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Warm-up/Cool-Down Journal Intro PowerPoint Presentation
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Warm-up/Cool-Down Journal Intro

Warm-up/Cool-Down Journal Intro

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Warm-up/Cool-Down Journal Intro

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  1. Warm-up/Cool-Down Journal Intro

  2. Set up Always write your cool-down to the right of the center • Always write your warm-up to the left of the center • Write the date for every entry

  3. example 8/28 cool down This is where we typically summarize what was learned in todays lesson. 8/29 cool down You can write multiple journal entries on one page, as long as you can fit both a warm up and a cool down. • 8/28 warm up • I respond to my warm up using complete sentences and proper grammar. • 8/29 warm up • This way I am meeting the writing requirements for this class.

  4. A.P.E. Format • A – Assert your position • P - Prove your position, what makes it true • E – Extend, Elaborate, Examples - (Don’t just list examples; explain and elaborate how and why these examples prove the assertion! Include lots of details).

  5. Good Writing has all of these traits: • 1. An idea that is interesting and important (a “thesis). • 2. An organization that is LOGICAL and effective • 3. A “voice” that is individual and appropriate. • 4. “Word choice” (DICTION) that is specific and memorable. • 5. Sentence fluency that is smooth. • 6. Conventions (such as punctuation, capitalization, paragraphing, spelling, grammar) that are correct.

  6. Example 1 • The best team in the NFL is the Eagles cuz they rock. They’re uniforms are sick and they are just a great team. BTW I’m from Philly and there is no place better than Philly.

  7. Example 2 • Its easy to see that the best team in the NFL is the Patriots because they have Tom Brady and he is the best quarterback and he has won so much and will be in the hall of fame one day because he is awesome and set all types of records. I really like the Patriots and have watched them win many super bowls. I would have to say that the Patriots are easily the best team in the NFL. My whole family is Patriots fans and we have so much fun watching them every Sunday.

  8. Example 3 • When thinking about which team in the NFL is the best there is only one clear choice, the New York Giants. Over the past 10 seasons the Giants have achieved many special accomplishments, both individually and as a team. Players such as Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and Justin Tuck have not only provided leadership but have won many individual awards and have appeared in several pro bowls each. As a team, the New York Giants have not had a losing record since 2004. While not always qualifying for the playoffs, the Giants have made the most of their opportunities by defeating the New England Patriots in the 2007 and 2011 super bowls. Thanks to not only their players but all time great coaching staff and front office, the New York Giants have been the best organization in pro football over the past ten years.