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  1. Shopping «I need a psychologist – a cup of good coffee and new pair of high-heeled shoes»

  2. Shopping in ancient times Shopping it's important part of life for everyone, from ancient times to nowadays… Many years ago, people used to held fairs and bazaars, where people could buy something or exchange different things with other traders for something else. All fairs usually held at weekends or on Bank Holidays.

  3. Nowadays shopping Nowadays shopping is much more comfortable and easy.There are lots of department stores, markets, bazaars, antique shops, second-hand shops, charity shops and other places for shopping. Also you can get to the nearest shopping center, at any time you want and by all things you need from products to clothes, furniture and tech. at the particular place. products technique clothing

  4. Nowadays shopping find some great bargains By the way, most of us even don't think about the importance of shopping centers in our life! It's a place, where you can find some great bargains, relax after tiring shopping and entertain yourself. relax with a cup of coffee entertain yourself

  5. Nowadays shopping Lets consider such shopping center as «Karavan». It's enormous department store, where you can buy accessories, jewellery, clothing, footwear, cosmetics, toiletries, perfume, toys & games, gifts & souvenirs, stationery and products. Wide variety of goods allows you to choose and buy what you like the best. Clothing Accessories

  6. Nowadays shopping cosmetics toiletries perfume

  7. Nowadays shopping cosmetics toiletries perfume

  8. Nowadays shopping footwear

  9. Nowadays shopping toys & games, gifts & souvenirs

  10. Nowadays shopping As for me, shopping is very exciting. On the other hand, it's tiring and hard activity, so every time I look forward to relaxing and snacking smth. Fortunately, almost each shopping center full of cafes and restaurants where you can have smth to eat.

  11. Just imagine your life without shopping centers! Think about its meaning in our lives!

  12. Thank you for your attention! Yuliya Chekhlova form 8-B