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Kiwanis Presentation. Dr. Timothy Mitchell Rapid City Area Schools 2-26-14. Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn. “Small differences over time create a big difference! Improvement is achieved in inches, not giant leaps” John Maxwell. RCAS Mission.

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kiwanis presentation

Kiwanis Presentation

Dr. Timothy Mitchell

Rapid City Area Schools 2-26-14

sometimes you win sometimes you learn
Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

“Small differences over time create a big difference! Improvement is achieved in inches, not giant leaps”

John Maxwell

rcas mission
RCAS Mission

Building a community of life long learners, one student at a time.

rcas vision
RCAS Vision

All Rapid City Area School students will achieve to their full potential.

priority task 1 learning
Priority Task #1-Learning

Governor’s Grants for Career & Technical Education CTE

Awarded $2 million

Pathways to College and Career Success

RCAS, WDT & 17 BH area schools

Expanded opportunities for dual credit

priority task 1 learning1
Priority Task #1-Learning

All Day Everyday Kindergarten

Literacy-District Benchmark Assessments

Phonemic Awareness: 79% - 86%

Concepts About Print: 95% - 96%

Letter Identification: 79% - 83%

Writing: 79% - 83%

The pool of students that entered 1st Grade at low levels has decreased

priority task 1 learning2
Priority Task #1-Learning

Student Success Task Force (Core Group)

*Review Current Programming and Staffing to help students engage in school

*Determine what data is needed to review the effectiveness of the current efforts

*Prepare a profile of students who find themselves in At-Risk situations and disengage in schools

*Engage Community in efforts to establish the needed supports to keep students in school

priority task 2 fiscal responsibility
Priority Task #2-Fiscal Responsibility

2013-2013 Enrollment:

13, 811

Projected Enrollments:

2014-2015 13,828

2015-2016 13,696

2016-2017 13,583

priority task 3 infrastructure development
Priority Task #3-Infrastructure Development

Five Year Capital Outlay Plan

Elementary-Strategic Additions based up Building and Capacity Needs

**Reviewing Forced Transfer and Elementary Enrollment Information

Middle School-South Middle School Replacement

High School-Stevens Renovation

Activities-Sioux Park Field Upgrades

priority task 4 personnel
Priority Task #4-Personnel

Teacher/Principal Effectiveness Pilot

**Improve instruction and student learning

**Encourage professional relationships

**Use of multiple measures

**Establish clear expectations (Danielson Framework)

**Fair, Flexible and Research-based

**Used to inform personnel decisions

priority task 4 personnel1
Priority Task #4-Personnel

Teacher/Principal Effectiveness Pilot

2013-2014--Five Pilot Schools (SWMS-full pilot status)

2014-2015--District-wide Planning to build capacity of all schools

2-28-14--Coaching Session with ESA 7 representative

-Overview of survey data

-Summary of the Models

-Assistance in completing Implementation Plan

Submit by June 15, 2014--Implementation Plan to be approved by the DOE

priority task 5 policy
Priority Task #5-Policy

KDD Media Relations

Primary Goal: Keep the Public Informed

**Press has legal right to visit our schools with restrictions

**No legal right to disrupt student learning

**No one is required to talk with media

**District has right to ensure safety and privacy of students

priority task 5 policy1
Priority Task #5-Policy

KDD Media Relations

**Guidelines cover the difference between Public Events and School Day

**Nothing in policy/guidelines restricts expression of personal opinion

**Superintendent or designee will represent the district position on all matters

**Guidelines have been developed for the purpose of consistent application

priority task 5 policy2
Priority Task #5-Policy

Communication Task Force (25 members)

*To increase public understanding and support for our students, teachers, programs and schools

*To inform employees and stakeholders about our schools

*To empower schools and school district staff

*To improve internal and external communication within the district and community

priority task 5 policy3
Priority Task #5-Policy

Communication Task Force (25 members)


*Review 2008-2009 Communication Plan

*Create the elements of a new Communication Plan

*Develop media tips for employees

*Develop Sample News Release Forms

*Develop a comprehensive Media List

*Develop an Implementation Plan for School Board Policy KDD

priority task 6 miscellanous
Priority Task #6-Miscellanous

Legislative Session

Weekly Updates From: ASBSD, SASD, SDSSA, Large School Group and USA Group

SASD/SDSSA Legislative Day 2/4/14

ASBSD Legislative Day 2/18/14

District Website


priority task 6 miscellanous1
Priority Task #6-Miscellanous

Legislative Session

Common Core Bills-most have been defeated

Review List of Current bills

sometimes you win sometimes you learn1
Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

“To grow, you must be willing to let your present and future be totally unlike your past. Your history is not your destiny.”

--Alan Cohen