European public relations education and research in a historical perspective
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European Public Relations Education and Research in a Historical Perspective - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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European Public Relations’ Education and Research in a Historical Perspective. Historical Perspective. From 1959 to 2012: half a century of European Public Relations history From CERP to EUPRERA Facts and activities. 1959. 1961. 1970. 1980. ’80-’85. ’86-’89. 1989. 1990. 1991. 1993.

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Historical perspective
Historical Perspective Historical Perspective

From 1959 to 2012: half a century of European Public Relations history


Facts and activities

1959 Historical Perspective















2001 Historical Perspective














1959 Historical Perspective

Foundation of “Centre Européen des Relations Publiques” (CERP) in Orléans (France)

"On a souvent tort d’avoir raison trop tôt,

mais on a toujours tort d’avoir raison trop tard".

1961 Historical Perspective

Second congress of “International Public Relations Association” (IPRA): Lucien Matrat (Code of Athens, ‘65) suggests to found the “Conférence Internationale de l’Enseignement Universitaire des Relations Publiques” (CIEURP: International Conference on University Education for Public Relations)

« Les relations publiques sont

la stratégie de la confiance »

1965 Historical Perspective

International Code of Ethics (Code of Athens)

Authors:Lucien Matrat, France - Guido de Rossi del Lion Nero, ItalyAdopted in Athens, May 1965 by CERP and IPRA

« Les relations publiques sont

la stratégie de la confiance »

1970 Historical Perspective

“Cercle Européen d’étude des techniques de Relations Publiques et de Communication” (CEDET) emanating from CERP wants to cover all PR Education in Europe;

CIEURP targeted European university programmes only.

1978 Historical Perspective

European Code of Professional Conduct in Public Relations(Code of Lisbon)

Officially adopted at the General Assembly of CERP in Lisbon, April 16th 1978, and adopted by 18 National Associations (from 15 European Countries)

1980 Historical Perspective

CIEURP ceases

Besides CEDET, 2 more groups within CERP:

CEDAN « Conférence Européenne des Associations Nationales de Relations Publiques »


CEDAP “Comité Européen d’Application et de Développement des Relations Publiques “ (CEDAP1= PR consultants and CEDAP 2= internal PR)

’80-’85 Historical Perspective

CERP aims the recognition of PR as a profession in Europe;

Education is neglicted;

CEDET’s president is a practitioner;

Stagnation of membership (about 200);

First linguistic unbalance (English vs French)

’86-’89 Historical Perspective

CEDET becomes the major chapter and creates “Confédération Européenne des Etudiants en Relations Publiques” (CEERP – which becomes CERP Students in Nov. ’89 – PRime nowadays)

1989 Historical Perspective

Research merges and takes its place besides Education;

Spring ’89: decision to organise a “Teach the Teachers” conference in ’90

CERP conference in Brussel in parallel with conference in Ghent “about PR Research”

1989 Historical Perspective

November ’89, Strasbourg: “Confédération Européenne des Relations Publiques” is restructured in 3 autonomous parts:

CERP Consultants (CEDAP 1),

CERP PRO ( PR Officers, CEDAP 2), &

CERP Education(CEDET)

1990 Historical Perspective

“Public Relations in the future. From theorie to practice”.

First European Seminar for PR Teachers, Practitioners and Researchers: “To teach the teachers”

150 participants in the European College

Launch of “Newsletter” & “Data Review”

Bruges,1-3 Nov.

1991 Historical Perspective

First edition of “Survey of full time study programmes in Public Relations in Europe” :

130 PR programmes in 14 European countries (EduInfo)

Jos Willems and Joost Buysschaert discuss a project blueprint for converting the CERP's Glossary of Public Relations terms in Seven Languages (ed. M. Nally, Published by Hollis Directories)to a database that respects the rules of modern terminography

1993 Historical Perspective

“Communication Management; The Role of Public Relations in Organisational Communication”.

Second European Seminar for PR Teachers, Practitioners and Researchers

Prague,6-8 May

1995 Historical Perspective

“Nothing is as practical as a good theory”.

Outcome of workshops’ analysis: practitioners do use theories when solving communication problems but cannot identify them as ‘theories’.

Under the aegis of CERP Education, the Glossary becomes: Electronic Dictionary of Communication Terminology (ELeCT).

Maastricht,26-29 Oct.

1996 Historical Perspective

“Public Relations and Culture”International CERP Conference

Including a Research Seminar (Theme: Corporate Social Responsibility – and Conflict) & an Education Seminar (Theme: Teaching Public Relations in the Future)

Discussion: link with CERP

Decision of 1 working language: English

Copenhagen,24-26 Oct.

’96-’98 Historical Perspective


CERP PRO disappears

CERP Consultants less active

1998 Historical Perspective

CERP EDUCATION AND RESEARCH becomes“European Association for Education and Research in Public Relations”

CERP Education Award becomes the Jos Willems Award

1999 Historical Perspective

“European Association for Education and Research in Public Relations” defines:

EBOK (European Body of Knowledge)

Co-operation with BledCom

Annual conferences (instead of every 2/3 years)

1999 Historical Perspective

“Transnational Communication in Europe: Practice and Research.”


New dynamic

‘Transnational Communication in Europe’, eds Barbara Baern – Juliana Raupp

Vistas – ISBN 3-89158-288-9

Berlin,28-31 Oct.

2000 Historical Perspective

“Public Relations for non-profit organisations”

The GA decides to become autonomous from CERP

EUPRERA is born

Milan,1-2 Dec.

2001 Historical Perspective

“Public Relations Education in Europe. Looking for new inspirations”

White Paper (Gerhard Bütschi)

First edition of ELeCT, the Electronic Lexicon of Communication Terminology

Warsaw,25-28 Oct.

2002 Historical Perspective

“The Status of Public Relations Knowledge in Europe and around the world”.

EUPRERA congress in conjunction with the International PR Symposium BledCom

The Bled Manifesto on Public Relations, Betteke van Ruler – Dejan Vercic

ISBN 961-90484-4-x

Bled,4-7 July

2003 Historical Perspective

“Communicating Change.”

Euprera Jos Willems Awards: BAchelor and MAster dissertations

Talinn,9-14 Sept.

2004 Historical Perspective

“Public Relations and the Public Sphere; (New) Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Studies.”

White Paper (Günter Bentele)

Second edition of ELeCT, dubbed ELeCT 2.0.

Leipzig,23-26 Sept.

2005 Historical Perspective

“New Challenges for Public Relations.”

Strategy: debate

Statutes: new statutes approved

Proceedings: “New Challenges for Public Relations”, Eds. José Viegas Soares - Mafalda Eiro-Gomes ISBN: 1645-7943

Lisbon,10-13 Nov.

2006 Historical Perspective

“Public Relations & Social Software: Meeting the challenges of Weblogs, Podcasts, Wikis and RSS.”

First Spring Symposium

Impact of Social Media on Public Relations


2006 Historical Perspective

“Strategic Communication in a Multi-Cultural Context”

Euprera: The European Forum for Innovation in Public Relations

Announcement of Euprera Günter Thiele Award (PhD Award)

Carlisle,6-9 Sept.

2007 Historical Perspective

“Social Software: a Revolution for Communication?

Implications and Challenges for Public Relations, Journalism and Marketing”

Second Spring Symposium

Ghent, 15-17 March

2007 Historical Perspective

“Interrelation between organisations and societies: responsibilities, legitimacy and its process, position of PR/communication in this perspective”

European Communication Monitor

First Euprera Günter Thiele Award (PhD)

First PhD Seminar

Roskilde/Lund,26-29 Sept.

2008 Historical Perspective

“Social media and the future of PR:

New ideas, new research, new business”

Third Spring Symposium

Brussels, 13-15 March

2008 Historical Perspective

“Institutionalising Public Relations

and Corporate Communication”

New structure & New statutes

Second PhD Seminar

Third edition of ELeCT

European Communication Monitor

Proceedings: “Institutionalising PR and corporate communication” Eds. Emanuele Invernizzi, Toni Muzi Falconi, Stefania Romenti (2 volumes)

Milan,16-18 Oct.

2009 Historical Perspective

Fourth Spring Symposium

Theme: PR and Education

Launch of Euprera Projects

PR Education Survey: "Collecting and Profiling Public Relations Bachelor and Master programmes in Europe and beyond its boundaries"

Berlin, 2-4 April

2009 Historical Perspective

“Corporate Citizens of the Third Millenium Towards a Shared European Perspective”

Second Euprera Günter Thiele Award (PhD)

Third PhD Seminar

Bucarest,23-26 Sept.

2010 Historical Perspective

Fifth Spring Symposium

Theme: PR - Social Media – Education

“Social Media Revisited: New challenges for internal communication, reputation, education and the public sector”

Launch of the Euprera Social Media Awards

Ghent, 25-27 February

2010 Historical Perspective

“Communication in a Changing Society”

Fourth PhD Seminar


2011 Historical Perspective

Sixth Spring Symposium

Theme: PR - Social Media – Education

"Beyond Online: Is Public Relations adapting, evolving … or failing?"In conjunction with EuroBlog

Second edition of the Euprera Social Media Awards

Lisbon, 3-5 March

2011 Historical Perspective

“PR in a time of turbulence”

Third Euprera Günter Thiele Award (PhD)

Fifth PhD Seminar


2012 Historical Perspective

“Researching the changing profession of public relations”

Sixth PhD Seminar