Geography of china
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Geography of China. A look at China’s provinces using the Themes of Geography. Please delete this slide before submitting your final PPT. Task Definition.

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Geography of china

Geography of China

A look at China’s provinces using the Themes of Geography

Please delete this slide before submitting your final PPT

Task definition
Task Definition

You are the representative of your assigned province in China. You have been requested to prepare a multilayered PowerPoint slide presentation showcasing the geography of your province for presentation at a conference held by the China National Tourism Administration (

You will need to research your province using the geographyofchina wiki page as your starting point and accessing specific information from other print and online sources. In addition, you are encouraged to find a person from your province (family member, friend, ISB staff member, etc) to interview and use as one of your sources of information.

You will be using the 5 Themes of Geography to structure your presentation and will prepare individual slides by researching, taking hand-written notes (template supplied by your teacher) and designing your own maps of the province.

Ultimately your finished product will include the completed slide presentation and an accompanying oral presentation.

Please delete this slide before submitting your final PPT

Ppt requirements
PPT Requirements

  • Maximum 100 words per slide. Up to 5 images per slide may be used. All images must be under 500x500 pixels at 72 dpi.

  • All slides must be self-explanatory. The final product should be able to “stand alone” as an informational resource.

  • You are expected to take handwritten notes on each theme that you research. Use these notes as the basis of your slides and make sure that all words are your own (use paraphrasing and summarizing).

  • The informational content of your slide needs to be accurate, well-selected and comprehensive. The word limit is intended to be somewhat restrictive, so be sure to make every word count.

  • Keep track of all sources of information and images. List these sources using the final “Works Cited” slide. See the LMC pathfinder for appropriate MLA formatting using Citation Machine

  • Design your slides for both information and interest. All elements (colors, fonts, borders, etc.) should be consistent, contextual, attractive, and show a high degree of attention to detail.

    Please delete this slide before submitting your final PPT

Title slide
Title Slide

  • Replace “Title Slide” with the name of your province.

  • Be sure to include your name and class clearly on this slide.

  • Capture the interest of your reader with:

    • an original slogan or motto for your province.

    • eye-catching images from your province.

  • Optional: Create additional action buttons for quick navigation to each theme (see your teacher for assistance).



  • Use this space for the scanned images of your province maps.

  • Include any additional information about absolute and/or relative location of your province that is not already included in your maps (if needed).



  • Use this space to describe the physical and human components of place that can be found within your province.

  • Be selective (Less is more). Elaborating on 5-6 key components could be more effective than listing everything you find in your research.


Human environment interaction
Human/Environment Interaction

  • Use this space to show ways in which humans and the environment are dependent upon each other (interdependence).

  • Focus on the consequences, both positive and negative, that exist within your province.

  • Again, be selective.



  • Use this space to show the goods, people, and ideas that flow in to and out of your province.

  • Be sure to describe how these items are transported.

  • Again, be selective.


Works cited

Use this space to list the sources of information used.

Use this space for the sources of images used.

Works Cited