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Attractive Book Carrier PowerPoint Presentation
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Attractive Book Carrier

Attractive Book Carrier

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Attractive Book Carrier

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  1. Attractive Book Carrier RanjotKingra MahmeetThaira JashleenKahlon Nikita Raj

  2. Experiment Question: • To find out whether any male or female students would help carry Mahmeet’s books, and whether it would depend on if she were wearing more appealing clothes or average clothing. • Would you stop and help her?

  3. Hypothesis: We hypothesized that a majority of the males would stop and help Mahmeet with her books when she was dressed more attractively then when she was wearing her normal clothing.

  4. Experimental Design: Our experiment was done twice, and both times it was done between blocks AB and BA. We didn’t pick lunchtime or after lunch because we thought we would get the best results in the morning since some people are still sleepy and in order to see whether or not people are paying attention to their surroundings. We gave Mahmeet textbooks and binders to carry, and told her to dress more attractively on one day and not as much on the second day. The rest of us were then placed in different spots and observed what was happening.

  5. Independent Variables: • Amount of books Mahmeet carries in order to get people to help.

  6. Dependent Variables: • Whether Mahmeet was dressed in attractive clothing or in un-attractive clothing.

  7. Confounding Variables: • Which hallway was chosen to do the experiment in. • Whether the experiment takes place during lunch or in between classes. • How many people are in the hallway while it is taking place. • Whether there are more females and males, and who is around Mahmeet at the time.

  8. Results: Bar Graph:

  9. Results: Pie Graph:

  10. Conclusion: • Based on the experiment, we have arrived at the conclusion that less people will help when Mahmeet is wearing “Normal” clothes. • Majority of people that helped Mahmeet when she wore “normal” clothes were females. • More people helped Mahmeet when she wore attractive clothes. • Majority of the people that helped her when she was wearing attractive clothes were males.

  11. Reaction: • Our personal reaction to this experiment was that it was very accurate to what we hypothesized, and we observed and saw what we originally thought would happen. • Our results aren't 100% accurate, due to some of the confounding variables and how it was laid out, but we got a basic result. • We realized that people should help each other out more often and there are some “nice” teens out there.