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Epocrates Brand Guide [cool looking cover page – intro on back] PowerPoint Presentation
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Epocrates Brand Guide [cool looking cover page – intro on back]

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Epocrates Brand Guide [cool looking cover page – intro on back]
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Epocrates Brand Guide [cool looking cover page – intro on back]

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  1. Epocrates Brand Guide [cool looking cover page – intro on back]

  2. Introduction. Epocrates is a powerful brand built by delivering trusted content and innovative solutions to health professionals and organizations. As a company, the goal is to express and advance our brand through every interaction with customers, clients and partners. This brand guide will help you represent Epocrates in a consistent, compelling manner using approved and tested language, graphic identities, images, colors and typography. It provides an overview and samples of the elements that make up the Epocrates identity – how we look, sound and feel to our stakeholders. Keep this on hand for quick reference and inspiration,. As the greatest ambassadors of the Epocrates brand, the choices you make every day have the potential to convey our desired image and reputation.

  3. The Epocrates Experience. Defined. With input from each department, we have defined the Epocrates Experience and outlined the core tenets to work by. The goal is to live out our principles in all internal and external interactions. Use chart

  4. [don’t know what happened to the font here, unintential] Our Personality. How We Feel. When composing any form of internal or external communication, consider the aspects of the Epocrates personality that will support your end product or your point of view. • Use wordle Words key stakeholders have used to describe Epocrates:

  5. Our Voice. How We Sound. The Epocrates voice comes to life through the language you choose when writing or speaking. Consider the following: - Content: What is the primary message I’m trying to get across? What is the secondary (if any) message? State this simply and candidly. - Audience: Who will be reading this? Adjust your simple, candid message appropriately—word choice, word order, etc. -   Tone: What is the overall mood? (excited/friendly, solemn/apologetic, polite/thankful, etc.) {BRIAN Mimic samples chart:} Collegial Like this: The page you’re looking for can’t be found. Not this: OMG! The page is missing. Where did it go?!! FREAKING OUT! Your computer has a virus, abort now! Reliable Like this: Epocrates drug content is concise and continually updated. Not this: Occasionally we have new drug information. Clear Like this: Select Epocrates, and tap “Install”. Any premium features will automatically transfer when you sign in. Not this: Select Epocrates,look for the green install button, tap that, then sign into your Epocrates account. If you have a premium product, you’ll see more features. If not, you can call customer support.

  6. Our Vocal Style. [Put the scale on either side and make the graph more visible (keep words on the bars too)] Finding the right balance

  7. Feel free to move around text between this page and the next to create a logical layout Our Lingo. Company brands [BRIAN CREATE Mini grid use | don’t use] Epocrates | ePocrates Epocrates’ | Epocrates’s DocAlert messages | Doc Alerts, DocAlerts EssentialPoints | Essential Points Epocrates Rx Pro | Epocrates RxPro InteractionCheck | Interaction Checker Frequently used copy [BRIAN CREATE Mini grid use | don’t use] Mobile device or smartphone | handheld or PDA Physicians, clinicians or healthcare professionals |doctors, providers or practitioners Patient |Customer Network | user base Members | user or customer Current |up-to-date Healthcare | health care Read more or Learn more | Click here Salutations {BRIAN CREATE 2 columns} Intros: Time of day: Good day, good morning, good afternoon Direct: recipients name Closing: Casual: Warm regards, Warmly, Thank you General: “The Epocrates Team”, your name

  8. More Lingo. • Time & date • AM / PM - when designating time, use AM / PM in large caps, no periods, space after the hour (e.g., 9 AM, 10 PM) • Omit (th/rd) if the year is included: December 1, 2011 vs December 1st, 2011 • In app display as 12/1/11 • Abbreviations– do not use any periods with capitalized abbreviations (e.g., MD, US, PhD, PharmD) • Hyphenations – some words require a hypen in specific situations, not at all or always. • When used as an adjective: (BRIAN CREATE: mini grid – word | example } • Log-in | log-in page (vs. log in to Epocrates Online) • Sign-up | sign-up sheet (vs. sign up with Epocrates) • Point-of-care |point-of-care app (vs. app used at the point of care) • Never hyphen, only capitalize if used at start of sentence: • email • website • online • ePrescribing • State Abbreviations- use the 2-letter USPS postal code

  9. Our Visual Identity. How We Look. [use from style guide – refer to Endo guide for example] Logo/icon tips Color guide Photography style

  10. [Use examples from style guide]

  11. The Corporate Review Process.Why does it exist? The corporate review process was created to help safeguard the company and facilitate brand consistency. The team includes Erica Morgenstern (content), Brian Strathdee (visual brand) and Matt Kaminer/Bryan Bennett (legal). What needs to be review? All external materials produced and distributed (e.g., collateral, presentations, web copy). How do I submit?The process is simple and done virtually through Box.net. Your marketing representative has an account and can submit for review on your behalf (email corpreview@epocrates.com if unsure of rep). The team provides comments and approval within days. It’s simple, fast and efficient.

  12. Resource Round-up. Online style guide: styleguide.epocrates.com [icon examples] Style guide PPT template Signatures Direct questions about communication standards and corporate identity to Erica Morgenstern at x6907