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On Time Booking  PowerPoint Presentation
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On Time Booking 

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On Time Booking  - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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On Time Booking 
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  1. On Time Booking

  2. WhatisOn Time Booking? • Reservation and distributionsystemforpassengertransportcompanies (airlines and ferries ) • Toolthathelpsyoutomanagetheentirereservation and ticketingprocess, automatingit and thusreducingyourcosts • Solutionthatoffersalltheadvantages of self-managingyourinventory, flexibilitytofixtariffs and schedules, at thesame time as itallowstointeractuatewithexternalsystems. • Complete and provensolution

  3. What are theOn Time Booking’skeyfeatures? In today's highly competitive global marketplace, increasing customer loyalty while reducing costs becomes a key element of business success. On Time Booking reservation system is the perfect tool to help you rise above the competition. • Multifunctional, yet quick to implement and easy to use system • Highly configurable solution • Modular system – you only pay for the modules you really need • Cutting-edge technology and innovative • Flexible – it adjusts easily to your company’s particular needs • Secure system • Scalable solution for growing businesses • Multilanguage and multicurrency

  4. Whatwillyourcompanygain withOn Time Booking? Cost reduction – máximum profit • Substantial savings can be made in distribution and communication costs – you can sell more without the cost of extra staff. Enabling you to offer differentiated prices and flexible tariffs, it helps you to control your product offering and to increase your revenues.

  5. Whatwillyourcompanygain withOn Time Booking? More distribution channels for higher sales • The system allows you to extend your business possibilities by selling through travel agencies, major global distribution systems GDS, call centres, as well as your own website.

  6. Whatwillyourcompanygain withOn Time Booking? Total control over your inventory • Having your own booking system enables you to totally control your inventory and gives you the flexibility to design your tariffs and schedules, at the same time allowing you to interact with external systems.

  7. Whatwillyourcompanygain withOn Time Booking? Increased productivity and efficiency • Automating the manual processes On Time Booking™ speeds up many of simple operations, improving the efficiency of your business. It is proven to deliver greater productivity, lower costs and better control to travel companies regardless their type and size.

  8. Whatwillyourcompanygain withOn Time Booking? Perfect platform for growing businesses • On Time Booking is a scalable solution. This easily adjustable and highly versatile tool, offers you a perfect platform to support rapid market changes, as well as to satisfy the changing needs of your clients.

  9. Whatwillyourcompanygain withOn Time Booking? Highly configurable solution. The perfect adjustment to your requirements • No doubts your company is unique and your necessities differ from those of your competition. Its modularised framework makes it flexible and adjustable to your company’s specific requirements. The great advantage is that the system can be set up as if it was created especially for your company, but without the enormous development costs

  10. Whatwillyourcompanygain withOn Time Booking? Your commercial network is well managed • The solution helps you to develop and manage your sales network, allowing for personalising your relation with each agency or point of sale and controlling their credits and commissions.

  11. Whatwillyourcompanygain withOn Time Booking? Multifunctional system. Easy to use. • On Time Booking constitutes a complete and sophisticated system that handles agents, final clients as well as port customers. Although it has a wide range of functionality, its intuitive graphic client interface makes it easy to navigate and use, guaranteeing a fast booking process.

  12. Whatwillyourcompanygain withOn Time Booking? Cutting-edge technology • On Time Booking is one of the most innovative solutions of the type. Developed as a SOA-based (Service Oriented Architecture) system, it uses Microsoft .NET platform and a clustered implementation environment, thus can be easily integrated with future solutions and other services.

  13. Whatwillyourcompanygain withOn Time Booking? Secure system • Allowing for different security levels both on the software and the hardware level, the system is a very secure solution. The applications are accessed via a secure portal, so you can be sure no unwanted user can enter your system.