
In What Direction are We Going?Cultivate your teamBe honest Address the issues

What you need to be successful
What you need to be successful:

  • Personnel Manual

  • Up-To-Date Policies

  • Job Descriptions for everyone

  • List of Front Desk skills all need to learn

  • Super Library Supervisor training

New hires
New Hires:

  • Job application AND a resume from each candidate

  • 90 days probation in Personnel manual; can extend it only if State Library

  • Sort applications into two piles: NO and Interview

  • NO – red flags: comments, sloppy, misspellings, breaks

  • Phone Interview: weed out ones that look good on paper

  • Interviews: only need to actually interview 5-6 at most

High expectations of good employees should be spelled out
High expectations of good employees should be spelled out:

  • Detailed job description

  • Goals for coming year

  • Regular / Virtualstaff meetings

  • Coaching sessions

  • Daily E-mail / BLOGS

High expectations of good directors
High expectations of good directors:

  • Be a role model – “walk the walk”

  • No favorites – treat all the same

  • Be consistent

  • Be aware of cultural differences

  • Reasonable accommodation of a disability



Things to check:

  • Did you provide an orientation for them?

  • Do they know what their job entails, i.e. do they have a job description, list of duties?

  • Do they need training / retraining (see Free or Inexpensive Training) Document retraining!

  • Do they have the tools they need, i.e. space, supplies, computers, time, quiet environment?

Costs to keep them cavaiola p 12
Costs to keep them: (Cavaiola, p.12)

  • Higher rates of absenteeism

  • Undermining loyal employees’ commitment to the organization

  • Creating a sense of malaise / depression

  • High turnover / retraining costs

  • Higher levels of stress with related accidents

  • Resistance to new management directives – they will undermine you with a passive/aggressive campaign

  • Legal fees, litigation, including high settlement fees


  • The Personnel Manual

  • Coaching / Counseling sessions

  • Evaluations

  • annual and interim (quarterly, weekly), if needed

  • Progressive Discipline

  • Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) with consequences (demotion or termination)


  • Use a progressive discipline plan

  • Document, document, document – and do it to everyone that is misbehaving

  • Treat everyone the same

  • Cross-train, reschedule everyone. It will get them out of their comfort zone and away from their enablers. Also it will add depth to your organization.

  • Keep ’embusy and out of trouble!!




Conflict Resolution

Customer Service


Job Knowledge


Problem Solving


Team Work

Supervisors - add:

Cost Conscious/ Budgeting



Managing People

Planning and Organization

Dealing with fmla njfla
Dealing with FMLA, NJFLA

  • Stay within the law, use your HR person

  • Use a labor attorney if things get rough

  • Document everything, all the time

  • Have the right forms & require them to be filled out correctly and completely

  • Excessive absences vs. Sick leave abuse

  • Have the right leave policies – require earned leave the be used up before going to unpaid

  • Prevent "Stacking" of Leave

Free or inexpensive training
Free or Inexpensive Training:

  • LibraryLinkNJ

  • The NJ State Library

  • The New Jersey Library Association

  • Web Junction - Learning Center click on the Find Training tab

  • Statewide Super Supervisor classes, levels I, II, and III


  • Bramson, Robert. Coping with difficult people. Garden City, NY: Anchor Press, 1981.

  • Cavaiola, Alan A., and Lavender, Neil J. Toxic coworkers: how to deal with dysfunctional people on the job. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications, Inc., 2000.

  • Dobson, Michael, and Dobson, Deborah Singer. Coping with supervisory nightmares: 12 common nightmares of leadership and what you can do about them. Mission, KS: SkillPath Publications, 1997.

  • Documentation and discipline handouts, shared courtesy of Kathleen Carr, Human Resources, Ocean County Library from Super Supervisor Course

  • Software from KnowledgePoint: Performance Now, and Descriptions Now, available from They take purchase orders

  • Google “sample library job descriptions.” Maine St. Lib. has some good ones:



  • Marian R. Bauman 732-775-8241 x 1-301 [email protected]