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Horses. By: Emma. Facts About Horses. Horses live on every containent except Antartica . Their ancestors lived 55 million years ago. The first horses were domesticated about 4,000 years ago. They were brought to America over 400 years ago. Some are domestic and some are wild.

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    1. Horses By: Emma

    2. Facts About Horses • Horses live on every containent except Antartica. Their ancestors lived 55 million years ago. The first horses were domesticated about 4,000 years ago. They were brought to America over 400 years ago. Some are domestic and some are wild.

    3. Facts About horses • There are 400 different breeds of horses in the world. They spend 20 hours grazing each day. Horses live in herds. Male horses are called stallions and they lead and protect a herd of horses in the wild. Mares are female horses. They are pregnant for 11 months. Twin foals are rare.

    4. Facts About Horses • Horses gallop, trot, whinny, and neigh. They may live 30 or more years old! Horses vary in size and shape. They are divided into groups called cold bloods, hot bloods, and warm bloods. Cold bloods are very strong from rich grazing in northern Europe. Hot bloods are light, tough, and fast from poor grazing. Warm bloods are a mix of cold blood and hot blood.

    5. Arabians • Arabians are probably the oldest and most beautiful horse in the world! They are a small, fast, strong, and tough from poor food and harsh conditions. They’re also high-spirited, courageous, kind, gentle, easy to handle, and have lots of stamina. Arabians were first bred in the desert. They existed there for at least 4,000 years! Their foals are lively and inquisitive.

    6. Thoroughbred • Thoroughbred horses were produced by crossing the Darley Arabian, the Godolphin Arabian, and the Byerley Turk with English mares in England in the 16 and 1700s. They are the fastest breed of horse in the world! They are the perfect race horse and they’re very valuable. They are also strong, graceful, and have great stamina.

    7. Anglo-Arab • Anglo-Arab horses are a cross between the Arabian and the Thoroughbred. They do very well in shows and their long legs make them able to run very fast. They have great stamina.

    8. Barb • Barb horses are one of the oldest horses and comes from Morocco, North Africa. They can run very fast and have great stamina.

    9. Akhal-Teke • Akhal-Teke horses were bred in the desert and is spirited, courageous, hardy, strong, a good jumper, and has great stamina.

    10. Ardennais • Ardennais horses were first bred in the Ardennes region and are tough and hardy. They can survive in a harsh climate.

    11. Boulonnais • Boulonnais horses come from northeast France and can run faster than most heavy horses. They have a fine coat and a thick, silky mane and tail hair. The French government breeds them so the breed doesn’t die out.

    12. Percheron • Percherons come from La Perche in northern France and are one of the tallest horses that ever lived. They are broad, compact, and very strong with sturdy legs and good feet.

    13. Suffolk • Suffolk is a rare breed! They have a barrel shaped body and short legs. They also do not need a lot of food!

    14. Belgian Draft Belgian Draft horses are very strong and are popular in the U.S. They’re also very intelligent.

    15. Shire and Clydesdale • Clydesdale horses are from Scotland. Shire horses are tall and extremely strong. They’re also called “the great horse of England” and could carry knights and can pull 5 times its own weigh!

    16. Dutch Draft • Dutch Draft horses were developed in the late 1800s and early 1900s and is a good worker.

    17. Noriker • Noriker horses were bred in Austria in the 1500s. They’re also very strong and hard working with strong legs.

    18. Friesian • Friesian horses bred from Netherlands, black all over, and has very long legs. They’re also very handsome and has a good temperament.

    19. Dutch draft • Dutch Draft horses were developed in the late 1800s and early 1900s and is a good worker.

    20. Swedish warm blood • Swedish Warm Blood horses were bred in the 1600s and is a big, cavalry, and athletic horse.

    21. Sellefrancais • SelleFrancaismeans “French Saddle.” The SelleFrancais horses were bred in France in the 1800s and is agile, athletic, well-built, intelligent, has strong legs, and a calm temperament.

    22. Oldenburg • Oldenburg horses were bred in the 1600s and is named after the man who bred it. They are also large and powerfully built.

    23. Gelderlander • Gelderlander horses have been bred since the 1800s and are heavy built, very strong, strongly built, not fast, and are good jumpers.

    24. French Trotter • French Trotter horses were developed in Normandy, France in the 1800s and are good jumpers.

    25. Camargue • Camargue horses live on poor grazing, are very tough, and are always white or gray in.

    26. Przewalski’s Horse • Przewalski’s Horses were painted on the walls of caves 16,00 and 27,000 years ago! Their extinct in the wild, but they live in zoos and private studs.

    27. Tarpan • The Tarpan horses became extinct in the 1800s, but was recreated by a man in the 1930s. They have a long mane and tail.

    28. Irish Draught • Irish Draught horses were first bred in the 1100s. They are large, strong, athletic, agile, good jumpers, and not very fast.

    29. Hackney Horse • Hackney Horses are lightly built, high-spirited, moves very freely, and has great energy.

    30. Cleveland Bay • Cleveland Bay horses are the oldest of the native British breeds and they’re a rare breed. They are strong, hardy, long-lived, and good-natured.

    31. Andalusian • Andalusian horses are from southern Spain and are proud, noble, agile, athletic, kind, friendly, and is not fast

    32. Lusitano and Lipizzaner • Lusitano horses are from Portugal and go’s to horse “High School.” Lipizzaner horses are from Lipica, Slovenia and is stockily

    33. Morgan • Morganhorses are from Massachusetts and Vermont. They are spirited, intelligent, alert, hardy, strong, and has a good temperament and lots of stamina.

    34. Criollo • Criollo horses were brought to South America in the 1500s and is the toughest and soundest horse in the world! They can live with little food in harsh climates and is long-lived and has great stamina.

    35. Quarter horse • Quarter horses were bred in Virginia in the 1600s is the most popular horse in the world! They are agile, athletic, and has a calm temperment.

    36. Palomino and Pinto • Pinto horses are named after their color. Palomino horses were brought to the U.S. in the 14 and 1500s.The color was a favorite of Queen Isabella!

    37. Appaloosa andTennessee Walking Horse • Appaloosa horses were bred in the 1700s and is strong, agile, athletic, has great stamina, and is a good jumper. Tennessee Walking Horses were developed in the 17 and 1800s and is the most good-tempered of all horses!

    38. American Saddle-bred andMissouri Fox-trotter • American Saddle-bred horses were bred in Kentucky in the 1800s and is mostly a show horse. Missouri Fox-trotter horses were bred in the 1800s and is a large, sure-footed, and gentle horse.

    39. Standard-bred • Standard-bred horses are the fastest harness racing horses in the world! They were bred in the U.S.A. in the1800s and is fast and has great stamina.

    40. Mustang • Mustang horses were taken to the U.S.A. in the 1500s. They are fast, strong, agile, and hardy. Mustangs are protected by the U.S. law.

    41. Waller • Waller is Australian for “New South Wales.” Waller horses were cavalry horses in the Boer War and World War1 and is used for police work. They are strong, tough, fast, agile, a natural jumper, and very powerful (even stronger than the Thoroughbred.)

    42. Resources • National Geographic • Nature • Encyclopedia