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‘ FLLLEX-Radar as a tool for measuring lifelong learning: experiences of 8 HEI’s across Europe’ Rob Mark PowerPoint Presentation
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‘ FLLLEX-Radar as a tool for measuring lifelong learning: experiences of 8 HEI’s across Europe’ Rob Mark

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‘ FLLLEX-Radar as a tool for measuring lifelong learning: experiences of 8 HEI’s across Europe’ Rob Mark - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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‘ FLLLEX-Radar as a tool for measuring lifelong learning: experiences of 8 HEI’s across Europe’ Rob Mark Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. 22 nd EURASHE Conference, Riga , 10-11 May 2012 FLLEX /. EU & Lifelong Learning.

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Presentation Transcript
‘FLLLEX-Radar as a tool for measuring lifelong learning: experiences of 8 HEI’s across Europe’

Rob Mark

Centre for Lifelong Learning,University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland.

22nd EURASHE Conference, Riga , 10-11 May 2012


eu lifelong learning
EU & Lifelong Learning
  • White Paper on Teaching and Learning: Towards the Learning Society (1995)
  • Maastricht Treaty.(1997)
  • Lisbon Economic Council (2000)
  • The Memorandum on Lifelong Learning (CEC, 2000).
  • Making a European Area of Lifelong Learning a Reality (CEC,2001).
FLLEX Radar :Impact of Lifelong Learning Strategies on Professional Higher Education in Europe. (2009-2012)
  • challenges and implications of lifelong learning incorporation into European Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
  • findings from using self-evaluation instrument for lifelong learning in HEI’s.
flllex radar http www flllex eu
FLLLEX Radar :

Impact of Lifelong Learning Strategies on Professional Higher (EU Transversal Programme)

  • January 2010-31 August 2012
  • 24 partners from 10 European countries
  • Results based on 3 visits - Ireland; Lithuania; Belgium

FLLLEX Partners

  • National Agencies
  • Belgium (Flanders)
  • Finland
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Lithuania
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom (Scotland)
  • Turkey
  • Institutions
  • KHLeuven – Leuven University College
  • Laurea UAS
  • IuT de Saint-Nazaire
  • Letterkenny IoT
  • Vilnius College
  • Hanzehogeschool
  • Cardonald College
  • Yasar University
  • Structural partners
  • Eurashe
  • 3s
  • Banku Augstskola
  • Educonsult
  • Advisory Board
  • Business Europe
  • Education International
  • European Student’s Union


self assessment key questions
Self Assessment: Key Questions
  • Perception of the Lifelong Learning context
  • Lifelong Learning Provision at the HEI
  • Institutional Policy
  • Quality Assurance –Guidance; Access; Progression etc;
  • Stakeholders –Decision-Makers; Policy Makers; Lecturers; Employers; Learners;






LifeLong Learning







flllex radar on institutional strategies for lifelong learning
  • Implications for incorporating Lifelong Learning (LLL) into European higher education institutions (HEI’s), with special attention given to RPL (recognition of prior learning).
  • Implications for National and Local Policies
  • Implications for LLL Practices across Europe
flllex radar
  • challenges in implementing a LLL strategy (mainly for HEI’s) and examples of good practice
  • Indicators used to assess LL within HEI’s.

e.g. how LLL strategies make an impact on: policy, curricular aspects (design, flexibility); management of programmes; delivery of courses; RPL; marketing; staff policy and management; internal processes (academic – administrative); student counselling; quality assurance;

results from flllex radar
Results From FLLLEX-Radar
  • Identification of national and local policy contexts
  • Typology of lifelong learners in colleges and an overview of their expectations and of those of other stakeholders.
  • New areas for development - links with employers; unemployed; cultural & language groups
comments on the importance of the tool
Comments on the importance of the Tool
  • The institutional phase demands a strategic approach and it is important that the LLL practitioners in HEI’s think carefully about how to develop lifelong learning
  • Using the tools is very time-consuming. While it may be possible is it worth the effort?
  • The most appropriate tools will vary for different institutions.
  • It is useful to be reflective and flexible during the process – and to allow change in a constructive way.
  • Those who can help may vary from one institution to another.
review of the self assessment tool views of participants positive features
Review of the Self-Assessment Tool Views of participants: Positive features
  • Helpful questions and a lot of useful information generated
  • Reflections on provision – discussions provided many different views from stakeholders
  • Methodology (focus groups) provided opportunity for sharing views and understandings
negative features
Negative Features:
  • Questions difficult to understand by some groups - teachers; learners; employers; repetitive questions; too long;
  • Time and effort- e.g. focus group met 5 x 3/4 hours
  • Did not focus on the future and what might be possible
  • Need for more information ,training etc;?
  • Missing components – new course to be developed; additional support needed; on-line delivery; plans for the future;
issues from evaluation
Issues From Evaluation
  • More information available in advance on purpose of focus group meetings
  • Prepare questions based on discussions with stakeholders group
  • Only request information which is really needed
  • Prepare different questions for different target groups

e.g. how to employers feel greater engagement can be achieved? What training is needed for employees?

  • Tool available online
findings from flllex radar
Findings from FLLLEX-Radar
  • Self-assessment tool supports progress towards lifelong learning HEI’S.
  • The focus is on professional programmes- work-based;
  • Some evidence of new programmes focused on access of adults and disadvantaged groups
  • Colleges are largely orientated towards engaging with younger age groups
  • Need for clarity of LL policies
  • Useful in identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Employers and learners had different knowledge and understanding
flllex radar the next steps
FLLLEX-Radar : the next steps
  • Assessment tools serves as ‘first’ step in process;
  • Need to design a LLL strategy/policy that can enhancement of LLL in HEI’s;
  • Building expertise and capacity for development of LLL;
  • Constructing new partnerships with internal and external actors that share similar interests;
  • Connecting LLL with academic staff development, educational development and skills advancement;