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English Dictionary. A. Acrobatics: He does acrobatics in the circus. Acommodation. When I travel to the beach, I loolk for the acommodation more cheaper. Airlines. Air Spain is a spanish airline. Aid. I have to give aid to the people that are in the flood

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English Dictionary

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  1. English Dictionary

  2. A Acrobatics: He does acrobatics in the circus. Acommodation. When I travel to the beach, I loolk for the acommodation more cheaper. Airlines. Air Spain is a spanish airline. Aid. I have to give aid to the people that are in the flood Ash. There were many ashes in the fire Arrested: the man was arrested because he stole a bank. Armed: people that have an arm.

  3. A • Adverts: I went to the toilet while de film was in adverts. • Advanced: very modern. • Abstract: theoretical rather than physical or concrete. • Allergic reaction: She has got an allergic reaction when eat coconuts.

  4. B Book a ticket: I booked a ticked two years ago. Break: I break the leg of one of the football players Burn: I burn the paper over there Burglar: The burglar stolen in a jewellery shop. Break: people who break the law go to de prision. Broken foot: when I play football , I broken my foot. Breathe: I don’t breathe well when I have allergist. .

  5. C Card: David Blaine often does card tricks. Clothes: The fashion designer wears beautiful clothes. Cinema: In the cine near my house you can watch the new film. Club: In my club there are a lot of drinks. Computer games: Sims 2 is my favourite computer game. Concentrate on: I was very concentrate on history exam. Church: Mª mother go to the church every Sunday. Cottage: I´ve got a new cottage. Couple: I looked a Maria with a couple. Celebration: The celebration of my birthday was the Friday. Collapsed. The house was collapse the other day Crop. The crop of this farmer isn’t so big

  6. C Catch a train: Every day I catch the train, to go to the school Coaches: I travel in a coache for a long journey. Cartoons: my sister see all the days Bob esponja. Chat shows: in channel 5 was a chat shows and every days speak about “Belén Esteban”. Crime dramas: On channel two was a film about crime. dramas (Los hombres de Paco). Channel: the number of the programme (1,5…) Current affairs programmes: for example España Directo. Calculate: determine mathematically. Charcoal: a stick of charcoal used for drawing. Clay: literary the substance of the human body: this lifeless clay. Creative: informal a person engaged in creative work. Cough: I have cough because I have flu.

  7. D Dance: The dancer dances very well. Directly: I go to the party directly, I haven´t got time. Dark: My hair is dark. Destruction: The flood destruction all the house in Haiti. Dangerous. Snakes are dangerous. Drown. The boy drown in the sea. Documentary: I saw a documentary about plants yesterday. Drawing: the art or skill of making drawings.

  8. E Energetic: The Red Bull is a energetic drink. Embarrassed: My trousers broke! i´m was embarrased. Event: The event of Semana Santa is vey important in Zamora. Earthquake. I have never been in an Earthquake but so much American people yes. Entertainment: the cartoon are entertainment. Exhibition: a public display of items in an art gallery or museum. Emergency room: In the hospital, at the emergency room there are a lot of people.

  9. F Fashion designer: The fashion designer desigs beautiful clothes. Food: This restaurant has got great food. Folks: I live with my folks. Friends: All my village friends live out side the village. Friendly: When a person is friendly, she/he has got a lot of friends. Frightened: Furious: Today, jose was furious. Feards: I´ve got feards when I heard rarely noise. Flood: The last month was flood in the south of Spain.

  10. F Flights. Inthe flights you must talk with the mobile phone and chat in Internet. Fares. I bough the fares to Canarias in the airport. Fearless. She is so fearless. Flame. The flames of the fire were so big Flood. The other year, in Spain there were a lot o floods Filter: a porous device for removing impurities or solid particles from a liquid or gas passed through it. Flu: milder infection.

  11. G Generous: You are generous if you giving my two euros to by a sandwich Glasses: I´ve got glasses to see in class. Garage: I my garage park my tow cars. Ghost: I never see a ghost. Gang: similar to a group.

  12. H Hedge: In my garden there are two hedges. Hitch- hiker: My mother don´t take hitch-hiker. Happy: Don´t worry be happy! Horrified: I was horrified when I see the murder. Hit. Sam hits me in the leg. Homeless. I’m not a homeless because I have got a house where I live Hunger. Most of the people in Africa has got hunger. Hijacked: last day a man hijacked a boy. Headache: a continuous pain in the head.

  13. I Investigating: similar to search. Ink: a coloured fluid used for writing, drawing, or printing. Itchy: having or causing an itch. Injection: an act of injecting or being injected.

  14. J Jewellery: I love jewellery, especially gold rings. Juggle: He can juggle ten balls. Juggler: The juggler can juggle ten balls.

  15. K Kick-boxing: The kick-boxing is a sport.

  16. L Listen to: This morning I listen to the teacher al the class. Live: The Estopa´s concert is in live. Left: Turn left! Lethargic: Long: Andrea has got long hair. Luggage: Always my luggage are a school bag and a suitcase. Landslide: Yesterday there was a landslide in the road that communicate Zamora and Morales. Laser beam: “rayo laser”. Landscape: all the visible features of an area of land.

  17. M Magic: The magic is amazing. Magician: A magician does magic tricks. Musical instrument: I can´t play a musical instrument. Musician: The musician play very well in the concert. Make a living: My father makes a living driving a rolly. Medium-lenght: i haved got medium lenght two years ago.

  18. M Mobile homes. A lot of people in the world travel in a mobile home. Miss your train: When you don´t arrive at time, and the train isn´t here. Moustache: My father haven´t got moustache. Messy: My bedroom never is messy. Miserable: My bird is miserable because it hasn´t got girlfriend. Murder: The police was investigate the murder.

  19. M Missing. Marta del Castillo is missing for 1 year and a half Mud. In Zamora near the area of my high school there are a lot of mug because of the Mugged: (mug); the thief mugged the shop. Murder: in this street yesterday was a murder and one man dead. Microchips: a tiny wafer of semiconducting material used to make an integrated circuit. Microscopic: so small as to be visible only with a microscope. Masterpiece: a work of outstanding artistry, skill, or workmanship.

  20. N News: today I see the news in channel 3.

  21. O Opposite: The kitcken was opposite the bathroom. Oil: a viscous liquid derived from petroleum, used especially as a fuel or lubricant.

  22. P Performer: Parents: I live with my parents. Photograph: I have a lot of photograph in my phone. Police: The police stop the thief. Pub: I like this pub because it has got good music. Patient: I´m a good patient when I go to the doctor. Phobia: I´ve got phobia to the snakes. Platform: I catch the train in the platform 5 Predict: I predict that tomorrow in Zamora is goingo to rain. Put out: I put out the fire Punish: the woman was punish because she break the law.

  23. P • Project: an enterprise carefully planned to achieve a particular aim. • Portrait: an artistic representation of a person, especially one depicting only the face or head and shoulders. • Pill: a small round mass of solid medicine for swallowing . • Pain: small round mass of solid medicine for swallowing .

  24. Q

  25. R Reporter: The reporter did a excellent interview in the last magazine. Ride: I can ride a untcycle Rarely: I think that this noise are rarely. Realise: You realise a excellent work. Rehearse: I rehearse with my band every night. Restaurant: I often eat in a restaurant. Return ticket: A return ticket in a ticket you can use it in tow directions. Recorded: The policeman recorded me. Rock: In Sanabria the countryside has got a lot of big rocks Robbed: stole (steal). Reality TV: for example Gran Hermano. Record: the team kept their unbeaten home record. Reflect: the letters reflect all aspects of his life. Reflection: something reflected or an image so formed.

  26. R Realistic: having a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected. Rash: acting or done without careful consideration. Runny nose: producing or discharging mucus.

  27. S Sing: The singer sing bad. Straight: Go straight! Selfish: A selfish is a person that don´t give nathing to other person. Short: Don´t buy this dress! It is very short. Scared: I´m scared when I heard the noise. Strange: This noise are strange. Sucess: The more important sucess in Zamora, was whriting in the newpaper. Single ticket: is a ticked to travel in one direction. Standard class: The stardard class is more expensive than first class Safe: You will be safe with the policeman here Search: I search for the keys in my cag but thre isn’t there Several: There were several problems here Shelter: The shelter in the mountain was good Smoke: There was a lot of smoke because of the fire Strike: I strike the ball. Survivor: There was only one survivor of the accident shoot: what you do with a rifle Steal: what a thief does Suspects: the suspects was arrested. Surrendered: the thief surrendered quetly when de police came to arrest

  28. S • Soap Operas: at 4 o’clock I saw a soap opera that name’s “amar en tiempos revueltos”. • Sit-com: Friends is a funny sit com. • Store: she set much store by privacy. • sculpture: the art of making three-dimensional representative or abstract forms, especially by carving stone or wood or by casting metal or plaster. • Severe: strict or harsh. • Sore throat: I want a mint sweet because I have sore throat. • Swollen: my arm there are swollen. • Stomach ache: I have stomach ache because I eat a lot. • Symptom: you’re symtoms was that you have flu.

  29. T Trick: The magician do excellent magic tricks. Theatre: When I was a children I performed in the PRINCIPAL THEATRE. Thin: I´m thin. Transform: In Spiderman a reporter he transforms in a superhero. Treat: In birthay my parents gave my two treat. Trip. My favourite trip is when my friends and I traveled to Barcelona. Timetable: I looking for in the timetable when arrived the bus Tragedy: The tragedy of Haití was so sad for me. Thieves (thief): someone to steal. Transmit: cause to pass on from one place or person to another.

  30. T • Talented: having a natural aptitude or skill for something. • Treatment: You need a treatment for cure your condition.

  31. U Unicycle: An unicycle is vey dangerous because is very dificult ride it. Ugly: The dog of my uncle is ugly. Untidy: My bedroom isn´t untydi.

  32. V Victory: The victory was to the Real Madrid. Village: My village is Bercianos de Aliste Volcanic: The volcanic eruption was a terrible problem for the people of the village that was near it Volcano:In Spain there is a volcano in Canarias. Vision: the faculty or state of being able to see.

  33. W Wedding: The wedding of muy cousin was funny. Weird: i think that this noise are weird. Welk-know: I don´t meet a welk-know. Warn: The teacher warn me that if i don’t bring my notebook she will punish me. Witness: the person that said the robbed. Watercolour: artists' paint made with a water-soluble binder, and thinned with water rather than oil.

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