Sparking Interest in Middle and High School Students Using a Robotics Competition
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Sparking Interest in Middle and High School Students Using a Robotics Competition Dr. Mark McKinney, Dr. Robert Barsanti. Team America – The Citadel. Matthew Besnard Billy Ray Hopkins Joseph Riser Marc Smith. Overview. Introduction Background The Competition Lessons Learned

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Team america the citadel
Sparking Interest in Middle and High School Students Using a Robotics CompetitionDr. Mark McKinney, Dr. Robert Barsanti

Team america the citadel
Team America – The Citadel Robotics Competition

Matthew Besnard

Billy Ray Hopkins

Joseph Riser

Marc Smith

Overview Robotics Competition

  • Introduction

  • Background

  • The Competition

  • Lessons Learned

  • Plans for the Future

Team two the citadel
Team Two – The Citadel Robotics Competition

David Bunn

Franklin Culick

Brian Elender

David Huffman

INTRODUCTION Robotics Competition

  • Lego robot competition began in 2003

  • Means to stimulate interest in ECE

  • Held along with other E-Week festivities

  • Focus on programming not mechanical design

Team tupperware
Team Tupperware Robotics Competition

Brett Burleigh

Travis Gregg

Kevin Sundeen

Devin Wilson

BACKGROUND Robotics Competition

  • The Citadel is a Military Teaching College in Charleston, SC.

  • Two Engineering Departments

    • Civil and Environmental

    • Electrical and Computer

  • Host annual E-Week Activities for 350 local middle and high school students

Dev group the citadel
Dev. Group – The Citadel Robotics Competition

Justin Gonnelli

Alexander Grimes

Darron Raines

Thomas Suggs

Citadel Winners

The competition
THE COMPETITION Robotics Competition

The Field

Lego robot masters berkeley middle mcsc
Lego Robot Masters – Berkeley Middle/MCSC Robotics Competition

Katherine Touchberry

Rebekah Nobles

Abby Nobles

The competition1
THE COMPETITION Robotics Competition

The Robots

  • Educational Lego Mindstorm Kits

  • Each robot capable of batting and fielding

  • Kit contains a programmable brick, software, 2 DC motors, 2 light sensors, 2 touch sensors, gears, and lots of legos.

Just josh berkeley middle
Just Josh – Berkeley Middle Robotics Competition

Joshua Williams

The competition2
THE COMPETITION Robotics Competition

The Rules

  • Each robot plays 3 outs as batter and fielder.

  • Order of play determined by coin flip.

  • At bat robot hits ball from tee and runs bases until an out is scored.

  • Fielding robot may capture ball to score an out.

  • Out is scored if robot fails to navigate bases, or if tee lands in outfield.

Lil sosa berkeley middle
Lil Sosa – Berkeley Middle Robotics Competition

Cody Wall

M.S. Winner!

Lessons learned
LESSONS LEARNED Robotics Competition

Publicity- generating interest

  • Partnership with Math and Science hub.

  • Personal relationship with H.S. pre-engineering programs.

  • Website to provide information repository, logistics, and official rules.

  • Coordinate with The Citadels public relations dept. for local media coverage.

Trojans 1 cross high
Trojans 1 – Cross High Robotics Competition

Teron Ravenell

Tyler Jones

Lessons learned1
LESSONS LEARNED Robotics Competition

Registration Process

  • Encourage early registration. Close registration 45 minutes prior to competition start.

  • Need at least 30 minutes to organize heats.

  • Picture of team and robot.

  • Publish heats, keep teams informed of competition status.

Raptors academic magnet high
Raptors – Academic Magnet High Robotics Competition

Jillian Sanford

Karen Greene

Justin Whitfield

Jim Yates

Matthew Daniels

Zack Walle

Lessons learned2
LESSONS LEARNED Robotics Competition

The Competition

  • Ample additional hardware for repairs.

  • Access to PC’s for re-programming of robots.

  • Video projection to prevent crowding.

  • Score board for spectators and competitors.

  • Referee (with whistle) and assistant (to assure timely appearance) of teams at each field.

Old reliable timberland high
Old Reliable – Timberland High Robotics Competition

William Holmes

H.S. Winner!

Lessons learned3
LESSONS LEARNED Robotics Competition

The Robots

  • Rugged design a necessity.

  • Accurate navigation more important than speed

  • Building a good fielder is harder than running bases.

    • Efficient search routine

    • Effective ball trapping

Lessons learned4
LESSONS LEARNED Robotics Competition

Post Competition

  • Trophies for winners and runner-ups.

  • Certificates of participation for all entries.

  • Best design, coolest looking robot, fastest robot ribbons.

  • The more prizes the better.

  • Winning robots recognized at e-week banquet.

Team america the citadel

Lego Baseball Robotics Competition

Team america the citadel

Lego Baseball Robotics Competition

Future plans
FUTURE PLANS Robotics Competition

  • Increased entrants (multiple fields).

  • Improved robots.

  • Cadet mentoring

Back up slides
Back-up slides Robotics Competition

High school bracket
High School Bracket Robotics Competition

Great One

Great One


Old Reliable


Old Reliable

Lego Baseball

Middle school bracket
Middle School Bracket Robotics Competition

Just Josh

Lil’ Sosa

Lil’ Sosa

Lego Baseball