unit 1 european discovery colonization n.
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Unit 1: European Discovery & Colonization

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Unit 1: European Discovery & Colonization. Homework:.

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  • Imagine that you are the principal of a school and you just found out that there was a fight in the lunchroom during lunch. You’ve asked many students and teachers who witnessed the fight to write down what they saw and who they think started the fight. Unfortunately, you have received many conflicting accounts that disagree not only as to who started the fight, but also as to who was involved and when the fight even started. It’s important to remember that NO ONE is just plain lying.
homework questions on a separate sheet
Homework Questions (on a separate sheet)
  • Why would there be different stories of the event if no one is just plain lying?
  • What are the different types of people who might have seen this fight? (e.g., friends of those involved versus people who don’t know the kids who were fighting; those who were fighting versus those who were witnesses; adults versus kids)
  • What might make one person’s story more believable or plausiblethananother person’s?
tools in the historian s tool belt
Tools in the Historian’s Tool Belt


Ability to work with others

Ability to disagree peacefully with other peoples’ opinions

Critical thinking

Ability to present information

in the beginning
In The Beginning…
  • ________ (super continent)
    • 225,000,000 years ago
    • One landmass
    • Over time, continents start to separate apart from each other and oceans are formed
  • Proof of Pangea
    • _________________
formation of north america
Formation of North America
  • Mountain ranges formed before the splitting of Pangea
    • _______: 350 million
    • _______: 125 million
  • Ice Age
    • Glaciers covered Canada and as far South as PA, OH
  • Glaciers leave 10,000 years ago
    • Land is left how we know it
      • Melting glaciers form Great Lakes
        • Drained down Mississippi River
peopling the americas
Peopling the Americas
  • ______________
    • ________________________________________
    • 54,000,000 people
    • Made it all the way into the bottom of South America
  • Main societies
    • _____________
    • _____________
    • _____________
why did the natives settle down
Why did the Natives Settle Down?
  • ___________
    • ___________________
    • Important other crops would be _____ and ______
  • Not very many _______________
    • One reason the Europeans were able to take over
    • Populated areas were less scarce the more _____ you went
who was in charge
Who Was in Charge?
  • Located in northeastern woodlands
  • Closest thing to Aztecs in America
  • ________ Confederacy
      • Political institution of tribes that dominated the NE region
      • Ideas inspired Founding Fathers
how was native american society set up
How Was Native American Society Set Up?
  • Matrilineal
    • __________________________________________________________
  • Loved nature and the physical world
    • Spiritual characteristics endowed to nature
    • Except for deer hunting
  • Everyone is so spread out that some areas were uninhabited when Europeans arrived
  • 4,000,000 people living in America in 1492
why you askin all them questions
Why You Askin’ All Them Questions…
  • What was Pangea?
    • ______________________
  • How did Native Americans get here?
    • ______________________
  • Describe Native American settlements
    • ______________________
  • Which was the most powerful tribe in America?
    • ______________________
  • What does matrilineal mean?
    • ________________________
why did europeans start to explore
Why Did Europeans Start to Explore?
  • Norse Vikings accidentally discover North America around 1000
    • Not supported by a nation so they didn’t settle
  • Crusades
    • ____________________________________________________
      • Spices
      • Silk
      • Perfumes
  • Marco Polo, 1295
    • Italian famous for his story of 20-year stay in China
    • Effect?
      • ________________________
why did europeans start to explore1
Why Did Europeans Start to Explore?
  • Bringing over goods from Asia was ______________
    • Long trip on camel/ships
    • Have to pay gangs to get through land
    • By the time they got to Europe they were too expensive to sell
  • Why Did Europeans start exploring?
    • ____________________________
  • ___________ piques curiosity
    • New ideas
    • Printing press
    • More people are educated and doing research
start the trend
___________ Start the Trend
  • Develop the caravel a ship that can better overcome the winds and currents
  • Creep down ___________
    • Dias goes around the tip of Africa
    • De Gama goes around Africa to get to India
    • Set up trading posts for _____ and _______
      • Arabs and Africans already doing it
    • 40,000 slaves taken to work in Portuguese plantations in 1500s
      • Start of the __________ system
  • Portugal is the first exploring and naval power…Spain is jealous
  • Spain starts to unify and get power
    • Marriage of Ferdinand and Isabelle
    • They drive out the __________
      • Why does it matter?
        • ______________________________________
  • Spain starts to look west because Portugal runs Africa
makin statements
Makin’ Statements
  • @Montezuma This food is great and we don’t have to go anywhere! #aMAIZEing
  • @FredFlintstone are we there yet? #Hungry #RunningOnEmpty
  • @Ratonhnhaké:ton Who is in charge here? #Confederacy
  • @Fergy&Izzy
the world s most in famous man
The World’s Most (in)Famous Man
  • Persuaded Ferdinand and Isabella to give him money & ships to sail west
    • Mutinies on the way
  • October 2, 1492 they sight an island in the Bahamas
    • Thought he was in India…hence the term “Indians”
the exchange
The ___________ Exchange
  • The process where goods, livestock, agriculture, diseases were exchanged between the Natives and Columbus
  • Europeans get ________
    • Potatoes, beans, tomatoes, etc.
    • 3/5 of crops originated in Americas
    • Fuels ______________
      • Why?
      • _____________________
  • Natives get ______________ & _______________
  • Small pox was devastating for the Native Americans because…
  • Portugal & Spain are both Catholic countries, what should the Pope do to avoid conflict?
negatives of columbus
Negatives of Columbus
  • Virgin soil epidemic
    • Why would this occur?
  • Natives not exposed at all to European disease
    • Small pox
    • Yellow fever
    • Malaria
    • 90% of Native Americans perish
the new world order
The New World Order:
  • Triangle trade
    • Europe:__________________
    • Africa: ____________________
    • Americas: __________________
why kings are kindergarteners
Why Kings are Kindergarteners
  • Treaty of Tordesillas
    • From the Pope
    • ________________________________________________
  • Spain sends explorers
    • Magellan
    • De Leon
    • Pizzaro
      • Conquered the Incas in Peru
    • De Soto
      • Extremely cruel
    • Coronado
      • Discovered the Grand canyon
spain is the s@
Spain is the S@#$
  • Starts to dominate the colonization in the 1500s
  • Conquistadors
    • Spanish army
    • Old Crusaders who take their job to the Americas
      • Why?
      • _________________________
  • Uses bases in West Indes to explore America
    • Set up encomienda system
      • ___________________________
  • Once Native Americans start dying out Spain turns to _________ for labor
spain takes mexico
Spain Takes Mexico
  • Hernan Cortez
    • 11 ships & 16 horses
    • Several hundred men
  • He hears of gold stored up in Tenochtitlan so he wants to go there
  • Meets Aztec chief, _______ who gives the Europeans gifts
    • Why?
    • _______________________
  • Eventually Spaniards want the gold so they attack in June 1520
    • Take over in August of 1521
    • Same time as a _______________
      • Population of Mexico goes from 20 million to 2 million in less than 100 years
so what
So What?
  • Spaniards bring European religion and customs to Americas
    • ____________
    • _____________
    • ______________
  • Put Native Americans into missions where they teach them religion as well as other skills
    • Some rebelled
  • _________________________
what impact did spain have
What Impact did Spain Have?
  • Misdeeds
    • Example? ____________
  • Large empire from Florida to California
  • Input culture, laws, religions
  • Laid the foundations for many Spanish-speaking nations
why did we go to that field trip in elementary school
Why Did We Go to That Field Trip in Elementary School?
  • Other countries start to send people over
    • Cabot (England)
      • Northern US
    • Cartier (France)
      • Canada
  • Spain starts __________
    • St. Augustine
      • Keep lanes to ________ open
    • Texas
      • To protect against the French
askin all them questions
Askin’ All Them Questions
  • What was Pangea?
  • Berengia?
  • Why did Europeans start to explore?
  • What events led them to that?
  • What nation started exploring first? Where did they settle?
  • Why did Spain head west?
  • What were some effects of Columbus’ arrival?
  • Virgin soil epidemic
  • What is the Triangle Trade?
who s guilty
Who’s Guilty?
  • Pick one of the following and write an 1 introductory-style paragraph that charges your subject with the murder of the Taino Indians
    • Christopher Columbus
    • Ferdinand & Isabella
    • Columbus’ men
    • The Taino people
  • Due on Monday 8/19
    • Helpful materials will be posted on the website
    • Use writing instructions handout to help structure your paragraph
john green crash course 1 the black legend native americans the spanish
John Green Crash Course #1:The Black Legend, Native Americans, & the Spanish
  • What traps do Eurocentric historians fall into?
    • Give an example of how that is shown
  • Describe the historical significance of the art on the chalk board
  • What does John Green think is the “real fountain of youth”
  • What truth does the Mystery Document highlight?
    • Does John get it right?
  • What is the Black Legend?
    • What is the double-side of it?
askin all them questions1
Askin’ All Them Questions
  • What was the virgin soil epidemic?
  • How did people get here? What made them settle down?
  • What was the Treaty of Tordesillas?
  • Who was Hernan Cortez?
  • What was the most powerful Native group in present-day USA?
  • Why did Europeans venture out?
  • Henry VIII broke with the ________ church and founded the ______ church
    • AKA “Church of England”
  • Increases the rivalry with Spain
    • Tried to help Ireland rebel
  • Protestantism becomes dominant in England in 1558 with Queen Elizabeth
the spanish death star
The Spanish Death Star
  • Elizabeth encourages British ships to pirate Spanish ships
    • Buccaneers
    • Sir Francis Drake, “Sea Dog”
    • Sir Walter Raleigh
  • ______________________
    • The Death Star of the Spanish empire
    • Fleet of 130 ships
    • Sent in English channel to go after English bucs
    • Storm, “Protestant wind,” scatters fleet
    • _______ English ships out maneuver and sink Armada
downton shabby why english started to leave
Downton Shabby: Why English Started to Leave
  • Now, England is ready to colonize because of Armada
    • _____________________
    • Signed a peace treaty with Spain
    • Sense of unity and national destiny
  • Reasons to explore
    • ______________ movement
      • ____________________
    • Religious persecution
    • Adventure & Fortune
      • Primogeniture
        • ______________________
  • Why is the sinking of the Spanish Armada a big deal?
  • Why are there sea monsters on this map?
jamestown may 1607
Jamestown, May 1607
  • Planted by the Virginia Company
    • A _________ company
      • _________________________________________________________
  • Given a royal charter by James I
i wanna know where the gold at
I Wanna Know Where the Gold At!
  • Many of the settlers were not used to caring for themselves
    • Wasted time looking for gold
    • Cavaliers
  • Not supposed to be permanent
    • Evidence?
    • __________________
  • Many died from disease or malnutrition
jamestown s hero
Jamestown’s Hero
  • John Smith’s Rule
    • ______________________
  • Trueness of Pocahontas?
    • Appears in John Smith’s diary
    • Why would he put it in there?
  • Starving time, Winter of 1609
    • 60/400 survive
    • Many have to eat anything that is left around
      • Cannibalism
the natives became restless
The Natives Became Restless
  • Powhatan
    • Alliance of tribes in Virginia
    • Not as powerful as _____ Confederacy
  • Engage in several wars with the English settlers
    • Successful in killing a lot of English settlers
  • 3 Ds of why Powhatans (and most other Natives) became nearly extinct
    • _______________
    • ________________
    • _________________
virginia s real hero
Virginia’s Real Hero…
  • John ________(Pocahontas’ real husband)
    • Perfected the method of growing ___________
      • From time in Caribbean
    • Causes a rush in Virginia and Old World for tobacco
  • Tobacco promotes
    • Plantation system
    • An increase in demand for?
      • _________
      • _________
who s going to work the fields
Who’s Going to Work the Fields?
  • Native Americans
  • Indentured Servants
    • ___________________
  • Slavery
    • Starts in 1619
    • Takes off because _______________________________________
    • By 1700, Africans make up 14% of Virginia’s population
who makes the rules
Who Makes the Rules?
  • Virginia (London) Company allowed colonists to summon an assembly
    • H__________ of _____________
      • Significance
        • ____________________________________________
  • King James I didn’t trust the HOB so he made VA a royal colony
    • Under his control
    • HOB still met but had limited powers
making statements
Making Statements
  • @Jtown No work, no eat #sorrynotsorry
  • @Rolfe Drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke
  • @Mario That isn’t fair, I have to go out on my own now
  • @EngBucs We’re coming for you #EmpireDeathMarch
  • Tweet of your own:
the other chesapeake colony
The Other Chesapeake Colony
  • Founded by Lord Baltimore, a recent Catholic convert
    • Wanted to make money
    • Have a safe place for ___________
  • Economy is the same as Virginia’s
    • Tobacco
    • Indentured servants then slavery
maryland is tolerant sort of
Maryland is Tolerant (sort of)
  • Influx of Protestants into Maryland
    • Worried that Catholics would start to become prosecuted
  • Act of Toleration
    • _________ are allowed to worship how they see fit
other southern colonies
Other Southern Colonies
  • Carolinas
    • South Carolina
      • Rice plantations
      • Indigo
      • Wealthy, established landowners
        • Primogeniture
    • North Carolina
      • Squatters from both South Carolina and Virginia
      • People like the ones who participated in Bacon’s Rebellion
      • Separates from SC in 1712
  • Georgia
    • Founded by Oglethorpe
    • Why?
    • __________________
    • __________________
askin all them questions2
Askin’ All Them Questions
  • What was the Act of Toleration?
  • Three Ds of Native American Destruction
  • Describe labor evolution for Virginia/Maryland
  • What was the staple crop?
  • What was the Spanish Armada?
  • Martilineal
  • Why did Europeans start exploring?
  • What event caused the Europeans to desire goods?
  • Why did Spain unite?
    • Why did they give money to Columbus?
john green crash course
John Green Crash Course
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTYOQ05oDOI
  • What was the Murrica Moment?
  • Did He Get the Mystery Document Right or Wrong?
john green crash course 2 and 3 when is thanksgiving colonizing america natives the english
John Green Crash Course #2 and #3When is Thanksgiving? Colonizing AmericaNatives & the English
  • How was Virginia a microcosm of society in England?
  • How do we tend to think of trade between colonists and Native Americans?
    • Why is this not accurate?
    • What problems does this lead to?
  • Why is the Virginia Company a failure?
    • Provide specifics
    • What does John Green say this proves?
a little world history review
A Little World History Review
  • Martin Luther – Protestant Reformation
  • John Calvin
    • Elaborated on Luther’s ideas
      • God was all-knowing and powerful
      • Because he was, there is _______________
    • Was the dominant ideology of NE
puritans v separatists
Puritans v Separatists
  • Puritans believed in the total ___________ of English Christianity
    • Mostly poor
      • Believed in the poor getting to Heaven
  • Separatists
    • Most hardcore Puritans
    • Believed only “visible saints” should be allowed church membership
      • Therefore, they wanted a __________ church
  • King James I feared the Puritans/Separatists
    • Why?
      • ______________________________
separatists peace out
Separatists Peace Out
  • Dislike Dutchification of their children
    • Wanted a place that they could live & die as pure Puritans
  • Sail on the Mayflower
    • Made a deal with VA company to be under them
    • Led by __________________
      • Chosen 30 times as governor
      • Worried about non-Puritans corrupting MA
  • Mayflower Compact
    • _____________________
    • ______________________
    • Set precedent for later Constitutions
  • Terrain in the South?
    • ______________________
  • Terrain in New England?
  • _______________________

Why Would This Mater?

__________ & _________
  • New Englanders had to take up different trades to make money
    • Fishing (“Cod and God”)
    • Fur
    • Shipbuilding
  • Develop more orderly towns
    • Centered around a village green
  • Need for slavery?
setting up the colony
Setting Up the Colony
  • First winter was really harsh…only 40/120 survive
    • Similar to Jamestown
    • Nobody left in Spring when given the chance
  • King Charles sanctions persecution of Puritans
    • More Puritans flock to MA
  • More permanent settlement than VA
    • Evidence?___________________
life in new england
Life in New England…
  • Longer life expectancy
    • Cooler weather kills microbes
    • Life expectancy of 70
  • Land was cheaper, not as strong of a hierarchy
  • Migrated with extended families
    • Women produced children about every 2 years
  • Women’s Rights
    • Could not hold property once married
    • Couldn’t vote
    • Could not get a divorce
life in new england1
Life in New England
  • Orderly towns
    • Chartered properties
    • Laid out their town that included:
      • Townhouse (for?)
      • Surrounded by houses
      • Village green
    • Towns of 50 or more required to provide education
      • Almost everyone could read
the god part of cod god
The God Part of Cod & God
  • “City ____________”
    • Comes from governor John Winthrop
    • An example for everyone else to look at and model
    • Believed it was the government’s job to enforce God’s laws
      • Pressed laws to repress certain human instincts
      • Believers & non-believers had to pay taxes to church
  • Puritan ________________
    • Believed that everyone on Earth was given a role
    • Your purpose in life was to work hard at whatever that role was
government in ma
Government in MA
  • Town hall meetings
    • Majority vote
    • Adult males who belonged to the Puritan church
    • Contrast to HOB in VA?
    • __________________
what about the natives
What About the Natives?
  • Metacom (called King Phillip by English) forged an alliance of native tribes
    • Coordinated assaults on English villages
    • Hundreds of people die on both sides
    • Was a lasting defeat for the natives
      • Now only a sporadic threat
puritans v indians
Puritans v. Indians
  • By 1620, ¾ of natives killed by disease
  • Wampanoag Indians
    • No condition to fight, sign peace treaty
    • First thanksgiving
  • Issues start to arise when colonists start to push west
askin all them questions3
Askin’ All Them Questions

What were Puritans trying to purify?

What was significant about the Mayflower Compact?

Who were the Separatists?

Why did they leave Europe?

What was the political landscape of MA colony like?

Describe the “City on a hill” idea

How did the terrain affect the New England economy?

How did the terrain affect the Southern economy?

What is primogeniture?

Why did Europeans start to want to explore?

trouble makers
Trouble Makers
  • Roger Williams
    • A popular minister in Salem
    • An extreme Separatist
    • Believed in separation of church and state
    • Condemned taking land from Indians
  • Convicted of disseminating new and dangerous opinions and banished
  • Williams forms Providence, RI
    • Religious Freedom for all
    • No taxes to a church
    • Universal manhood suffrage
    • Rhode Island becomes the most liberal of NE
trouble makers1
Trouble Makers
  • Anne Hutchinson
    • Believed that the truly saved did not need to follow any laws
    • Said her beliefs came from God
    • She was banished from MA
      • Traveled on foot while pregnant to Rhode Island
new england spreads out
New England Spreads Out
  • A lot of people fed up with Puritan rule headed to Rhode Island
    • “Sewer people”
  • Connecticut
    • Puritans wanting even closer state/church govt.
    • Fundamental Orders
      • Constitution
      • Set up _________________
  • New England Confederation
    • First sign of colonial unity
    • Why?
making statements1
Making Statements

@Reagan You totally swaggerjacked John Winthrop’s phrase #CityOnaHill

@1stConstitutionState #HumbleBrag

@WilliamBradford Nice job with the Mayflower Compact

@Plymouth Voting meeting today…every1 welcome

askin all them questions4
Askin’ All Them Questions
  • Who was Roger Williams?
    • Important aspects of Providence
  • Describe “city on a hill” ideology
  • What Reformation leader did Puritans follow?
  • How was the government set up in MA?
  • Describe the landscape and economy of MA
  • What did John Rolfe do?
    • Increased demand for?
  • Describe the evolution of labor in VA
  • What’s the difference between Purists and Separatists?
  • How did Puritans treat government in MA?
john green crash course 2 and 3 when is thanksgiving colonizing america natives the english1
John Green Crash Course #2 and #3When is Thanksgiving? Colonizing AmericaNatives & the English
  • How did Native Americans treat English cows?
    • What does that show?
  • What does the Mystery Document from “Natives & the English” show us?
  • What is the point of telling these stories?
    • How does this apply in this topic?
  • What does the Mystery Document from “Colonizing America” show us?
    • What is it the basis for?
  • What is only partly true about the American religious pioneers myth?
  • Why was America really founded?
    • This shows the tension between American ____________ and _____________
      • What does that mean?
pit stop
Pit Stop
  • Who was Roger Williams?
    • Important aspects of Providence
  • Describe “city on a hill” ideology
  • What Reformation leader did Puritans follow?
  • How was the government set up in MA?
  • Describe the landscape and economy of MA
  • What did John Rolfe do?
    • Increased demand for?
  • Describe the evolution of labor in VA
  • What’s the difference between Purists and Separatists?
  • How did Puritans treat government in MA?
common features of middle colonies pa ny nj de
Common Features of Middle Colonies: PA, NY, NJ, DE
  • Good soil for farming
    • Produced grains
  • Rivers
    • Importance?
  • Shipbuilding, logging, trading
  • More diverse because of its location
  • Average size land grants
  • Government was somewhere in the middle between NE and South
the dutch
The Dutch
  • Netherlands
    • Netherlands gets independence from Spain
    • Become a world power
      • Dutch East Indes and West Indes are very profitable
    • Pay Henry Hudson (English) to explore in America
      • Still trying to find a short cut
where money never sleeps
Where Money Never Sleeps
  • Found New Amsterdam for _____________
    • Buy Manhattan from natives
    • All about _____________
    • Cared more about _______
  • Problems in New Amsterdam
    • ______________
    • ________________
      • Majority are English settlers
new amsterdam to new york
New Amsterdam to New York
  • English see Dutch as intruders
    • Show up with a squadron
    • Dutch give up without a fight
    • Charles II gives the land to his brother, Duke of York
    • England now has all territory from Maine to Carolinas
  • Dutch effects
    • Place names
    • Architecture
    • Culture
      • Easter eggs
      • Santa
      • Waffles
      • Skating
      • Golf
askin all them questions5
Askin’ All Them Questions
  • Who were troublemakers in MA?
    • Why?
  • Why did the Dutch have trouble in Amsterdam?
  • What was the Dutch attitude towards colonization?
  • What was the economy of New England?
    • Why?
  • What was the economy of the Southern colonies?
    • Why?

What was the economy of the Middle Colonies?

the quaker oats man
The Quaker Oats Man…?
  • Quakers
    • AKA Society of Friends
      • Famous for quaking during services
    • _______________
    • ________________
  • Treatment in England? Why?
the quaker oats man1
The Quaker Oats Man
  • Pennsylvania
    • Given tract of land by king
    • Wants _____________
      • Safe haven for ________
      • Experiment in govt.
      • Make Money
    • A lot of people go because ___________________
      • A lot of ___________ immigrants
    • Buys more land from natives
      • Treats Natives fairly/poorly
city of brotherly love
City of Brotherly Love
  • Pennsylvania Life
    • Philadelphia
      • Well planned out…grows FAST
    • Representative assembly
      • Similar to _____________
    • No ________________
    • No ________________
    • No ________________
    • No ________________
  • Within 19 years, it is the 3rd largest colony
the others less interesting stories
The Others (less interesting stories)
  • New Jersey
    • Settlers from New England because their soil was drained
    • Parts also founded by Quakers
  • Delaware
    • Named for Lord De la Warr
      • What did he do?
    • Part of PA until Revolutionary War
    • Named for Lord De la Warr
john green crash course 4 the quakers the dutch and the ladies
John Green Crash Course #4:The Quakers, the Dutch and the Ladies
  • Explain the reality behind the myth of colonial America
  • What distinction did Pennsylvania get?
    • Is that a prestigious award?
  • What was the Walking Purchase?
making statements2
Making Statements

@Europe Come get some of these oats #Quaker

@ColonialLife Got 20 dollars in my pocket #Chesapeake

@Plymouth Glad we got rid of those 2 troublemakers

@DukeofYork There are two things I hate: ppl who are intolerant and the __________

askin all them questions6
Askin’ All Them Questions

What did a “city on a hill mean?

Why did slavery happen in the Americas?

What were the economic differences between the Chesapeake colonies and New England?

How was the life expectancy in the early South?

How were the demographics of the early Southern settlemetns?

  • Who is William Penn?
    • What religion?
  • Elements of PA?
  • This country settled New York first
  • Troublemakers of New England? Why were they?
a quick word on your unit vocabulary
A Quick Word on Your Unit Vocabulary
  • These are “chunked” definitions for you
    • The ability to quickly summarize is a sign of your abilities
  • You do not get any benefit from copying/pasting and printing
    • Literal or figurative
it s a hard knock life
It’s a Hard Knock Life
  • Very short life expectancy early on
    • Indian attacks
    • Disease
    • Malnutrition
  • Most early settlers were men aged 17-20
    • ________ outnumbered ________ 6:1
it s a hard knock life1
It’s a Hard Knock Life
  • Surplus of farmers in England
    • Why?
  • Indentured servants
    • Why?
    • ¾ of early colonial population
  • Headright system
    • ____________________________
    • Workers given “freedom dues”
  • Problems
    • ______________________
      • Owners stop including land as part of freedom dues
coming to america
Coming to America
  • In 1600s most slaves taken to West Indes
  • Most slaves in America come after 1700
    • Why?
      • ___________________
    • Colonies start to designate difference between indentured servants and slaves
      • Racial element
  • 1698 Royal African Company loses its monopoly on slave trade
    • Many Americans rush to get into the business
the worst cruise ever
The Worst Cruise Ever
  • Slave trade process
    • Captured by coastal African tribes
    • Traded to Europeans in Africa
      • Branded and bonded
    • Hoarded aboard ships for the grueling “Middle Passage”
      • 20% mortality rate
    • Survivors get put on auction block in America
  • This is part of the _____ trade
africans in a new world
Africans in a New World
  • Conditions
    • Hostile climate
    • Backbreaking work
      • Especially rice paddies in South Carolina
    • Plantations were spread apart
      • Effect?
  • Development of slave culture
    • Language
      • Gullah
    • Music, dancing, singing
  • Slave revolts
    • Happened occasionally, but nothing like Bacon’s rebellion
southern society
Southern Society
  • As slavery spreads the gap in the social structure widens
  • Planters
    • Top of the society
    • Dominated HOB
    • Many came from FFVs
    • Responsible for maintaining the farm
  • Small Farmers
    • Largest group
    • Maybe 1 or 2 slaves
  • Landless whites
  • Indentured Servants
  • Slaves

What is going to happen when English settlers start to move west?

What will happen if the settlers don’t feel that the government is meeting their protection needs?

we re not gonna take it east side v west side
We’re Not Gonna Take It!: East Side v West Side
  • Frustrated freemen
    • Can’t find a woman
    • Couldn’t ____________
    • House of Burgesses disenfranchises them
      • Means: ______________
  • Bacon’s Rebellion
    • ____________________
    • Put down the Indians
    • Chased Gov. Berkely from Jamestown and torched it
i smell bacon
I Smell…Bacon
  • Bacon dies of disease and rebellion is eventually put down
  • Effects
    • ____________________
    • Starts fear by landed class that ___________________
askin all them questions7
Askin’ All Them Questions

What group dominated Southern society?

What was the Middle Passage?

Describe the economy of the South

What was Bacon’s rebellion about?

What are some effects?

  • What was the headright system?
  • William Penn founded PA for this religious group
    • Tenets of their faith?
  • Describe the slavery process
  • How did the Americas get populated?
  • Why did Europeans start exploring America?
john green crash course 4 the quakers the dutch and the ladies1
John Green Crash Course #4:The Quakers, the Dutch and the Ladies
  • What does the Mystery Document show us?
  • Why did Nathaniel Bacon have beef with Governor Berkley?
  • What is Bacon’s Rebellion commonly seen as?
  • What were the effects of Bacon’s Rebellion?
the notorious big economic theory
The Notorious BIG Economic Theory
  • Mercantilism
    • The more _________ a country has the more ___________ it yields
  • How will this affect how the colonies are treated by Britain?
laissez or lazy faire
Laissez or Lazy Faire?
  • Navigation Acts
    • ___________________
    • Why?
  • Salutary Neglect
    • _______________________________________
  • Colonies get chance to develop their own government
    • Examples
      • __________________
      • __________________
politics of the colonies
Politics of the Colonies
  • Types of charters
    • Royal colony
      • _______ appoints governor
      • 8 colonies
    • Proprietary
      • ______appoints governor
    • Charter
      • Elected own government under charter
  • Most colonies had a bicameral legislature
who signs the paychecks
Who Signs the Paychecks?
  • Governors
    • Usually able, but not always
    • Salary was determined by _________ so usually listened to what the colonists had to say
      • Another form of colonists getting control
power to the people participation in colonial america
Power to the People? Participation in Colonial America
  • What kind of government did NE have?
  • What about Southern governments?
  • Voting
    • Religious and/or property qualifications existed in every colony
    • ½ of men were disenfranchised
    • Most eligible voters still didn’t vote
freedom of the press zenger case
Freedom of the Press!: Zenger Case
  • German immigrant
    • ______________________________________________
  • Charged with seditious libel
    • Judge says to ignore whether or not what he printed was fact, but that printing was enough to convict
  • Jury says __________
    • Achievement for ________________
    • Pointed the way for open discussion
the 1 st american revolution sort of
The 1st American Revolution (sort of)
  • Charles II gets the throne back in England, 1662
    • Determined to actively manage the colonies
  • Charles II creates the Dominion of New England
    • Legalizes Rhode Island
    • For efficient enforcing of Navigation Laws
the 1 st american revolution sort of1
The 1st American Revolution (sort of)
  • Edmund Andros
    • Appointed head of New England
    • Military background
    • Tactless
    • Taxed people without consent of their townhouses
    • Enforced the Navigation Laws
  • Glorious Revolution
    • Bloodless
    • Took out King James II
    • Massachusetts hears about his and a mob caught Andros and ships him back
  • Effects
    • Massachusetts made a royal colony again, but now ALL male landowners can vote
    • Colonists start to take an anti-royal approach
askin all them questions8
Askin’ All Them Questions

Describe the difference between life in a New England town with the South

Towns with 50 or more people had to:

What was the Halfway Covenant?

These people were at the top of Southern society:

how were the colonies similar
How Were The Colonies Similar?
  • English language and customs
  • Protestant
    • Some degree of toleration
  • Social mobility
  • Some self-government
  • Patchwork quilt metaphor
colonial life going into 1700s
Colonial Life Going into 1700s
  • 90% rural
    • Only 4 big cities
      • Boston
      • Philadelphia
      • New York
      • Charleston
  • Melting Pot
    • Germans
      • Mostly settled in PA
      • Lutheran
      • Not loyal to the Crown
    • Scots-Irish
      • Fled to PA
      • Frontier people
      • Dislike for British government
who lived where
Who Lived Where?
  • Demographics By Region
    • New England
      • Mostly original Puritans
    • Middle Colonies
      • Received bulk of immigrants
    • Southern Colonies
      • Held about 90% of the slaves
  • Society is very open in the Americas
    • You are who you want to be
we don t need no education apparently
We Don’t Need No Education Apparently
  • Education
    • Believed to be __________
      • Should be for leadership
      • Primarily males
      • Slowly America breaks away from these ideas
    • New England
      • Ministers stressed the need for people to be able to read ______________
      • 50 family rule
    • South
      • _______________________
culture in the colonies
Culture in the Colonies
  • Painting
    • Similar to English style
  • Architecture
    • Borrowed from New World
      • Log cabin = Sweedish
  • Literature
    • Benjamin Franklin, ________________________
      • A collection of sayings that __________________________________________
  • Science
    • Behind the Old World
      • Why?
    • Only Franklin was distinguished
partying like it s 1699
Partying Like It’s 1699
  • Leisure Activities
    • Militia activities
    • Funerals/weddings
    • House raising
    • Winter sports
    • Sports
      • Horse racing
      • Cards
      • Billiards
    • Lotteries
      • Used to fund churches/Harvard
  • Holidays
    • Christmas
      • Frowned upon in New England
    • Thanksgiving
      • Supported
asking all them questions
Asking All Them Questions
  • What is mercantilism?
  • What was salutary neglect?
  • What was education like in the colonies?
religion starts to change
Religion Starts to Change
  • Halfway Covenant, 1662
    • To increase participation
    • Children of members could be baptized, but not offered communion
    • Weakens distinction between “visible saints”
  • Salem Witch Trials, 1692
    • Farm economy families accuse market families of being witches
    • Mostly property-owning women were accused
    • 20 women, 2 dogs hanged
    • What stops it?
colonial religious life
Colonial Religious Life
  • Dominant Denominations
    • Anglican
      • Prop to King’s power
      • Official religion of several colonies
    • Preachers are so poorly educated they _________________
      • Harvard
      • William & Mary
the great awakening
The Great Awakening
  • People are less fired up about religion than they were
    • People complain about long sermons
    • Liberal ideas start to challenge traditional ideas
    • A few churches start to give in to these new ideas
a good pick me up for your day
A Good Pick Me Up for Your Day
  • Jonathan Edwards
    • Starts the Great Awakening in MA
    • Speaks on the folly of thinking that good works will save your soul
    • Really emotional style
  • George Whitfield
    • Emotional preacher from England
    • Human helplessness
    • Spawns imitators
  • Old Lights v. New Lights
    • Old lights – in favor of old ideas
    • New lights – in favor of new ideas
the great awakening1
The Great Awakening
  • Effects
    • Older religious ideas/clergy are undermined
    • Competitiveness of American churches because of new denominations
    • Missionary work to Natives
    • Founding of “new light” learning centers
      • Princeton
      • Dartmouth
      • Brown
      • Rutgers.
    • Significance
      • 1st ____________________
      • Americans now have ____________________
  • What will the effect of Americans now having a shared American culture be?
  • How will salutary neglect affect that?
john green crash course 4 the quakers the dutch and the ladies2
John Green Crash Course #4:The Quakers, the Dutch and the Ladies
  • How did the Andros controversy change New England?
  • What two ideas are closely intertwined for most American history?
  • Americans like to think of themselves as _______ What is the truth?
  • What reminder does John Green talk about? Why is it important?