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HunterPro GPS Automatic Vehicle Location. B2B Presentation. Developers and engineers of original GPS solutions. E xperts in security and electronic devices. Service providers available all along the Americas (6 countries up to date). Providing excellent technical support.

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Hunterpro gps automatic vehicle location l.jpg

HunterPro GPSAutomatic Vehicle Location

B2B Presentation

Hunterpro gps products statistics l.jpg

Developers and engineers of original GPS solutions.

Experts in security and electronic devices.

Service providers available all along the Americas (6 countries up to date).

Providing excellent technical support.

GPS module has an excellentperformance.

99 % of the stolen vehicles are recovered.

GPS antenna also hidden in installation.

Based in true GPS satellite signals not radio or telemetry.

Securecellular protocol encryption.

HunterPro GPSProducts statistics

Hunterpro gps key features l.jpg
HunterPro GPSKey Features

  • Complete turnkey solution.

  • Both hardware and software components are provided along with the necessary licenses.

  • Is able to track any number of vehicles from office or at home with XP-GPS software.

  • Customer pays for its use only to the cellular company, there are no monthly fees or royalties to be payed for its use.

Hunterpro gps cellular coverage l.jpg

Works anywhere as long as it has cellular coverage and power.

When no coverage is detected it will still store its position, speed and heading into non-volatile memory for a remote download of the track (HP60).

Connection is very fast, 2 seconds after the call was made.

Robust protocol makes it easy to use, secure and compliant with all Windows platforms: Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP.

Reliable as no other GPS unit can be.

HunterPro GPSCellular coverage

Personal gps what s included in the kit l.jpg

Base Station: power.

1 AVL Software

1 MapInfoEngine

1 Map Sample

1 Modem / PC Interface (RS232)

Legal licenses

All software embedded

Vehicle Unit:

175 x 70 x 50 mm

HP60/XP60 Core

1 Modem Board

1 GPS Board

1 GPS Antenna

All integrated inside

Personal GPSWhat’s included in the kit

Please contact for information about STARTER KIT

Personal gps why order an evaluation kit l.jpg
Personal GPS power.Why order an evaluation kit

  • Is for a customer who only have 1-5 vehicles and would like to track them from home. In case the Panic button is pressed he will be notified immediately.

  • Is for a company which would like to test the whole system and how it feels like in a real life situation. Ordering this kit is recommended prior to a bulk order.

  • There are infinite possibilities and uses of this technology, such as rural assitance, remote truck backdoor lock/unlock, car safety, emergency, taxis, dispatch, etc.

Hunterpro gps business project l.jpg
HunterPro GPS power.Business Project

  • Your company can establish its own tracking business with HunterPro GPS solutions using HP60 or XP60 GPS devices.

  • In order to become a VAR, that company will have to make an initial investment of 100 pcs (min) in order to be able to supply the incoming demand.

  • This simple plan brings profit in just 6 months as soon as you installall the units...

Hunterpro gps objectives l.jpg
HunterPro GPS power.Objectives

  • We’re providing customers with a solution they can actually use, with an easy, automatic configuration!

  • Your business is our business, therefore we’re helping companies to start and to set up their service correctly.

  • The objective of these products is to provide peace of mind to the final customers which decide to use them.

Hunterpro gps hp60 and xp60 comparison l.jpg
HunterPro GPS power.HP60 and XP60 comparison

  • HP60 and XP60 are intended for Automatic Vehicle Location, FleetManagement, or Remote Dispatch.

  • This products can be installed in trucks,cars, vans, or any vehicles with power available. For 24VDC vehicles pleaseinstruct us first.

  • External battery can be added so when the mainbattery power is gone the unit will report it.

  • You should buy XP60 only if you would liketo integrate our hardware into your software, or if you need GeoFence,an LCD display and a dispatch solution integrated into the AVL solution.

Hunterpro gps hp60 gps key advantages l.jpg
HunterPro GPS power.HP60 GPS Key Advantages

  • HP60 AMPS Features:

  • Minimum cost, ideal for Insurance Companies

  • Accuracy 10 meters

  • Based in solid Electronics

  • Designed to Last

  • 100% covert installation with the same excellent performance

Hunterpro gps xp60 gps key advantages l.jpg
HunterPro GPS power.XP60 GPS Key Advantages

  • XP60 GSM Features:

  • Minimum price in the market for a quality GPRS/SMS unit

  • Remote messaging option with in-car LCD and 2 buttons

  • Dispatch ready using SMS (find the closest address to a point)

Hunterpro gps choosing the right technology l.jpg

HunterPro is your technological partner. power.

Will assist you in technical and practical issues.

Installation is very easy, but your progress will be followed directly.

HunterPro provides dedicated solutions to each customer.

HP is involved in several R&D projects in which new products are always being created.

The XP-GPS software is the first application in the world where the alarm concept has been integrated into its functionality as a GPS tracking solution.

HunterPro GPSChoosing the right technology

Hunterpro gps customer support and feedback l.jpg
HunterPro GPS power.Customer support and feedback

  • The AVL concept has evolved into a more intelligent vehicle and asset tracking solution in the XP-GPS Software.

  • HunterPro GPS systems are in constant synergy with its customers providing first hand feedback from real life situations.

  • The result of our research, development and production efforts has been increased because of feedback taken from real-life performance.

  • HunterPro provides a personal support and assistance plus 1-year full guarantee of its products against factory defaults.

The future is possible today l.jpg

The future is possible today. power.

Please contact us for more details on our products.