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Year In Review

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Year In Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Year In Review. Board of Education Meeting: May 7, 2014 Presenter: Michelle Rosenberg. Where We W ere Where We A re Where We Are Going. Why it is so important to align with the Common Core State Standards which in turn will prepare out students for the PARCC assessment. . Choose C ?.

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Year In Review

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    1. Year In Review Board of Education Meeting: May 7, 2014 Presenter: Michelle Rosenberg

    2. Where We WereWhere We Are Where We Are Going

    3. Why it is so important to align with the Common Core State Standards which in turn will prepare out students for the PARCC assessment. • Choose C?

    4. Shifts with the CCCS and PARCC

    5. Decisions Are Data Driven The data shown is the latest available data based on the 2012-13 school year. Data for the 13-14 school year will be available from NJDOE in August, with the cycle 2 data available in Sept. The data will be presented in the fall at a BOE meeting as it was done this year.

    6. Language Arts Trends

    7. NCLB Targets for ELA

    8. NCLB Math Progress Target

    9. 2013 ELA Proficiencies – All Students

    10. 2013 Math Proficiencies – All Students

    11. 2013 Proficient in Both ELA and Math

    12. 2012 NJASK3 to 2013 NJASK4 English Language Arts Lower left sector – students that scored partially proficient two years in a row. Lower right sector – students that scored proficient in 2012 but were partially proficient in 2013. Upper left sector – students that were partially proficient in 2012 and proficient in 2013. Upper right sector – students that were proficient for the last two years. More students performed worse in 2013 than in 2012. Most students that scored 200 in 2012 scored below 200 in 2013.



    15. Some of the things that we have done in 13-14 to move forward……….. • Reduced class sizes in grades 6-8 • Added additional time in grades K-5 for Language Arts and Math • Addition of Social Studies and Science every day • Updated all the curriculum to align with the common core standards • Changed Math Series from K-8 • New Curriculum K-8 • New texts for ELA 3-5 • New ELA books for 6-8 (writing and novels) • Created bi-lingual push in in ELA and Math

    16. What is in line for next year! • Additional 3rd grade teacher • New social studies texts • New science text books • 7 more smart boards • Applied for ERATE grant 1:1 laptop initiative for grades 5-6 as a first year trial. • Achievement Specialists will be on every grade level. • Continuation of Success Skills and Character Education.

    17. Grade 7 Prose Constructed-Response Item You have read three texts describing Amelia Earhart. All three include the claim that Earhart was a brave, courageous person. The three texts are: • “Biography of Amelia Earhart” • “Earhart's Final Resting Place Believed Found” • “Amelia Earhart’s Life and Disappearance” Consider the argument each author uses to demonstrate Earhart’s bravery. Write an essay that analyzes the strength of the arguments about Earhart’s bravery in at least two of the texts. Remember to use textual evidence to support your ideas.

    18. Assessment Transition TimelineAre your assessments transitioning? Spring 2012 NJ ASK Aligned to NJCCCS Spring 2013 NJ ASK Aligned to the CCSS (except gr 6-8 Math) Spring 2014 NJ ASK Aligned to the CCSS SY 2014-15 Full administration of PARCC assessments “Transitional Assessments” T. Severns

    19. Scoring Part A

    20. Scoring Part B

    21. Scoring Part C

    22. Resources PARCC CCSS • • • Performance Reports T. Severns