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SWIM/SWIM-SUIT Interoperability Demonstration

SWIM/SWIM-SUIT Interoperability Demonstration. Demonstration and Prototyping Information Exchange Briefing. May 26, 2010. Description.

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SWIM/SWIM-SUIT Interoperability Demonstration

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  1. SWIM/SWIM-SUIT Interoperability Demonstration Demonstration and Prototyping Information Exchange Briefing May 26, 2010

  2. Description • Conduct interoperability demonstration between the Boeing ATM test bed in Chantilly, Virginia with the Boeing Research and Technology Europe (BR&TE) SWIM-SUIT prototype test bed in Madrid, Spain • Envisioned to facilitate international communications, collaboration, and coordination by initiating interoperability demonstrations

  3. Description – Interoperability Architecture Potential Publishers / Subscribers ISPOC ATSU-AMAN Rome Area Control Center LISATM CFMU Lido Airline Operational Center Air France Airline Op. Center Heathrow Airport CDM Boeing 747 Simulator Boeing 737 FMS SWIM-SUIT FAA Daytona Beach FL European Surveillance In CAT62 XML ASDI XML Surveillance ASDI Surveillance in CAT62 XML Correlator SWIM Box Harmony WAN Mediation Service Harmony Bridge Harmony Bridge Mediation Service European Surveillance In ASDI XML Chantilly Madrid Kent, WA

  4. Description - SWIM-SUIT Overview AOC Flight Simulator AOC FMS ACC/APP ISPOC Prototype ATFCM (CFMU) USA MXP AIRPORT Heathrow A-CDM ACC EAD Acquire Data March 2010 4 US-Europe SWIM Interoperability

  5. Key Players • FAA • ATO-W: SWIM Program office • ATO-P: Advanced Technology Development & Prototyping Group • International Office: Europe, Africa and Middle East Group • European Commission • SELEX • Boeing • Boeing Research and Technology Europe (BR&TE) • Boeing (Chantilly, Va)

  6. FY10 FY10 FY10 FY10 Major Milestones/Goals

  7. Major Milestones/Goals • Interoperability Demonstration • Transfer flight plan and surveillance data (ASDI) between the Boeing ATM testbed network and the SWIM-SUIT network via virtual private network • Boeing ATM testbed network will use nodes in Chantilly, VA, Kent, WA, and Daytona Beach, FL (Embry Riddle Aeronautical University) • SWIM-SUIT network has nodes at BR&TE in Madrid, Spain and other nodes in European countries such as England, France, Italy, and Portugal

  8. Accomplishments To Date • Contract award – April 1, 2010 • Letter authorizing Boeing to proceed on the SWIM/SWIM-SUIT task during an initial pre-task period – March 8, 2010 • Conducted Kick-off Meeting – March 11, 2010 • Conducted TIM at Madrid, Spain – March 17, 2010 • Begin to coordinate bi-weekly meetings to prepare for demonstration • TIM in Brussels on May 25-26 • International telecon being coordinated

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