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Sink or Swim! Final Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Sink or Swim! Final Project

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Sink or Swim! Final Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sink or Swim! Final Project

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  1. Sink or Swim! Final Project Less than 8 weeks to graduation  TAKE NOTES!

  2. Why this Project? • You are just weeks away from becoming productive citizens of the free world! • Whether you are going to college, joining the military, working, or bumming, your future is fast approaching. • No matter what you decide to do with your life, you will need to have the skills to analytically read and present your views in a professional, unbiased way. • In your group, think of at least 5 examples of WHY you need to be able to do these two things. Be prepared to share them with the class.

  3. What is This Project? • The project will have two components: • Presentation: Teach a lesson to our class on an author and how they influenced change in the world both socially and through literature. • Who is the author? Where did they grow up? What happened to them in their life? Why/how were they influential? • Reflection Paper: Write a three page paper on what you learned from your author and how you intend on using this information to change the world.

  4. Guidelines for the Presentation • You will become an expert on an author that you will randomly choose from a bag. • You will research and analyze their life, literary works, and most importantly, how they changed the world in which we currently live. • Finally, you will be required to teach the class about your author (everyone will be assigned a different author) You can do this via: • Handouts • PowerPoint • Interactive Activity • Must have a minimum of 4 sources. • Must be at least five minutes, but under six.

  5. Guidelines for Reflection Paper • Must be three pages, double spaced, Times New Roman font, size12 pt, and in MLA formatting. • Your paper should NOT exceed four pages • Any information used from a text or website should be cited and put in MLA format. • Your paper should be a synthesis of the information you learned from your author research and application on how you plan to make a difference in the world. • Your plan must be realistic and must jive with your future career plans.

  6. Rubrics for Grading • You will receive separate grades for each project. Each of the grades will be worth at least two grades each. • Also, in order to turn the projects in, you must complete daily activity logs which we will have prepared for you each day.

  7. Due Dates • Reflection Papers due: May 9th and 10th • Author Presentations will be held the week of May 13th • In order to present, you MUST turn in your reflection paper to me, you cannot do one project and not the other. • You also must turn something into me for your presentation, this can be your handout, printout of PowerPoint slides, or script you are using to give your presentation. • You also MUST turn in a works cited with four sources. This must be typed and in MLA format.

  8. What we Have in Mind … • • The video above was shot one year after the Inside Out Project started. JR, the leader of the project Inside Out, discusses the different projects that occurred and the types of impacts they had on their local communities. Keep in mind, all of these projects were done in less than one year. • On your notes, brainstorm (minimum of 5 sentences) how effective is JR’s plan to change the world? What about his personality makes him capable of changing the world?

  9. Format of Class: • 3 rotating groups (similar to FCAT groups) • Group 1: Conducting research on the computers • Group 2: Conducting research from the books provided by Ms. W and Ms. Baker • Group 3: Filling out activity log, drafting ideas for reflection paper

  10. Time to Choose an Author! • Directions: Each of you will pick an author from the bag. You will have ten minutes to get on the computer, research the author briefly or switch with someone who has an author you are more interested in.