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SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum PowerPoint Presentation
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SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum

SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum

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SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum

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  1. SWIM-SUITFinal User Forum SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome


  3. EUROCONTROL DCMAC Mission: to progress and facilitate the accommodation of national security and defence requirements, develop specific activities in order to enhance civil-military and military-military coordination and cooperation and support civil and military stakeholders on civil-military related ATM/CNS matters Composed of active officers from national military organizations with ATM/CNS and Military background Experts are seconded to the Agency and work for the benefit of all civil and military stakeholders, and not for the respective Military organizations SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  4. D 1.7.1 structure • The Military and ATM • The Mission Trajectory • Military SWIM requirements • Military SWIM security requirements No Military application in the SWIM SUIT Prototype The definition of Military requirements is based on the concept of SWIM as expressed in SESAR Target Concept and identified Military needs. SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  5. THE MILITARY & ATM The Military can be considered as full ATM actors, as: • Regulators/Certification Authority • Aircraft Operator • Airspace User • ANS (ATS, AIS, SAR, MET) and CNS provider • Airport Operator Other Military entities involved with ATM: • National and International Air Defense organizations • Situational Rooms • Command and Control Centers SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  6. THE MILITARY & ATM Some examples of Military entities involved in ATM: • Military aircraft (Fighters, Transport, Training, UAS) • ATC Centers (En-route, Approach, TWR) • AROs, AIS, MET Offices • Wing Operation Centers • Air Defense, C2 Centers • Search and Rescue Centers • Airspace Management Cells • Airport Operation Centers • Ships • …… SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  7. THE MILITARY & ATM The Military will need continuous Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground and Ground-to-GroundATM information exchange (use/provision) with the civil ATM actors, for the effective conduct and coordination of air operations Such information exchange must: • Be supported by interoperable systems and procedures • Be secure as required • Support ATM and non ATM Military tasks (e.g. air defense) SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  8. THE MISSION TRAJECTORY MT Concept established by SESAR CONOPS, but more detailed descriptions and identification of specific requirements are required Differences with the Business Trajectory because of the different nature and objectives of flights will exist DCMAC Doc “Introduction to the Mission Trajectory” delivered to SESAR WP B.4.2 D1.7.1 includes a chapter which explains the MT concept and the required ATM information sharing, focusing on: • Trajectory management (planning and execution) • Airspace Management aspects SWIM shall take specific MT requirements into account SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  9. MILITARY REQUIREMENTS Military Organizations shall be involved in the definition, development and implementation of SWIM in all its phases. The early definition of SWIM and the proper consideration of Military requirements will facilitate the integration of the Military organization, also for the benefit of civil ATM actors Plans for the deployment of SWIM must take the Military needs and arrangements (operational requirements, interoperability, resources planning, procurement cycles) into account SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  10. MILITARY REQUIREMENTS SWIM Information Services and Models have to be developed also to accommodate specific Military requirements. This would facilitate the necessary systems interoperability and support the ATM information exchange also for the benefit of the civil actors Under specific circumstances established by States, the Military shall retain the right to suspend the data sharing with other ATM actors via SWIM. In these cases, contingency procedures are to be established between civil and military partners involved SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  11. MILITARY REQUIREMENTS Access to specific Military ATM information, although shared for ATM purposes, may require a prior security clearance issued by States to particular group of users The Military need to participate in SWIM Governance & Supervision: • As other ATM authorities/actors, as required • The misuse of SWIM could affect ATM security for which the Military may have responsibilities assigned by States SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  12. MILITARY REQUIREMENTS Role and responsibilities of the Wing Operation Centre (WOC), especially as far as Trajectory Management is concerned, are to be defined (SESAR WP 11). WOC may need tailored arrangements for information exchange via SWIM Military aerodromes, supporting exclusively military or opened to civil aviation operations, are to be connected to SWIM. Information Services and Models need to cover specific requirements of these typologies of aerodromes for their full integration in the ATM system SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  13. MILITARY REQUIREMENTS Military aircraft are to be considered as SWIM nodes exchanging information with ground and airborne stations Civil/military data link interoperability shall support Trajectory Management, surveillance applications, separation functions, Aeronautical data exchange, CPDLC-like applications Performance based approach more than equipment based approach, according to the Military aircraft types (different avionics may lead to different capabilities). When necessary, ground support Management of information on board the Military aircraft needs to be feasible, i.a.w. flight profile and tasks SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  14. MILITARY REQUIREMENTS Mission Trajectory management processes may differ from those established for the Business Trajectory, in both planning and execution phases. Military flights may be planned following a short term planning cycle and may be subject to significant changes in the execution Phase (RMT) as well. SWIM shall support information flows regarding MT management processes and in particular its interface with the BT SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  15. SWIM MILITARY SECURITY Security is mission critical for the Military. Military organizations have developed and implemented robust security policies and procedures to protect their information and systems, which apply to personnel, facilities, plans Military systems are not necessarily designed to be interoperable with civil systems, but to support Military operations with the level of security required by established policies Connectivity between SWIM and any Military systems (including the aircraft) to exchange ATM data is necessary in the future SESAR environment How to ensure that the information flow is enabled according to Military security standards? SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  16. SWIM MILITARY SECURITY REQUIREMENTS The definition of a SWIM Security concept is necessary, in order to facilitate the provision of the required level of security in SWIM. It is of outmost importance that a SWIM security policy is developed and the related protective measures are established and applied by all information users/providers. Military systems which will be connected to SWIM need to be protected, to ensure that no potential threat could be injected via external data SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  17. SWIM MILITARY SECURITY REQUIREMENTS In the frame of the SWIM security policies the Military shall clearly define: • What information is to be exchanged and for what purpose • Bodies and systems to be connected to SWIM and their role (information user/provider) • Responsibilities in the Supervision and Governance • Security management and incident management • Institutional aspects • The level of protection of the single information SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  18. SWIM MILITARY SECURITY REQUIREMENTS Close cooperation in the R&D activities with the civil counterparts developing SWIM in order to agree on common security requirements and standards. This would encourage the Military to connect systems and share information in a “protected” and “trusted” environment The ATM information the Military share via SWIM will not normally be classified. Some information shared in particular circumstances related to security (i.e. renegade situation) could have extra security requirements SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  19. THE MILITARY & SESAR It is expected that SESAR R&D activities investigate how to integrate military aircraft, military ATM and Air Operations/Air Defence units and systems in the SWIM environment DCMAC involvement in the SESAR Programme to provide expertise and coordinate the Military inputs in all WPs Military Engagement Plan for SESAR (MEPS) set up to ensure the direct involvement of experts from States and Military organizations in SESAR activities SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  20. THE MILITARY & SESAR Thorough analysis is needed on the following aspects: • sharing of radar data between civil and military ATM to ensure a common air situation picture • definition of trajectory data, flight plan, flight data, Meteorological information and Aeronautical Information flows required by military aircraft, units and systems • assessment of automation support to ASM, Trajectory Management and CDM functions for civil-military coordination • filtering of confidential or security data • assessment of data quality • Security: ATM support to national security and defence policies, i.e. protection of critical systems and data SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  21. Questions and Feedback SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome

  22. SWIM-SUITFinal User Forum SWIM-SUIT Final User Forum, Rome