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Amos Fortune

Amos Fortune

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Amos Fortune

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  1. Amos Fortune By: Matthew W, Stevie T, Alberto W

  2. Proof We Understand the Book Amos Fortune is about a man in the 1700s named Atmun in an African tribe called Atmunshi. Atmun was sent away to a slave dealer in Boston, Massachusetts. The auctioneer couldn’t understand Atmun’s language, so he named him Amos. Mr. Copeland (Caleb) bought Amos. Then he sold him back to the slave dealer. Then Mr. Richardson bought Amos. Mr. Richardson freed Amos. Then Amos bought a girl named, Lily from the slave dealer auction. Amos freed her and married her. Sadly, she died. Then Amos bought a girl named Lora from the slave dealer office. Amos freed her, then married her. Sadly, she died too. Amos bought a girl named Violate from the slave dealer auction. He freed her, got married, and had a daughter named Cylindia. Then, at age 91 Amos died. And at age 71, Violate died.

  3. Characters • Atmun: Prince (Amos) • Ath-mun: Princess • Lily: First wife • Laura: Second wife • Violate: Third wife • Cylindia: Violate and Amos’ daughter • Mr. Copeland: Amos’ master (Caleb) • Celia: Mr. Copeland’s wife • Roger And Roxanna: Caleb and Celia’s children • Ichabod Richardson, and Mrs. Richardson: second masters • Mr. Twombly: Lily’s slave dealer

  4. Plot line The Climax: Amos gets free, buys a girl, frees her, and gets married. The Rising Action: Amos gets bought by Mr. Copeland, and sold, then bought again by Mr. Richardson. The Falling Action: His wife died. He freed another girl, got married, then she died. Finally, he freed and married another girl, Violate and had a daughter. The Resolution: Amos died at age 91, and Violate died at age 71. Exposition: Amos is at the Atmunshi tribe and had party. The Narrative Hook: Amos is sent away from his tribe to become a slave in Boston, Massachusetts.

  5. HISORICAL TIMEFRAME • Slave dealing • Buying slaves • Freeing slaves • Capturing • Shooting a Indian Chief and getting a way with it

  6. THEME OF INDEPENDENCE • Slavery • Two wives • Labor • Tanning