engaging faculty in strategic planning l.
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Engaging Faculty in Strategic Planning PowerPoint Presentation
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Engaging Faculty in Strategic Planning

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Engaging Faculty in Strategic Planning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Engaging Faculty in Strategic Planning
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  1. Engaging Faculty inStrategic Planning Dr. John Robert Dew The University of Alabama

  2. Engaging the faculty at the College and Department level. • UA has a strategic plan for the university as a whole. • Challenge is to engage faculty in developing strategies that excite them and are aligned with the institution’s strategic goals. • Blitz build the plan.

  3. Seven step strategic planning process. • Preparation • Reflection • Visioning • Prioritizing • Action Planning • Implement • Re-Assess

  4. Preparation phase: • Work with Dean or Chair to identify meaningful data. • Collect and distribute data to faculty for their review. • Encourage faculty to read the UA strategic plan.

  5. Reflection: • Working together as a whole group, the faculty develop a time line to capture the history of the College or department. • Working together, the faculty identify what they consider to be the program’s strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities.

  6. Visioning: • Imagine it is 7 years in the future. • The College/Department is being recognized as the best of its type in the nation. • Describe this future state. • Staying in the future, describe what we did over the past 7 years to get there.

  7. Prioritizing: • Work with the list of actions that would have been taken over the past seven years. • Nominal Group Technique. • Discuss the implications of the NGT exercise. • Let it soak in.

  8. Develop Action Plans: • Organize the high priority actions into categories. (Research, teaching, outreach, professional growth) • Identify what steps will be taken, who will be responsible, and completion dates. • Use as a drum beat.

  9. Implement: • Most actions have turned out to be within the sphere of influence of the faculty. • Many actions led to the development of creative alliances with other groups. • Keep reviewing progress in faculty meetings. • Inform your friends.

  10. Re-Assess: • Most strategic plans have run their course within three years. • New circumstances require us to constantly re-assess to either adjust, hold the course, or set new goals. • Everything changes, so don’t think that one plan is the ultimate cure-all.