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The “Wright” Way

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The “Wright” Way - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The “Wright” Way. 817/547-5296 Pamela Website: go to NRMS, then GRADE 7 – I’m at the bottom of the list!. Meet mrs. wright. Part of temperament clear at birth…. Born into typical “leave it to beaver” family in southern California.

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The “Wright” Way

817/547-5296 Pamela Wright@birdville.k12.tx.usWebsite: go to NRMS, then GRADE 7 – I’m at the bottom of the list!

born into typical leave it to beaver family in southern california
Born into typical “leave it to beaver” family in southern California
  • Quickly perfected my “tiger face” which has transformed into my current stern “teacher face”!
Always smart, an early reader and excellent student, I was patient when My mother tried hard to make me “cute”
but like many of you middle school was not kind to my looks
but like many of you, middle school was not kind to my “looks”
  • Grade 8 High school a little better

College too…

classroom rules and regs
Classroom Rules and Regs

Expectations: Follow Directions, Show Respect, Always have supplies and do not borrow from neighbors, Be Prompt, Prepared and Positive

  • Tardies:At the third tardy for the SEMESTER, student will receive a classroom detention and I will contact parents. Subsequent tardies will result in office referral.

Gum– NONE – consequence will be one warning, then student will scrape desks

Cell Phones– Sound off, NEVER used in class; this means that as soon as you cross classroom threshold, phone is out of sight until you leave. Consequence will be that student will forfeit cell phone for the day ( I will lock in my desk)and student must remember to come by after school to retrieve

Homework: See NRMS Redo Policy online and in brochure. I do not give homework passes/coupons, etc. because I try to limit homework to reading not finished in class, studying for tests, or lengthy writing assignments.

Classwork:Classwork may be done in pencil or pen, printing or cursive, whatever is best for the student. I do not accept work that has doodles and/or drawings, so if you are a doodler, keep other paper handy!

Final drafts of writings are always typed (see my website or e-mail me).


Bring Every Day

  • Pencil (and extra lead if mechanical)
  • Index Cards
  • Ink Pens (Blue/black for writing, any color for corrections)
  • Highlighters – 3 different colors
  • Eraser NOT on pencil
  • Markers
  • Notebook Paper (prefer college rule but any OK)
  • Colored Pencils
  • Planner
  • Folder with prongs and pockets
  • Book to Read
  • Binder with at least 6 dividers
  • Spiral notebook (will be kept in classroom)
other information
Other Information
  • Every student will have a Literature text to keep
  • at home
  • All papers MUST have FULL headings for credit:
  • Name, class period, subject, date
  • Every student will have a grammar workbook; this will be used on an as-needed basis, so it must be kept at school in locker or in binder
  • All work must be kept in binder until told otherwise (this helps with grading issues)
pre ap only
Pre AP Only -
  • Must purchase the following books:
  • PreAP Summer Reading Reminder: Truesight project due September 7th
  • If you need help, see me before or after school (not Friday, September 3!)