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Personal Dictionary

Personal Dictionary . By :Berenyce Alonso-Castro. Table of Context. 1.Gadflies 2.Paradoxical . 1.Gadflies.

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Personal Dictionary

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  1. Personal Dictionary By :Berenyce Alonso-Castro

  2. Table of Context • 1.Gadflies • 2.Paradoxical

  3. 1.Gadflies Context: The need for non violent gadflies to create the kind of tension in society that will help man rise from the dark of depths of prejudice and racism to the majestic heights of understanding and brotherhood My Guess: They are doing something repeatly to possibly annoy someone or something Definition:noun, plural a person who persistently annoys or provokes others with criticism, schemes, ideas, demands, requests, etc. Why it Matters:This qoute matters because king is trying to show that they will do anything to end segregation even if it means demanding it. Critical Thinking Question: Did using non violent gadflies cause the civil rights momevment to countie reciving suppourt?

  4. 2. Paradoxical Context: At first glance it might look paradoxical for us to consciously break laws. My Guess: To act wrong or do something not right to the eyes of others • Definition:adjective1.having the nature of a paradox; self-contradictory. • 2.Medicine/Medical . not being the normal or usual kind: Stimulants are a paradoxical, albeit effective, medication used for certain forms of hyperactivity. Why it Matters:This matters because King later explains the difference bettween just and unjust laws and how one must not obey unjust laws “an unjust law is no law at all” (St Augustine). Critical Thinking Question: How did not obey unjust laws cause those againts civil rights to react?

  5. 1.Gadflies This picture is an example of people going out in nonviolent gadflies demanding their civil rights and showing that they are not giving up in till they receive them.

  6. 2. Paradoxical Here we have both White men and woman locking arms with black women this was out of the norm whites were not suppose to want African Americans to receive their civil rights.

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