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Subculture. Subcultures of Consumption. a subculture of consumption is a distinctive subgroup of society that self-selects based on a shared commitment to a particular product class, brand, or consumption activity. RESEARCH METHODS. Non-Participant Observation. RESEARCH METHODS.

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a subculture of consumption is a distinctive subgroup of society that self-selects based on a shared commitment to a particular product class, brand, or consumption activity
research methods
  • Non-Participant Observation
research methods5
  • Depth Interviews
research methods6
  • Ethnography
research methods7
  • Survey Research
  • Focus Groups
  • Triangulation
  • Core Values
  • Core Values
    • Personal Freedom
  • Core Values
    • Patriotism and American Heritage
  • Core Values
    • Machismo/Bolditude
subculture identifiable social structure
Subculture: Identifiable Social Structure
  • Entry Barriers and Exclusivity
  • Status based on Commitment and Authenticity
  • Opinion Leadership
cultivating commitment
Cultivating commitment
  • socialization of new bikers
  • role of events and publications
  • social and financial exit barriers (relationships, side-bets, etc.)
protecting and cultivating brand equity
Protecting and cultivating brand equity
  • licensing
  • brand extension
  • appropriate symbols and communications
  • maintaining key relationships
long term issues
Long Term Issues

How do I become a member? The only way to be a C.O.B.B. member is if youride a motorcycle, have been down at least once, no matter how minor orserious the injury and get a C.O.B.B. shirt. If you haven't been down yet,COBB bless ya! Your status of Gonnabe C.O.B.B. is almost like that of aprospect. Until the unfortunate time comes when you finally fall, (don't rush,we'll be here), you will be known as a COBBanna boy.

maybe not a subculture the so what factor
Maybe not a subculture? The so what factor…
  • The modern American, then, was tied, if only by the thinnest of threads and by the most volatile, switchable loyalties, to thousands of other Americans in nearly everything he ate or drank or drove or read or used. Old-fashioned political and religious communities now became only two among many new, once unimagined fellowships. Americans were increasingly held to others not by a few iron bonds, but by countless gossamer webs knitting together the trivia of their lives (Boorstin, 1974, p. 148).
growing the market
Growing the Market
  • New Markets?
    • New customers?
    • New products?
  • Brand Missionaries