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Radar Estimated 14 Day Total Rainfall PowerPoint Presentation
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Radar Estimated 14 Day Total Rainfall

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Radar Estimated 14 Day Total Rainfall - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The September 2013 Historic Rain/Flooding Event in New Mexico September 9-22, 2013 National Weather Service Albuquerque, NM Radar Estimated 14 Day Total Rainfall. Radar Estimated Percent of Normal Rainfall.

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Radar Estimated 14 Day Total Rainfall

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The September 2013 Historic Rain/Flooding Event in New MexicoSeptember 9-22, 2013National Weather Service Albuquerque, NM


Due to the large spatial extent of this event, impacts from the flooding were widespread. Transportation infrastructure was destroyed, damaged or compromised in many locations. Some of the impacts of the flooding from this prolonged heavy rain period include but are not limited to:

Catron County: A significant flood wave of nearly two stories tall (17-18 feet) occurred in Whitewater Creek, whose headwaters are in the Whitewater-Baldy burn scar, completely destroying a catwalk and severely damaging roads and structures.

Dona Ana County: A large earthen dam breached above La Union, a rural community. Four families were displaced, and there was concern that a 2nd earthen dam nearby would breach as well. Water services and the sewage system were not available for La Union.

Eddy County: Evacuations of several areas (including at least 60 people in Carlsbad, NM) in the county. Flash flooding closed Carlsbad Caverns National Park and visitors were required to evacuate. Significant rises (10-15 feet) to Dark Canyon and Rocky Arroyo Draws were noted.

Los Alamos County: Several roads closed for several days, including NM 502, 501, and West Jemez Road, due to flash flooding/debris.

San Miguel County: Flooding along the Gallinas River resulted in evacuations and more extreme damage that had not been observed for decades. Storrie Lake irrigation channel was breached.

Sierra County:  Bridges were washed out in 3 basins below the Silver burn scar, mostly in the Truth or Consequences area, with evacuations necessary.


10 day satellite loop

7 day radar loop


10 Day Satellite Loop

7 day radar loop

10 day satellite loop


Forecaster/Model consensus strongly support

El Nino conditions dveloping summer 2014

El Nino Watch!

65% chance El Nino

conditions develop by summer; ~80% this fall