leaf carrier n.
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Leaf Carrier

Leaf Carrier

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Leaf Carrier

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  1. Leaf Carrier NikaR. 13 Virginia, U.S.A

  2. Have a great idea for an invention Raking leaves takes too much time, this problem impacts people of all ages who have take time to rake leaves. I chose this problem because whenever I rake the leaves in my yard it takes a lot of time. The Leaf Carrier will be most useful during the fall and beginning of winter. The carrier should be used during the those seasons because that is when most tree begin dormancy and loose their leaves. This invention can only be used on trees and shrubs. This is because trees and shrubs are the two plant species with the most leaves, and will have the best results.

  3. Investigate inventions and ideas from the past My research shows that there is only one other leaf carrier similar to my invention which is sold at Home Depot. It is called the “Leaf & Lawn Reaper Leaf Bagging Tool and Yard Waste Carrier,” and it is made with tarp and metal rods. The carrier lays on the ground, and when it’s full you dump the contents into the garbage. I also found some information on towns that did leaf pick-ups. One example is, the town of Plainville. This town did a leaf collection that took place in the autumn, and people raked all day. The town’s members did this to help the residents’ environment.

  4. Draw pictures and diagrams to show your invention and how it might work The leafs will fall from the tree into the Leaf Carrier, and that is how this invention will work. Tree Tarp Wood

  5. Build your prototype or model of invention To build my invention I used these steps: I measured the perimeter of the base of my tree. Then compared the measurements to the measurements of the tarp (my tarp: 6ft x 7ft). Depending of the perimeter of the tree, cut the tarp. To fit the tarp around the tree, cut the tarp from an end of it to the center. Using a stapling gun for wood, staple the four corners of the tarp into the four pieces of wood. Now take the tarp and and wrap the area you cut the it around the tree. After that, dig the piece so wood into the dirt around your tree so the wood slabs stand up-right.

  6. Keep improving your invention • Results: • The invention failed. • The wooden slabs came out of the ground. • It didn’t work to well because of season and wind. • To fix theses results: • The Leaf Carrier should be used in the fall and early winter. • Try different materials instead for the base. • Use longer tarp to see if it can catch more leaves. • Staple more of tarp to into the wood.

  7. Test your invention

  8. Market your invention to people who might buy it The Leaf Carrier An easy way to collect leaves faster. Rakes leaves for you With the Leaf Carrier all you have to do is wait! This invention gives you more free time and does all the hard work for you. Saves Time!