Request for Proposal for Food Services Management Services RFP Spec #: 18-350013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

request for proposal for food services management services rfp spec 18 350013 n.
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Request for Proposal for Food Services Management Services RFP Spec #: 18-350013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Request for Proposal for Food Services Management Services RFP Spec #: 18-350013

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Request for Proposal for Food Services Management Services RFP Spec #: 18-350013
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Request for Proposal for Food Services Management Services RFP Spec #: 18-350013

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Request for Proposal for Food Services Management ServicesRFP Spec #: 18-350013 Pre-Submittal Conference March 15, 2018 3:00pm 42 W. Madison Garden Unit, GC113

  2. Agenda Introductions Jen Ostafinski, Senior Category Buyer, CPS Procurement RFP Guidelines Jen Ostafinski, Senior Category Buyer, CPS Procurement M/WBE Logistics Requirements Poly Haritos- Makris, Contract Compliance Manager, CPS Business Diversity Scope Overview Leslie Fowler, Chief of Nutrition and Facilities Operations Final Thoughts Jen Ostafinski, Senior Category Buyer, CPS Procurement Q&A

  3. Before we continue, don’t forget… Sign-In If you need a copy of the solicitation, you may download it from the CPS External Procurement Website:

  4. RFP Guidelines

  5. Timeline Proposers who are selected to advance into the next level of the review should be notified about 2-3 weeks after the due date with further instructions. Late Proposals will not be accepted

  6. Submission Requirements Proposals 3 original hard copies sworn before a notary public, and 1 electronic copy (USB Drive) of the proposal are to be provided. Each submittal section and attachment must be separated into a different file in the electronic version, and must contain all information that is in the hard copy All proposals need to be addressed and delivered to: Jonathan Maples Chief Procurement Officer Department of Procurement Board of Education of the City of Chicago 42 W. Madison Chicago, IL 60602 Attn: Jen Ostafinski

  7. Submission Requirements Respondents must provide all information requested in section III. Submittal Requirements This is how Respondents demonstrate whether they meet the Board’s qualifications Be sure that all forms requiring notarization are done so before submitting your Proposal If the section or question does not apply, please write “N/A” to show item was not missed Proposers may be deemed non-responsive if ALL submittal requirements are not submitted with your Proposal

  8. M/WBE Requirements

  9. Office of Business Diversity MBE/WBE Commitments: 30% MBE, 10% WBE Not-for-Profits organizations are exempt Required Forms: 100 – 106 Acceptable M/WBE Certifications Available M/WBE Suppliers Networking Session (following this meeting)

  10. Office of Business Diversity “To promote access to Procurement opportunities for certified Minority and Women Business Enterprises.” Office of Business Diversity (OBD) Mission:

  11. Purpose of OBD forms: Obtain Information about prime vendors strategy to achieve M/WBE participation Document commitments made to M/WBE firms regarding utilization on the project Identify what goals will be monitored by OBD for the contract period Acceptable Certifications

  12. Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)and Women Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) FORMS: Instruction (First 4 pages of M/WBE packet) 100 – Bidder/Proposers Information 101 – Compliance Summary Direct/Indirect Participation 102 – Joint Venture Form 103A – Letter of Intent 103B – Independent Individual/Sole Proprietor 104 – Bidder’s Diversity Profile of Business 105 – Request for Waiver 106 – Student Internship

  13. Instruction pages

  14. Form 100 Bidder/Proposer Information MUST BE NOTARIZED

  15. Form 101Compliance Summary Direct/Indirect Participation

  16. Form 102 – Joint Venture

  17. Form 103A Letter of Intent Must be notarized and must be signed by both parties Attach proof of M/WBE Certification for each sub-contractor

  18. Form 103BIndependent Individual/Sole Proprietor Must Be Notarized

  19. Form 104 – Vendor Diversity Profile

  20. Form 105 – Request for Waiver Must Be Approved by Waiver Committee Must Be Notarized

  21. Form 106 – Student Internship Agreement Must be Notarized

  22. Scope Overview

  23. Scope Overview The Board seeks to contract with a Food Service Management Company (FSMC - Proposer) to operate the following food services on fixed-price per meal rate: National School Lunch Program (NSLP), School Breakfast Program (SBP), Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), Seamless Summer Option (SSO), After School Supper (CACFP), Saturday School (CACFP), Head Start Snacks (CACFP), Afterschool Snacks (NSLP), Pre-K Snacks, Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP), sports concession stands, catering, vended meals to other sites, and any other program in which the Board may participate. The selected Proposer will be responsible for the management of the school based food service staff; providing the food and other products covered by the above-referenced programs to the CPS students, either through freshly prepared meals on-site or through pre-plated vended meals; quality, control, training and development of staff; extensive operational and technical support services including but not limited to marketing, communications, implementation/ management and maintenance of technology systems; and financial management of the program.

  24. Scope Overview METHOD OF APPROACH AND IMPLEMENTATION PLAN Purchase Specifications: The Proposer shall adhere to the 25-day cycle menu(s) and portion sizes specified by the Board on Group Exhibit 7 which includes menus for multiple programs. Menu Plan: The Proposer shall provide a fixed-price lunch and breakfast program designed to meet the minimum and maximum requirements as listed by the USDA. Accounting Systems & Records: The Proposer shall have a detailed internal accounting process using Board supplied Point of Sale system Cost Controls & Fees: Proposer shall have a plan for controlling costs Housekeeping & Inventories Responsibilities: The Proposer will furnish the small wares, necessary for the Proposer to provide services.          The Board shall ensure that food storage, preparation and service are in accordance with                   the sanitation and health standards established under State and local law and regulations.          The Board will pay for & maintain applicable health certifications & assure that all State                & local regulations are being met by the Proposer preparing or serving meals at the Board.          The Proposer will be responsible for maintaining the premises, equipment and facilities in a                condition satisfactory to the Board.          The Proposer shall provide for all transportation of meals and milk to and from                and manage the food service program at all locations specified by CPS

  25. Scope Overview Key Areas of Partnership Ensuring CPS is an Industry Leader Providing Excellence for our Students Healthy CPS 2.0 Good Food Purchasing Policy Local Economies Valued Workforce Environmental Sustainability Nutrition Animal Welfare Urban School Food Alliance Back of House Implementation Diversity Team Menus – Authentic Recipes Kosher/Halal/Vegetarian/Allergen Ability to execute operationally against the Federal Programs Ability to grow meals – Healthy Foods Students Enjoy Innovation Use of technology Industry trends

  26. Final Thoughts No scope questions will be accepted after March 18th @ 3pm. General questions will be accepted up until proposal is due. Questions and answers from today’s meeting will not be posted. If you would like to have the answer to your question posted to the website – please email it to Jen Ostafinskijaostafinski@cps.edubefore March 18th @ 3pm and the answer will be posted. The attendee contact information given at this meeting will be posted on the CPS Procurement website. If your firm doesn’t have a current CPS vendor number, you will not be able to obtain one at this stage of the process. But if your firm is selected, you will be able to obtain a vendor number at that point.

  27. Final Thoughts The Evaluation Committee will review all proposals. A shorter list of vendors will be invited to give oral presentations to the evaluation committee. A contract will be awarded to the most qualified Proposer(s) who meet the Board's Evaluation Criteria set forth within the RFP. It is the intention of the Board to award this contract in whole or in part or by item as may be in the best interest of the Board. All communications should be sent to Jen Ostafinski: Downloaders will be notified via email of any updates