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  1. Dictionary The Skills You Need to answer the Question: What Does That Mean?

  2. A Dictionary is a Reference Book What is a reference book? A reference book is used to find information.

  3. What information will we find in a dictionary? Spelling – how to correctly spell words Syllables – how many syllables a word has and where to divide the syllables Pronunciation – how to correctly say the word using phonetics Part of Speech – noun, verb, adjective, etc Definition – word meaning

  4. To use a dictionary:You need to know how to put words in alphabetical order ANDYou need to be able to find words using the alphabetAfter the following exercise you’ll see the difference between the two.

  5. Put these words in order • Lock • Loaf • Logic • Load • Locate • Local • Load • Loaf • Local • Locate • Lock • Logic

  6. Find words using the alphabet: Which words would go between : • Loyal and lung? • Lure and luster • Stuck and bucket • Mad and made • Luck and lullaby D. Luck and lullaby

  7. Do you see the difference now? • The words in the dictionary are listed in alphabetical order. • In order to find the word you want in the dictionary – you need to be able to determine where words should go in a list organized alphabetically. If you want to find banana, you need to know that: Banana is after Apple but before Carrot

  8. Example Dictionary Page Guidewords Look: words are listed in ABC Order What do you notice About the guidewords And the other words listed on the page? The guidewords are the same words as the first and last words on the page

  9. Guidewords • Guidewords are listed at the top of each page. • The 1st guide word is the FIRST word on the page • The 2nd guideword is the LAST word on the page • Sometimes the 1st guideword is on the left page and the 2nd guideword is on the right page (look in your dictionary)

  10. Guidewords speed things up Guidewords help us find the word we are looking for faster. Think back to the previous slide: If you want to find banana, you need to know that: Banana is after Apple but before Carrot

  11. Apple Carrot If apple and carrot are the guidewords, we know banana would be on this page. What other words would be on this page? Car Ant Baby Dog A. Car C. Baby

  12. What should be the guidewords for this page? • Fuse • Futile • Gadget • Galaxy • Gamble • Gander • Garage • Garbage • Garlic • Garment • Gas • Gasp • Gear • Gelatin GELATIN FUSE

  13. Spell the third word On this page. C-o-u-g-a-r How many syllables In council? 2 syllables in coun-cil What is the proper Pronunciation of cough? (kawf) What part of speech is country? noun What is the meaning of countless? “So many that you can not count them.”

  14. Practice – Use your dictionary and work with your partner to answer the questions below. • Write the guidewords • Spell the 9th word • How many syllables in the 9th word? • Write the pronunciation for the 10th word • What is the part of speech for 12th word? • What is the meaning of the 13th word?