spp 11 timely evaluation
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SPP 11: Timely Evaluation

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SPP 11: Timely Evaluation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SPP 11: Timely Evaluation. Training: Data Collection 2012-2013 Amy Strauch 210-370-5440 a [email protected] State Performance Plan Process. Federal Requirements: Data Collection. SPP: Improving Education. SPP Indicator 11: Timely Initial Evaluation.

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spp 11 timely evaluation
SPP 11: Timely Evaluation

Training: Data Collection 2012-2013

Amy Strauch


[email protected]

SPP 11: Child Find

(Timely Evaluation) Screen

SPP 11: Child Find - New Features

Provided link to searchable help database of help topics for the SPP application

Click link to pop-down help with entry calculations.

View of SPP 11 Screen

Section one

Section Two: Student determined eligible

data collection section three
Data Collection: Section Three

Required Entry cells are WHITE

Color cells will be automatically populated

Who is reported in row d:

d.1 + d.2 = (a-b)

Who is reported in row e:

e.1 + e.2 = (a-c)

Reporting row f:

f.1 + f.2 + f.3 + f.4 + f.5 + f.6 = (d+e)

Section Three: Compliance Calculation
  • Number of Students with FIE’s completed within 60 days

Number of Students with Consent to Evaluate


certifying data
Once data is ready to be certified, the LEA Certifier will check the assurance statement and click Save. The message Data successfully saved and certified will display when saved.Certifying Data
Certifying Data

When you click the Certify button, you are assuring the State that you are submitting valid and reliable data.

I understand and agree that submission of this information constitutes certification that this data are accurate and meets the reporting requirements outlined by the Texas Education AgencyDivision of IDEA Coordination.


SPP Data Clarification Period(SPP 11, 12, & 13)
  • Only LEAS that report less than 100% compliance in SPP 11, 12, or 13 as of August 30, 2013
    • The application will be returned in TEASE
    • District Certifier with be notified via email.
    • Electronic Assurance page will be sent via TEASE application
pre finding correction opportunity
Pre-Finding Correction Opportunity

Allows correction of data entry mistakes


Allows districts to document corrections of


found in the indicator prior to the state

issuing a finding of noncompliance.

Will Allow LEAs to…
  • Report corrections to any inaccurate or clerical errors and make assurance to those corrections
  • If data was accurately reported, demonstrate corrections have been made, although late, utilizing a provided data collection template
  • Report verification of corrections, prior to any findings being issued, using both prongs of OSEP Memorandum 09-02, and make proper assurances and certification statements for review by TEA
    • Prong 1 – LEA has corrected each individual case of noncompliance; and
    • Prong 2 – LEA is correctly implementing the specific regulatory requirements (i.e. achieved 100% compliance), based on the State’s review of updated data.
clarification of data
Clarification of Data:
  • Clerical Error Correction
    • Access Data Entry Screen that has been returned
    • Enters Corrected Data
    • Completes the Explanation field in detail
    • Check YES or NO for the need to provide Clarification
    • SAVE
    • CONSENT to certifier assurances again
  • Compliance Correction Clarification
    • Access District Admin screen and provide clarification by completing student data fields ONLY if the LEA can demonstrate compliance under OSEP Prong 1 AND Prong 2
    • Clarification ONLY for EACH student where the compliance requirement was complete but late.
    • SAVE after each data field
    • Click Expand to review data entries
    • Edit entries as needed
    • SAVE
    • CONSENT to certifier assurances again
Application returned but LEA not making changes
  • LEAs who do not re-submit information through electronic assurance form will remain in standing as reported in original submission
  • Still need to recertify