automatic person location technologies solutions with tetra l.
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Automatic Person Location Technologies & Solutions with TETRA PowerPoint Presentation
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Automatic Person Location Technologies & Solutions with TETRA

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Automatic Person Location Technologies & Solutions with TETRA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Automatic Person Location Technologies & Solutions with TETRA. Dr. Emanuele Algieri International Business Development Director Sepura. Market Requirement – APLS . FCC E911 Mandate in the US Call centres Terminal or Network implemented solutions

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automatic person location technologies solutions with tetra

Automatic Person Location Technologies & Solutions with TETRA

Dr. Emanuele Algieri

International Business Development Director


market requirement apls
Market Requirement – APLS
  • FCC E911 Mandate in the US
    • Call centres
    • Terminal or Network implemented solutions
      • 50 - 100 metre accuracy for at least 67% of cases
      • - 300 metre accuracy for at least 95% of cases
  • EU E112 Mandate in Europe
    • No defined accuracy specified !
  • Many Blue Light Forces mandating APLS
market requirement public safety
Market Requirement - Public Safety
  • Specifically for: -
  • Safety of the police officer – ability to locate officer in an emergency situation and react accordingly
  • Resource (person or vehicle) management
solution influencing factors
Solution Influencing Factors
  • Price
  • Accuracy versus coverage
    • Requirements differ for non emergency
    • Varying locations - in city, in building
  • Ergonomics
  • Power consumption
  • Timing of solution to reach the market
  • Standard solution or proprietary ?
  • Can the solution be supported by TETRA ?
    • Network support and bandwidth requirements
command control requirements
Command & Control Requirements
  • Effective management
  • Requirements differ from AVLS
  • User needs to feel unthreatened by APLS
  • Updated positioning details fixed to various duties
  • Linking of various systems/databases to provide officer with advance warning of possible dangers
resource management
Resource management
  • Know where someone is: save LIFE.
  • Better allocation of resources, prompt reaction to an Emergency: save TIME.
  • Better Control of the fleet: save MONEY.
location solutions performance
Location Solutions & Performance
  • Low accuracy, low cost solutions
    • Time difference of arrival
    • Enhanced observed time difference
  • Medium accuracy, medium cost solutions
    • Standard GPS
    • Assisted GPS
    • Low signal strength GPS
  • High accuracy, high cost solutions
    • Differential GPS
    • Solutions combinations
standard gps medium accuracy



GIS or





GIS or







Standard GPS - medium accuracy
data over network size of problem
Data over network - Size of problem!
  • Typically, position report messages could carry some or all of the following:
    • Date, Time, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Speed, Heading, Fix type, Confidence Level, Status, Fix Reason, Terminal ID, User Defined Field.
  • Amount of message traffic generated by APLS systems is much larger than for AVLS
    • Requires sophisticated filtering at command &control
tetra services for apls
TETRA services for APLS
  • No specification for data amount or structure of GPS messages
  • TETRA services allow use of SDS messaging for transmission of GPS data:-
    • EN 300 392-2: TETRA (Voice plus Data (V+D), part 2: Air Interface, v2.3.2
    • SDS4 and SDS-TL delivers variable length messages to 2047 bits(255 bytes)
  • Working papers:-
    • WG101161, Efficient transfer of location information over TETRA networks, UK Home office, Oct 2001
    • WG103020, Study into TETRA SDS
    • WG303040, Transfer of location information
    • Sepura (and others) presenting papers to WG3
      • Standardisation of location report messages and associated commands
future of apls tetra terminals
Future of APLS & TETRA Terminals
  • Technology Influenced Solutions
  • Continuing integration of IC’s and components enables space saving in handsets and is an opportunity to integrate location devices like GPS.
  • With the introduction of TETRA2 (2005+) there could be an opportunity for the network based location solutions as data rates increase over carriers.
  • The European Galileo system should be operational by 2008 and this is supposed to perform better than GPS.

Estimation of Future Location System Performance

Clear Sky

Under Foliage



Urban Canyon

Single Storey

Brick Building

Multi Storey

Concrete building


High Quality


High Quality Hand Held




L1 + L2 Frequency

L1, L2 + L5 Frequency

(+ Galileo?)


(+ Galileo?)

Other Sensors – e.g. Gyroscope, Accelerometers ……………

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2010………………………….. 2015 2020 2030

sepura apls over tetra networks
Sepura APLS over TETRA networks
  • 2000- GPS connected to SEPURA SRP1000 for Ambleside Mountain Rescue Project
  • 2002 - Remote GPS Unit demonstrated:
    • A remote speaker microphone with built-in GPS receiver, provides a unique solution for provision of personal location.
sepura apls update
Sepura APLS update
  • This year – SRP2000 sGPS
  • The worlds first fully working TETRA handportable with integrated GPS.
  • Low signal strength operation for urban canyon operation.
  • Offering tangible benefits by providing user safety and resource management
  • Many different location technologies available
  • Technology for both location based and TETRA is rapidly changing
  • Low Signal Strength GPS currently provides the best fit for public safety requirements.
  • Sepura has an ongoing programme to identify solutions and bring these quickly to market
many thanks
  • Any Questions ?
  • Contact details:-
  • Dr Emanuele Algieri,
  • Int. Business Dev. Director, Sepura Ltd
  • +44 (0)7710 738122