the fresh fruit vegetable program sponsored by the usda n.
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The Fresh Fruit &Vegetable Program Sponsored by the USDA PowerPoint Presentation
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The Fresh Fruit &Vegetable Program Sponsored by the USDA

The Fresh Fruit &Vegetable Program Sponsored by the USDA

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The Fresh Fruit &Vegetable Program Sponsored by the USDA

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  1. The Fresh Fruit &Vegetable ProgramSponsored by the USDA Maryland State Department of Education School & Community Nutrition Programs Branch

  2. Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA’s) • 1.) WHY do we have to follow the DGA’s???? • They serve as the foundation for national nutrition policies, including the meal patterns and nutrient standards of the USDA Food and Nutrition Service school meals programs. • Required to by the CN and WIC reauthorization Act of 2004 • 2.) What is going on with the requirements and when do the Guidelines have to be implemented? • USDA contracted with the Institute of Medicine (IOM) who formed an expert panel to provide recommendations to update the meal patterns and nutrition requirements in the NSLP. USDA estimates it may take IOM 18-24 months to provide them with these recommendations.

  3. What Is the FFVP? The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) was initiated as a pilot to encourage schools to serve more fresh fruits and vegetables.  Under the 2008 Farm Bill, FFVP became permanent nationwide.

  4. History of FFVP in Maryland: • SY 08-09 - $250,000 (began with 25 schools) • SY 08-09 – increased to $ 917,830     (currently 46 schools participating) • SY 09-10 - $1,389,678 (funding: $50.00 per student/per year)

  5. Parents, teachers, principals, and students love the FFVP! “We LOVE IT!!!!” “Our students are thrilled with the program, and they are eating everything with great enthusiasm.” “…it is worth it just seeing the students face light up when we deliver it [FFV] to their classrooms. I really hope we can continue it next year.”

  6. New FFVP Web page:

  7. Reminders: • Eligibility Priority: • Participate in NSLP • >50% or more students eligible for Free and Reduced Price meals • Elementary Schools • Secondary Schools if participating this year and still meet the 50% F/RP

  8. When and Where to serve: • May serve throughout the school day only – not after school • Examples: kiosks, hallways, free vending, classroom trays or baskets • May NOT be served during breakfast or lunch

  9. Fruits/vegetables must be FRESH • Not canned • May use cooked vegetables no more than once a week as part of a nutrition education lesson

  10. Role of Teachers and School Staff • Distributing FFV • Encourage students to try new FFV • Role models for healthy eating • Nutrition education Examples • Display whole fruit so students can learn what it looks like before cut • Discuss food chain from farm to store – or school • Students prepare report of fruit/vegetable and present to class or school

  11. Nutrition Education Resources Fruits and Veggies More Matters Campaign MyPyramid Maryland’s Environmental Education Website Maryland Department of Agriculture Farm to School Eat Smart Play Hard Lesson Plans Fruits and Vegetables Resources for Various Ethnic Groups Maryland Cooperative Extension Dole Superkids in the Classroom

  12. Questions and More Information • Memo #45-09 on Docushare • Call: 410-767-0214 • Visit Maryland FFVP on the web: Enjoy your fruits and veggies!