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Caesar de bello Gallico VI.15-16 nouns-adjectives

Caesar de bello Gallico VI.15-16 nouns-adjectives. usus , -us m . usus , -us m . use, employment, practice; occasion, need. adventus , -us m . adventus , -us m . arrival. quotannis ( adv ). quotannis ( adv ). every year. quisque , cuiusque (gen).

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Caesar de bello Gallico VI.15-16 nouns-adjectives

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  1. Caesar de belloGallico VI.15-16nouns-adjectives

  2. usus, -us m.

  3. usus, -us m. use, employment, practice; occasion, need

  4. adventus, -us m.

  5. adventus, -us m. arrival

  6. quotannis (adv)

  7. quotannis (adv) every year

  8. quisque, cuiusque (gen)

  9. quisque, cuiusque (gen) each one, every one

  10. amplus, -a, -um

  11. amplus, -a, -um large, copious, ample

  12. ambactus, -i

  13. ambactus, -i attendant, retainer

  14. gratia, -ae

  15. gratia, -ae grace, charm; influence, popularity; service, favor; thanks; cause

  16. morbus, -i

  17. morbus, -i illness

  18. victima, -ae

  19. victima, -ae sacrifice, sacrificial victim

  20. adminster, -stri

  21. adminster, -stri performer, agent

  22. numen, numinisn.

  23. numen, numinisn. divine will, divine power (related to adnuo, nuereto nod)

  24. immanis, -is, -e

  25. immanis, -is, -e enormous, vast

  26. similacrum, -i

  27. similacrum, -i likeness, image, figure

  28. membrum, -in.

  29. membrum, -in. (human) limb

  30. vivus, -a, -um

  31. vivus, -a, -um living, alive

  32. supplicium, -i

  33. supplicium, -i punishment

  34. furtum, -i

  35. furtum, -i theft, thievery

  36. latrocinium, -ii

  37. latrocinium, -ii brigandage, piracy, robbery

  38. noxia, -ae

  39. noxia, -ae guilt, transgression

  40. gratus, -a, -um

  41. gratus, -a, -um pleasing, agreeable

  42. gratus, -a, -um pleasing, agreeable

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