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Career Day

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Career Day
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  2. Good Morning! • Thank you very much for this honour! • Thank you Gail! • Very happy to be here with you this morning • Interactive! • Not talk about my career, but more about my general professional experiences • 3 lessons

  3. My education • Trafalgar 90- 95 • Marianopolis CEGEP 95 – 97 • Liberal Arts • York University (Toronto) • International Relations ( French) • Dalhousie University/ King’s College ( Halifax) • Political Science BA Honours • SDA Bocconi University ( Milan, Italy) • MSc in Intl. Healthcare Management and Economic Policy

  4. Where I have worked? • United Nations (Bonn, DE) • United Nations Volunteers • Lundbeck Canada ( Montreal, Canada) • Danish Pharmaceutical Company • GlaxoSmithKlien Biologicals ( Brussels, BEL) • An English Pharmaceutical Company • United Healthcare ( Paris, France) • American Clinical Research Organisation • Fox Consulting & Neomedis ( Paris, France) • Pharmaceuticals

  5. My journey • Finished my degree at Dalhousie • Started at the UN • September 11th, 2001 • Returned to Montreal • Started in the Pharma Industry • Wanted to go further • Wanted to go International • Decided to move to Milan • I have now been in Europe for over 8 years

  6. Today Let’s start with • The importance of your social network ( building it) • The importance of opportunities Let’s finish with • The importance of believing in yourself & trusting your instinct – the little voice in your head!!!!!!

  7. Your Network • What is a social network?

  8. Your Network • A social network is a theoretical construct useful in the social sciences to study relationships between individuals, groups, organizations, or even entire societies. The term is used to describe a social structure determined by such interactions. • BASICALLY : the people you know and the people who they know! • Family, friends, relatives, teachers, doctors etc….. • TRAF – for example

  9. The importance of your social network • You guys are the Social Network Generation on line • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter… etc • LESSON #1 • It is not WHAT you know, but WHO you know • It’s a cliché because it’s true • HOWEVER – YOU MUST BE CAREFUL!!!!! • The written word ( even on the internet is powerful)

  10. The importance of your social network • « DO I HAVE A SOCIAL NETWORK? » • Of course you do -Look next to you! • Your class mate is your next job! • The people you know will help you in the future • The way business works is very dependant on trust, connections and references • Which means that you will most probably work with people that know you or know of you

  11. My Experience • First job in Montreal • My sisters’ friends’ mom ( Traf alum) • My first pharmaceutial job • My moms’ friend was the recruiter • My job at GSK Biologicals • An ex-student from the company came to talk at Bocconi and then he referenced me for the job • He then later on tried to recruit me for a job I wasn’t at all suited for • My first job in France • I was hired because I was Canadian and from Montreal • My first consulting job • Hired by an old colleague who I had stayed in touch with • Our business at Neomedis • Driven by contacts

  12. What about Social Networking in a new place • You want to move somewhere else, • Start a career • My advice to you • BUILD YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK • International schools • Groups (Expats, career) • New friends • Stay in touch • Easy, fast and great way to know what is going on!

  13. LinkedIn

  14. My LinkedIn Your connections can introduce you to 6 million professionals — here’s how your network breaks down: • Your Connections, trusted friends and colleagues 580 • Two degrees away Friends of friends; • each connected to one of your connections 136,800+ • Three degrees away • Reach these users through a friend 5,761,700+ • 8,643 new people in your network since March 24 • SOCIAL NETWORKS ARE IMPORTANT!!!!

  15. Opportunitites • What is an opportunity ? • A favourable or advantageous circumstance or combination of circumstances • A favourable or suitable occasion or time • A chance for progress or advancement • Example: • My opportunity to speak with you today • Your opportunity to go to TRAF!

  16. Opportunities • Opportunities are essential • Present themselves in two ways: • They present themselves (Passive) • Someone proposes a job • You make them happen (Active) • You actively look for a job ( internet, mail, talking about it)

  17. Evaluate the opportunity • Not all opportunities are created equal! • Job offer for example • The guy who tried to recruit me – GSK • Evaluate each opportunity • Can I do the job? • Will I love the job? • Can I work with these people? • My experience • Going to Bocconi in Milan • Applied for a MSc

  18. Leaving for Milan • How did I evaluate my opportunity? • Looked at the positive & negative aspects • My check list – What did I want? • More education, international experience, English classes, chosen professional area, meet people with my same interests • Obstacles • Distance (for my parents, not me ) • Costs – Needed to find funding • Find an appartment, etc……..

  19. Evaluating opportunities every day • Will you need to evaluate opportunities with regards to your schooling and career • This is something you will have to do every day for the rest of your lives • Evaluate business opportunities • Where should we spend money • Who should we be partners with • How should we expand our market • Critical and objective thinking is key but………

  20. Believe & Listen to yourself • Most important piece of information I will give you! • LISTEN TO THE LITTLE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD • The key to success is believing in who you are and what you do. Because if you are not convinced, then you will never be able to convince anyone else! • Successful people are driven by conviction • They belive in what they are trying to do • If you want to do something – then do it!

  21. My experience • I wanted to work for the UN • Wrote about 200 letters • I was convinced – they were convinced • The day after I finsihed university – I left for Germany – alone • I wanted to go international • Applied to schools • Applied for funding • I believed in myself and was convinced of what I was doing! (Even in my personal life!)

  22. Saïd & Sarrah

  23. Finally….. To wrap things up • Listen to the little voice inside of you! • Your instinct is very, very powerful • Let it help you guide your choices in life • If you make decisions that you are not convinced of – meaning that the little voice inside of you is saying NO – then don’t do it.