Change readiness campaign theme
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Change Readiness Campaign Theme. “Together to the Future”. Goals. Objectives. Mission. Situation Analysis. Change Readiness Campaign Development. Message Development. Communications Strategy. Communications Channels. Measurement. Step 1: Mission. Goals. Communications Objectives.

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Presentation Transcript
Change readiness campaign theme
Change ReadinessCampaign Theme

“Together to the Future”

Goals. Objectives. Mission.

Situation Analysis

Change Readiness Campaign Development

Message Development

Communications Strategy

Communications Channels


Step 1 mission goals communications objectives
Step 1: Mission. Goals. Communications Objectives.

  • Develop a VIP Mission Statement based on the Vision Statement (“Advancing Technology. Enhancing Family Services”)

  • Set Goals based on the VIP Vision and Mission

  • Set Communications Objectives to meet stated goals

Step 1 change readiness campaign goals long term
Step 1: Change Readiness Campaign Goals(Long-Term)

  • Better prepare State staff at all levels and locations for the implementation of the new system

  • User Adoption by a large majority of the user community

  • Minimize resistance to change and thus minimize risk

  • Understanding of VIP Vision: Advancing Technology. Enhancing Family Services

Step 1 communications objectives how will communications help achieve program goals
Step 1: Communications Objectives(How Will Communications Help Achieve Program Goals?)

  • Tailor messages as much as possible to each user group touting the benefits of VIP

  • Tailor messages as much as possible to address geographic and programmatic offices

  • Provide consistent, VIP related relevant information and messages that are repeated via various Communications Channels

Step 2


(Researching the DHS Landscape)

Step 2 vip readiness situation analysis
Step 2: VIP Readiness Situation Analysis


  • Create Assets Inventory (Staff, Services, skills, timeframes)

  • Develop Campaign timeline

  • Obtain and analyze all Input information

  • Obtain and analyze all Output information to date regarding VIP

Step 2 create a vip readiness situation analysis
Step 2: Create a VIP Readiness Situation Analysis


  • Primary Audience

  • Secondary Audience

  • All other audiences

  • Develop Current Communications Priority List

Step 2 create a vip readiness situation analysis1
Step 2: Create a VIP Readiness Situation Analysis

Through Research Develop an Audience Analysis on Each Audience Group

  • Working Culture

  • Motivators

  • Stage of readiness

  • Attitudes, beliefs and knowledge of VIP

Step 3


Step 3 create vip messages
Step 3: Create VIP Messages

  • Develop VIP Key Messages (that meet goals)

  • Using key messages as foundation, develop tailored messages to (at least) the Target group and the Primary group

Step 4

Communications Strategy

Step 4 communications strategy
Step 4: Communications Strategy


  • Training - - “Skills Training. It’s About The Future.”

  • Pilot – “Breaking News from the VIP Pilot”

  • Campaign Launch

  • “Road Show” of Prototype

Step 4 communications strategy1
Step 4: Communications Strategy


  • Backgrounders for DHS Office Newsletters

  • Downloadable Pictures

  • Bylined Articles

  • Artwork

Step 4 communications strategy2
Step 4: Communications Strategy


  • Mass media

  • Service Providers’ Publications and Association Websites

Step 4 communications strategy3
Step 4: Communications Strategy


  • User Liaison and Super Users

  • Service Providers and DHS Management

  • Create Networking Opportunities to discuss VIP related matters

Step 4 communications strategy4
Step 4: Communications Strategy


  • Celebrate individual successes

  • Celebrate Office successes

Step 4 communications strategies
Step 4: Communications Strategies


  • VIP presence at future DHS Conferences

  • VIP Prototype “Road Show”

  • VIP Intranet

  • VIP Newsletter

Step 5


Step 5 selecting communications channels
Step 5: Selecting Communications Channels

  • Need a comprehensive list of Communications Channels at our disposal

  • Decide which channels are best suited for audience and message

  • Need to clarify State responsibilities for executing message distribution via selected channels

Step 6


Step 6 evaluating communication efforts
Step 6: Evaluating Communication Efforts

Workgroup Needs to Develop methods for measurement of effectiveness (e.g. survey, interviews)

Campaign management situation analysis communications and change readiness workgroup
Campaign ManagementSituation Analysis (Communications and Change Readiness Workgroup)

  • The Communications/Change Readiness Workgroup is still in its infant stage. Output includes:

    • a draft Mission Statement

    • Action Items relating to Internal Project Communications

    • discussions on campaign strategy development

  • Albion’s Communications and Change Readiness Team is in place and has been working on projects such as the Project Website and redesigning and writing the VIP Newsletter

  • Campaign management


    Campaign management situation analysis opportunities
    Campaign Management Situation Analysis (Opportunities)

    • Gleaning information from past VIP presentations

    • Technical training has begun. Provides valuable Input source and Communications Channel.

    • User Training to begin soon. Provides valuable Input source and Communications Channel.

    • Glenda holds a monthly Video Conference. Use to launch Campaign and revive VIP in minds of management

    Campaign management situation analysis challenges
    Campaign Management Situation Analysis (Challenges)

    • Development of State’s Communications/Change Readiness Team

    • Decision making process needs clarity and needs to be communicated

    • Agreement among state stakeholders as to Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Roles and Responsibilities

    • Time restraints for State to execute the Campaign

    Campaign management immediate next steps
    Campaign ManagementImmediate Next Steps

    • State evaluates and commissions its Communications/Change Readiness Team

    • Albion researches all Input and Output information

    • Get Intranet and Newsletter in approval pipeline. Launch and distribute

    Immediate next steps
    Immediate Next Steps

    • Workgroup meets within 2 weeks to begin discussions of:

      • Create VIP Mission Statement

      • Create Change Readiness Campaign Goals and Objectives

      • Decide if Research is to be done. If so, then when and how.

      • Analyze past Input and Output Information to begin developing messages

      • Create Communications Priority List by Audience Group and Message

      • Create a Campaign Timeline

      • Clarify Roles & Responsibilities