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Lafayette HPAC Pre-application Meeting Medical, Dental, Optometry, Veterinary Aspirants 13 September 2012. Professor Nancy M Waters, HPAC Committee Co-Chair, Faculty Pre-Health Professions Advisor, Kunkel Hall

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When should i apply

Lafayette HPAC Pre-application MeetingMedical, Dental, Optometry, Veterinary Aspirants13 September 2012

Professor Nancy M Waters, HPAC Committee Co-Chair, Faculty Pre-Health Professions Advisor, Kunkel Hall

Dr Julia A Goldberg, HPAC Committee Co-Chair, Associate Dean of the College, Fellowships and Postgraduate Studies, Scott Hall

Ms Simona Glaus, Postgraduate Studies and Fellowship Assistant, Dean of the College Office, Scott Hall

…plus HPAC: five additional faculty who participate in reviewing your portfolio, interviewing you and evaluating your application

When should i apply
When Should I Apply?

For most students, spring/summer of the SENIOR year is OPTIMAL. This will result in a gap year prior to HP graduate school.

If you plan to attend in the fall semester after graduation, you must commence application in spring/summer of the JUNIOR year.

…but choose the timeline that works best for YOU!

Develop a realistic strategy:

-complete all science requirements by end of the application year

-successfully take or be ready to take your Admissions Test (MCAT, DAT, OAT, or VCAT/GRE)

-be satisfied with your competitive dossier of research, clinical internships/externships, and suitable extracurricular experience

HPAC works with YOU when your package is ready!

Timeline and components for successful application
Timeline and Components for Successful Application

  • Complete basic science requirements (most with laboratories) :

    1 year of Introductory Biology, 1 year of Physics, 1 year of General Chemistry, 1 year of Organic Chemistry, strongly recommend Biochemistry, Human Physiology, Calculus and Statistics – check MSAR, ADEA Guides for details. Be aware of prerequisites!!

    2) For MCAT2015, complete recommended courses in distributive requirements: Introductory Psychology, Introductory Sociology, Statistics if needed.

    3) Prepare then take appropriate Admissions Test (MCAT, DAT, OAT, or VCAT/GRE) before, during, or just after Spring Semester of AppYr

    -online MCAT/GRE practice tests available NOW for Lafayette students

    -25 test dates available in 2012 cycle (but some are past now!)

    -MCAT fee is $235, 1o app fee $160, added schools $32 each, 2o apps range in cost from $25-$100 depending…so be strategic!

    -1o application requires 2-4 weeks to verify…scores may take subsequent 4-6 weeks to release

When should i apply

4) HPAC process starts November:

-in December recruit recommenders (3 faculty + 2 non-faculty)

-develop your Personal Information/Resume

-craft your Personal Essay (for AMCAS 5300 characters…not words!) use resources of the WA Program to your benefit!

-know specifics for YOUR school cohort!

-Letters of Recommendation due March 1

-HPAC interviews in March-May ONLY when materials are COMPLETE

-HPAC composite letter released in June

5) Primary applications open ~June 1, applications released to schools mid-June; Secondary applications ASAP (July); interview calls commence by late July

6) Interviews begin in August extending into following Spring…so read and prepare! Some recent topics? healthcare reform, euthanasia, HIV, obesity, cancer, aging, end of life issues. Other topics? Your favorite course, book, leisure activity. Questions to expect?

“How has ______________ prepared you for a career in medicine?”

Your ongoing obligations
Your Ongoing Obligations?

1) Study – Maintain your grades!

2) Be fully prepared for your application test! Use whatever medium you wish and are able to use…while we recommend an April, May, or June test date for score release timing, be sure to sit for the exam when you are ready! Again, be strategic!

3)Reminder: NAAHP reports relative importance of applicant factors in admission were:

Academic Grades and Science Grades: 45-55%

Admissions Test Scores: 20-25%

Research Experience and Health-Related Experiences 5-15%

Community Service and Volunteer Work: 5-15%

Letters of Recommendation: 5-10%

HP School Interview: 10-15%

How important are good grades
How important are good grades?

** Source: AAMC Data Warehouse at

Things that you need to do continued
Things that you need to do … continued

4) Get additional PRACTICAL experience over winter break: volunteering, externships, internships – for information go to Career Services – 201 Hogg Hall. Experiences during AppYr summer are important…but will not be part of our HPAC evaluation or your 1o application. Include them on 2o applications.

5) Complete your undergraduate RESEARCH experience , preferably with resultant product by June 1 of your AppYr.

6) Continue your commitment through community service and extracurricular experiences to display your people and social skills, leadership potential, teamwork ethic, communication strengths. Strengthen that portfolio!

7) Have a back-up plan – sometimes outcomes elude us…for a while!

Gap year plans (something professional)?

Reapplications plans – what will make your application stronger?

Postbac plans – basic science vs advanced science types?

When should i apply

We at Lafayette anticipate your success in choosing your career path in Health Professions.

Check out our website,

stay connected, remain focused!