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Carrier Oversight PowerPoint Presentation
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Carrier Oversight

Carrier Oversight

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Carrier Oversight

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  1. Carrier Oversight National Transportation Safety BoardTruck and Bus Safety: A Decade of Progress May 10-11, 2011

  2. Carrier Oversight Session • New Entrant Safety Assurance Program • Vetting Process for Passenger and Household Goods Carriers • Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA)

  3. New Entrant Safety Assurance Program • Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act of 1999 • New entrant motor carriers subject to 18 month safety monitoring period • Regulations require new entrant safety audit within 18 months of U.S. DOT number issuance

  4. Vetting Process for Passenger and Household Goods Carriers • Passenger and Household Goods carriers subject to formal vetting process when they apply to FMCSA for authority • Applicant information screened against multiple data bases for matches • Prohibited from operating until completion of vetting process

  5. CSA Operational Model Three Major Elements • New Safety Measurement System (SMS) • Broader array of interventions to augment the Full Compliance Review • New Safety Fitness Regulation

  6. New Prioritization and Status Tool NEW Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) OLD SafeStat Safety Evaluation Areas (SEAs) Fatigued Driving (HOS) Unsafe Driving Driver Accident Crash Driver Fitness SafeStat SMS Safety Management Controlled Substances/ Alcohol Cargo- Related Vehicle Vehicle Maintenance

  7. Carrier Measurement: SMS Results

  8. New Intervention Tools OLD NEW Efficient and effective intervention tools reach more carriers and influence safety compliance earlier Automated Warning Letters Broader Investigation Types Offsite Investigations Focused Onsite Investigations Comprehensive Onsite Investigations Use of Safety Management Cycle Investigators determine “why” violations are occurring • Full Compliance Review is tool irrespective of type or scope of problem

  9. New Safety Fitness Determination (SFD) Process CURRENT One of three safety ratings issued following a compliance review Satisfactory, Conditional, Unsatisfactory Rating is snapshot based on date of most recent compliance review NEW SAFETY FITNESS REGULATIONS TO BE PROPOSED WOULD Incorporate on-road safety performance Allow for proposed downgrade in formal safety fitness determination based on monthly update of measurement system Continue to include major safety violations found as part of investigations