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2012 Legislative Year in Review PowerPoint Presentation
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2012 Legislative Year in Review

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2012 Legislative Year in Review
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2012 Legislative Year in Review

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  1. 2012Legislative Year in Review Credential Counselors and Analysts of California Conference

  2. Overview • Introduction • Year in Review—Legislation • - AB 1765 (Brownley) Teacher Leaders • - AB 1853 (Bonilla) Transitional Kindergarten • - SB 1291 (Evans) UI: Teacher Training • - SB 1292 (Liu) Principal Evaluation • - SB 1385 (Hancock) PTTP Pilot • Break • How a Bill Becomes Law • Legislative Lingo • Wrap Up

  3. AB 1765 (Brownley) Teacher Leaders Vetoed • Would have required the Commission to: • Convene an advisory panel to explore the recognition of leadership roles within the teaching career pathway. • Consider findings of the advisory panel and report to the Governor and the Legislature on recommendations for teacher leader recognition. • Expend only private funds to complete work.

  4. AB 1765 (cont.) Veto Message: I am returning Assembly Bill 1765 without my signature…Given that the Commission is facing a huge backlog of cases, it is not the time to assume additional responsibilities. While I enthusiastically support professional development, especially by skilled teachers, nothing precludes local educators from doing this work. I don't think another government panel is needed.

  5. AB 1853 (Bonilla)Transitional Kindergarten:Recognition of StudyVetoed • Would have encouraged the Commission to convene a work group to develop program standards for a recognition of study in TK for Multiple Subject credential holders providing instruction to TK pupils.

  6. AB 1853 (cont.) • Would have encouraged Commission and Superintendent of Public Instruction to develop a website for posting/sharing TK best practices information. • Stipulated that the recognition of study may not be used for purposes of hiring, promotion or salary step increases. • Stipulated that no work authorized by the bill shall begin unless sufficient private funding is made available and verified by the Department of Finance.

  7. AB 1853 (cont.) Veto Message: ..This bill would require the Commission on Teacher Credentialing to create a committee to do the preliminary work that would be required to create yet another teaching credential -- -- something we don't need.

  8. SB 1291 (Evans)Chapter 278,Statutes of 2012Unemployment Insurance: TeacherTraining • Allows teachers who meet eligibility criteria to enroll in a Commission approved teacher preparation program in math, science, or special education and be excused from UI requirements to look for work or be available for work. • Effective 01/01/14.

  9. SB 1292 (Liu)Chapter 435, Statutes of 2012School Employees: Principals: Evaluation • Authorizes school districts to evaluate principals and establish provisions to guide principal evaluation. • The criteria for principal evaluation may be based upon the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELs).

  10. SB 1292 (cont.) • The governing board of a school district may evaluate a school principal annually for the first and second year of employment as a new principal in a school district and at regular intervals after this period. • Additional evaluations agreed upon between the evaluator and the principal.

  11. SB 1385 (Hancock)PTTP Pilot Died in the Assembly Appropriations Committee • Would have established the California After School Teacher Pipeline Program to recruit qualified after school instructors to participate on a pilot basis in the California Paraprofessional Teacher Training Program (PTTP).

  12. SB 1385 (cont.) • The Commission was to select up to four school districts or county offices of education currently participating in the PTTP to apply for pilot program funds. • Pilot funded annually by $150,000 from the Proposition 49-California After School Education and Safety Program (up to $3,500 per participant). • The Commission required to report to the Legislature by January 1, 2017 on the status of the program. • Pilot sunset January 1, 2020.