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switzerland point middle school home of the raiders n.
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Switzerland Point Middle School Home of the Raiders! PowerPoint Presentation
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Switzerland Point Middle School Home of the Raiders!

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Switzerland Point Middle School Home of the Raiders!
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Switzerland Point Middle School Home of the Raiders!

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  1. Switzerland Point Middle SchoolHome of the Raiders!

  2. Introductions Principal Lisa Kunze Assistant Principal Allyson Breger Curriculum Coordinator Melissa Lime Counselor, 6th and 7th A-J Barbara Seaton Counselor, 7th K-Z and 8th Tanya Moseley

  3. Schedule • SP students take 7 courses on a hybrid alternating day schedule. • Silver Day – 3 classes plus a “skinny” class • Black Day – 3 different classes plus the “skinny” class • Wed – 1pm dismissal

  4. Arrival to School • Students are released from the buses and media center at 7:30am • Students have 10 minutes to visit locker. • Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri – students report to homeroom for 10 minutes. • Wed – directly to Silver 2 or Black 2 at 7:40

  5. Parent Drop-off & Pick-up • For school parent drop-off & pick-up is in the front bus loop. • Drop-off starts at 7:10am • Please pull all the way up the car in front. Students need to have materials in hand and exit quickly. • Afternoon pick-up – students have to look for your vehicle. • Drop-off & Pick-up for dances or large events is in the back in the bus loop.

  6. Bus Behavior • Students are expected to remain seated and to follow the bus driver’s instructions. • Safety of all is the number one concern. • Students can receive a bus referral and can be suspended from the bus. • NO bus passes are allowed to ride a different bus home.

  7. Attendance • You do not need to call or email us when your child is absent. • The student has 2 days to bring in a note and deliver it to the guidance office. • Reasons for excused absences are illness, serious illness or death in immediate family, health related appointments, and religious holidays. • Pre-Approved absence form on home page of website. Must be submitted 2 weeks in advance.

  8. In accordance with Florida law the St. Johns County School District will enforce the following attendance policy: • When a student has a total of 10 total absences (excused or unexcused) and when a student has a total of 15 total absences (excused or unexcused) the parent will receive written notice by mail regarding the absences. • After 15 total days of absences(excused or unexcused), a student must have a doctor’s verification for all subsequent absences due to illness for the absences to be excused. If a parent writes a note after 15 total days of absences it will be recorded as “unexcused with note”. • A student is deemed truant after five (5) unexcused absences within a calendar month, or ten (10) unexcused absences within a 90-calendar-day period. The parent will receive written notice by mail regarding the unexcused absences and the consequences if the truancy continues.

  9. Expectation Assemblies • We conduct Expectation Assemblies 4 times a year. Student expectations and consequences are reviewed with all students. • Biggest lesson in middle school – take responsibility for your actions. • Accept the consequence • Learn from the experience • Change behavior and move on

  10. Behavior Expectations Be Respectful • Keep your hands to yourself • Don’t touch/take other’s belongings • Words do hurt – be considerate of other’s feelings. Be Responsible • Tell an adult if something is going on that we need to know • Don’t make excuses – accept the consequences for your actions Be Safe • Walk • Horse playing should not occur in school

  11. Demerit System • Demerits are recorded and are cumulative by all teachers • Consequences of Demerits 1st – warning 2nd – warning 3rd – warning 4th – referral to dean 5th – referral to dean – In-school detention (loss of reward activity) 6th – referral to dean – Out-of-school suspension • Demerits are cleared at the end of the 1st semester

  12. Raider Bucks • Raider Bucks are earned by showing good character, being motivated, answering questions in class, etc. • Ways to spend Raider Bucks • 1 RB to eat outside on the patio at lunch • 2 RB to purchase ice cream on Friday during lunch • Two for Tuesdays – buy a friend out • Holiday Store to purchase gifts for parents and siblings • Dodgeball – students vs. teachers • Guitar Hero tournaments • Just Dance tournaments • Snow cones at Spring Fling

  13. Gum Gum is NOT allowed at Switzerland Point MS! Anyone caught chewing gum goes to In-school Detention.

  14. Tardies Tardy to Class • It is important that students report to each class on time. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. On the third (3rd) tardy to class, a lunch detention will be issued by the Dean. Two lunch detentions will be issued by the Dean for the fourth (4th) tardy. In school detention will be issued by the Dean for each subsequent tardy. Be responsible. Tardy to School • Students must be at school by 7:40 a.m. If students arrive late to school, they must check in through the front office. Failure to bring notes with an acceptable excuse will result in an unexcused tardy. An acceptable excused tardy includes illness or illness of a member of the immediate family. Oversleeping, excessive traffic, or missing the bus is not considered an excused tardy.

  15. Back packs • Large backpacks can be carried to and from school. Upon arrival they must be placed in the locker. • ONLY a drawstring bag can be carried from class to class. The drawstring should carry loose items, such as, pens, pencils, calculator, post-it notes, index cards, etc. • Binders and books should not be carried in the drawstring bags. Yes No Before & After school Vera Bradley

  16. Cell Phones • Must be OFF and kept in locker. • Students may not use the cell phone during the day. • Please do not call your student during the school day. A phone is available in the main office for emergencies.

  17. Deliveries • Only a lunch money or a lunch will be delivered to your child. • We do not interrupt class to deliver textbooks, homework, projects, etc. • Help your child create a checklist that can be used in the morning or night before to ensure they are ready for school.

  18. Dress Code • Shorts & Skirts can’t be shorter than 4” above the knee • No tank tops or sleeveless shirts • No shirts that reveal midriffs • No lace or shear shirts with tanks underneath • No shirts off the shoulder that show straps • No holes in jeans that show skins 4” above the knee • Sandals are allowed, but no backless shoes

  19. Lost and Found • Located in the main office • Items are donated to charity a few times a year. • If there is a name on the item, we find the student and return the item.

  20. Lunch • 30 minutes for lunch – students can talk, but not walk around • There are 3 lines – 2 ala carte and 1 traditional. • We do NOT monitor what your child eats. You can monitor, if you use PayPams. • Can pay with cash daily or use account. Account transfers from previous school. • Students were given an account number the first day of school. • Weekly traditional lunch menu is posted in Raider Rap • Sit outside for free on Friday, if you wear Spirit wear • Can use Raider Bucks to buy a friend out on Tuesdays – “Two For Tuesday”

  21. NurseClinic – Beccard • All Rx medications must have a medication form signed by both the parent and physician ordering the medication. Medication must be kept in the clinic and dispensed by the nurse. • All Rx medications must be received in the original container with the current prescription label, including student’s name, dosage, frequency, physician’s name and expiration of medication. • Rx medication can not be transported between home and school on a daily basis. Separate containers should be kept at home and at school. Expired medications will be disposed of on the expiration date. • Over the counter medications must be in the original unopened container and have an over the counter med sheet with the medication and be approved by the nurse. The form can be found on the Swiss Point website on the parent page. As long as student has form completed and on them, the medication can be carried • No medication should ever be sent to school in a plastic bag. • Under no circumstances should a student ever give medication to another student.

  22. Conferences • If you are wanting to meet with an individual teacher, please contact them directly for an appointment either before school at 7am or on Tue or Thu after school at 2pm. • If you would like a group meeting, please contact the appropriate guidance counselor to schedule the meeting on Tue or Thu at 2pm.

  23. Lockers • Lockers are in the hallway and assigned alphabetically by grade level. • Lockers are magnetic, so students can tape or use magnetic white board in locker. • Backpacks MUST be in locker. Can only carry a small drawstring backpack to class with supplies. • Locker visits – 7:30am to 7:40am (before HR), after each class, and at 2pm dismissal.

  24. Organization = Success • Write assignments in planner • Check Edmodo site • Put homework in the correct class folder/notebook • Study Buddy • Do homework for today’s classes THAT night. • “Chunk” projects in planner • Schedule on inside of locker – “A” & “B” day classes • Color code Silver & Black day materials • A “study area” at home with limited distractions – TV, cell phone, video games, etc. • Plenty of sleep and a good breakfast

  25. Grades • Year is divided into 2 semesters • 1st semester = 1st & 2nd quarters • 2nd semester = 3rd & 4th quarters • Semester Grade Calculation • 1stQtr (40%) + 2ndQtr (40%) + Semester Exam (20%) If a semester is failed, the final semester grades are AVERAGED together numerically. If the average is 60% or higher, then the student will pass the class. Ex: 1st Sem-66 D, 2nd Sem-58 F – 66+58=124/2=62 D

  26. Quarter & Semester Exams • District exams are administered every quarter in ALL core courses Semester Exams are administered….. 1st Semester: December 17 -20th Make-ups – Jan 8th & 9th 2nd Semester: May 29-June 3rd Make-ups – June 4th & 5th

  27. Classroom Grades • 2 categories: • 80% is summative • 20% general OR 10% general, 10% • Summatives are tests that measure what a student knows or can do with the standards. If less than a 75 is made, students can retest. Highest grade earned is 75% • General will contain classwork, participation, homework, etc • Formatives – may be recorded, but do not count toward the grade – they provide information

  28. Home Access Center(HAC) • Grades are updated at scheduled intervals throughout the quarter. • Please check frequently. • Have your child speak to the teacher if there is an error.

  29. Standardized Testing • Progress Monitoring – Discovery Education testing in Reading and Math (except for Algebra & Geometry students) • FAIR testing – Reading – all level 1s and 2s • FCAT 2.0 – Spring Reading & Math will be online this year for 6th grade 7th & 8th only Reading online with Math paper/pencil 8th grade Science paper/pencil • End of Course Exams (EOC) Algebra, Geometry & Civics all EOCs are online

  30. Communication • Weekly electronic newsletter – Raider Rap • Website • Alert Now messages • Daily news show • Afternoon announcements • Home Access Center • Contact with teachers – email & phone calls first, then if necessary, conferences

  31. Students have all been registered for an Edmodo account. • Teacher websites will disappear. • All teacher assignments will be posted through Edmodo. • Best feature – combined calendar • Best feature for teachers – unlimited storage

  32. We DO need you!!!! Venues for volunteering have changed……… Homeroom mom – 6th grade only FCAT proctoring PTSO – organizing events for students (dances, carnival, fundraising) Cafeteria supervision Work in the library or office School Advisory Council (SAC) Activities – Band, Drama, Athletics

  33. Questions