by toure b n.
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Amos Fortune

Amos Fortune

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Amos Fortune

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  1. By: Toure B Amos Fortune

  2. Theme • In the book hardwork was needed or Amos wouldn‘t be able to be free and give freedom to others • Patient was needed because Amos had to keep working and wait till he can have freedom and eventually give freedom to Lily, Lydia and Celyndia

  3. Important places in book The Book Amos Fortune takes places at... • Africa because that is were Amos was first free and where A ship came Over to bring the strong people of the group to Boston • Boston is where the ship from Africa dropped off Amos and other Africans off to have a auction. In Boston is where Amos was sold to Caleb Copeland. • Jaffery is where Amos was married and where he decided to live for the rest of his death

  4. Plotline The Plotline of the story is how the story builds up and how it ends. • The Exposition is when Amos is being taken to Boston • Secondrising is when Amos was being sold to Caleb Copeland at an auction from being on a ship • Third risingactionis when Caleb Copeland died and had to sell Amos • The climax is when Ichabod Richardson bought Amos • The Falling action is when Mr. Richardson gave Amos freedom and when Amos gave freedom who still worked to buy other women to give them freedom. • The Second Falling action is when Amos becomes married to Lydia who has a kid name Celyndia, and starts to have a family. • The last fallingaction. Is the death of Amos in honor of giving freedom to Lily Lydia and Celyndia.

  5. Major Characters • Amos is a Major character because he gave freedom to 4 people and earned freedom for his self too. • Lydia was the final person Amos married • Celyndia is the daughter of Amos and Lydia

  6. Minor Characters • Ichabod Richardson gave freedom to Amos and eventually Amos gave freedom to others • Lily was the first person Amos married and when she died Amos wanted to give freedom to more people. • Caleb Copeland, even though he died early in the book Amos wouldn‘t have gave freedom to any body if he didn‘t buy him or treat him right

  7. Summary • The book Amos fortune was about Amos and how he had to give hard work to have his freedom one day. He had a goal to keep working and earn the right of freedom from Caleb Copeland and to earn money to buy the freedom of women around the city. Shockingly Caleb Copeland had died and the family of Caleb Copeland has lost money because all the money was under Caleb Copeland. The family had to sell Amos to earn money and he was sold to Ichabod Richardson where he had to work even longer to earn his rights of freedom. After several years Amos has finally earned freedom and he has gone around the city looking for a person who deserves to have freedom and he had eventually married Lily. The owner of Lily had thought that she would die any time soon and a couple years later he was right about Lily.

  8. Summary 2 After Lily’s death Amos has decided to look for someone else to give freedom to and wanted to buy A person named Lydia and her daughter Celyndia but the cost for both of them was a more than Amos had at the price of £50 so he worked for the money. It took Amos 3 years to have the money to buy Lydia and Celyndia. It wasn‘t to long before Amos was married to Lydia and picked a place to live for the rest of their lives. The family had decided to live in Jaffery and after many years Amos had died and he had died with freedom as he said he wanted also knowing he gave freedom to Lily, Victoria , Lydia and Celyndia.