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2007 Marketing Plan - FINAL October 18, 2006 PowerPoint Presentation
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2007 Marketing Plan - FINAL October 18, 2006

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2007 Marketing Plan - FINAL October 18, 2006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2007 Marketing Plan - FINAL October 18, 2006. Table of Contents. Business Trends pgs. 3-11 Competitive Landscape pgs. 12-13 Market Segments pgs. 14-16 Objectives pgs. 17-18 Strategies pgs. 19 Tactics pgs. 20-23 Evaluation Criteria pgs. 24

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2007 Marketing Plan - FINAL October 18, 2006

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    1. 2007 Marketing Plan - FINAL October 18, 2006

    2. Table of Contents • Business Trends pgs. 3-11 • Competitive Landscape pgs. 12-13 • Market Segments pgs. 14-16 • Objectives pgs. 17-18 • Strategies pgs. 19 • Tactics pgs. 20-23 • Evaluation Criteria pgs. 24 • Summary of Marketing Goals pgs. 25 • Recommendations pgs. 26-27 • Budgets pgs. 28-35 • Internal Considerations/List pgs. 36-37 • Assumptions pgs. 38 • Departmental Plans pgs. 39-86

    3. Business Trends - Economy • Global • Forecasts see a slightly weaker global economy in 2006/7 • Risks include major terror activity, bird flu, higher oil prices and increased tensions in the Middle East • United States • Sluggish growth for 2007 due to high gas prices and shrinking home values • 3-3.5% growth rate projected for 2007 • Consumer prices are expected to rise to 2.4% in 2007 • Unemployment rate expected to be 4.75-5% for 2007 • Colorado • Colorado’s economic growth has continued to strengthen and is more in line with other states in the region • Unemployment rate for 2006 is projected to be 4.9%. It is expected to stay flat for 2007 • Breckenridge • Tourism Sales Tax growth of 6.8% for 2005 • 13 months of record setting monthly tourism figures- April ’05- May ‘06 • Virtually full employment stretches workforce, threat to guest service • Local economy: $284 million (2005) • Tourism sectors: $193.4 million (68%) • Summer= 29%, Winter= 71% • Lodging= 25%, Retail= 24%, Restaurant= 20% of total    • Source: Town of Breckenridge Sales Tax figures

    4. Business Trends – Travel & Tourism • Trends – Travel & Tourism • Colorado’s second largest industry is tourism • Colorado now ranks in the top 15 of 50 states in tourism funding • Colorado now has $19MM/year to promote Colorado • Media spend: 30% winter, 70% summer • Among frequent travelers, 70% use the Internet for travel planning, 45% for booking • Breckenridge visitor usage: 55% to plan, 33% to book • Heritage and adventure tourism continues to gain in popularity • Fierce competition within tourism sectors (i.e. beaches, cruises, casinos, national parks, etc…) • Summit County • $513 million in travel spending • 6,360 tourism jobs • $19.2 million in local taxes generated by tourism Source: RRC Associates, TIA - Travel Statistics and Trends, Praco Public Relations, Dean Runyon Economic Impact Study, Longwoods International

    5. Business Trends – Travel & Tourism (cont) • Breckenridge • 1.7 million overnight visitors to Breckenridge- 2005 • 94% pleasure; 6% business • Tourism sectors well-balanced between • Out-of-state (approx. 75%) and in-state (approx. 25%) • Repeat (approx. 2/3) and first-timers (approx. 1/3) • Families (approx. 1/3), singles (approx. 1/3), couples- no kids (approx. 1/3) Source: RRC Associates, TIA - Travel Statistics and Trends, Praco Public Relations, Dean Runyon Economic Impact Study, Longwoods International

    6. Business Trends – Travel & Tourism • Trends - Travel & Tourism • Compared to five years ago • Day trips and weekend trips are more popular than trips a week or longer • 41% U.S. adult travelers attended a festival and/or fair during a trip in the past year • Advance planning is making a comeback in Breckenridge • Last minute trips compromise ability to choose location/accommodations • 2005’s snow conditions led to higher demand, during peak seasons – creating a buzz for 2006 – book early! As of 8/1 BCR seeing a healthy demand/booking for peak seasons • 70% of Breckenridge visitors are planning their trip 2 months or more in advance Source: TIA, A-Z Trends Longwoods 2005 Breckenridge Visitors Survey Breckenridge Central Reservations

    7. Business Trends – Travel & Tourism • Trends - Travel & Tourism • Group travel has increased; continues to rise • Groups of 100 or more are increasing • Group meeting budgets continue to increase • Planners feel local knowledge is the greatest value • Destination weddings account for 10% of all weddings planned • Business travelers are trying to use technology to reduce instances of travel • Fly Market vs. Drive Market: • Airfare loyalty programs are increasingly harder to cash in with low inventory • Summer drive market up despite record high gas prices • Keep watch on hurricane scenario(s)/impacts on gas/travel • The “Southwest” effect of Southwest Airlines is driving down overall airfare costs at DIA and introducing new markets to Colorado Sources: AAA Colorado, Denver Post, Denver Fares Fall After Southwest, 7/27/2006

    8. Business Trends – Travel & Tourism • Trends - Travel & Tourism • 2005/06 Ski Industry • 58.8MM total US skier visits (up 4.2% from 2004/05) • Colorado’s best season ever • 12.53MM Colorado skier visits, (compared to 11.8MM Colorado skier visits in 2004/05) • 1.62MM skier visits to Breckenridge • 10.1% increase over 2004/05 • 15% increase over two years • International visitation during the 2005/2006 ski season up to 11.9% from 10% Source: RRC Survey Data, 2005-06

    9. Business Trends – Travel & Tourism • Trends - Travel & Tourism • Additional Niche Markets • Heritage Tourism • Fastest growing segment of the tourism industry • Almost one-third of all domestic overnight trips to U.S. destinations in 2003 involved some heritage-related activity, totaling over 445MM trips, 85% of which were pleasure trips • 66% of these travelers want to visit historic places • Outdoor/Adventure Travel • In 2005, one in four Americans 16 and older took a vacation specifically to participate in an outdoor activity • One-half of U.S. adults, have taken an adventure trip in the past five years. This includes 31MM adults who engaged in hard adventure activities like whitewater rafting, scuba diving and mountain biking • Biking vacations attracted more than 27MM travelers in the past five years and they rank as the third most popular outdoor vacation activity in America, (following camping and hiking) Source: TIA, The Historic/Cultural Traveler, 2003 Edition TIA Adventure Travel Report Outdoor Industry Foundation

    10. Business Trends – Travel & Tourism • Trends - Travel & Tourism • Additional Niche Markets • Ecotourism • Defined as a form of tourism with a purpose • VR is second largest purchaser of wind power in US • Moderate, but growing, part of the tourist market • Financial impacts are greatest in rural areas near important ecotourism attractions • Both ecotourism and the concept of sustainability are taken seriously in Europe • 'Eco-trips' often include a learning experience Source: TIA, The Historic/Cultural Traveler, 2003 Edition TIA Adventure Travel Report, Outdoor Industry Foundation

    11. Business Trends - Media • Radio listenership at a 27 year low with the adoption of satellite radio • Newspaper circulation declining at an accelerating rate • On average a percentage point each year • All ages and demographic groups • Network TV audience share has fallen by a third since 1985 • Magazine circulation is back down to 1994 levels, peaked in 2000 • On-line ads will grow by 30% this year to $10 billion (5.4% of all advertising)

    12. Business Trends – Competitive Landscape • Direct • Colorado • Aspen/Snowmass, Copper Mountain, Gunnison/Crested Butte, Keystone, Steamboat Springs, Telluride, Vail, Winter Park • Out of state • Jackson Hole, Lake Tahoe/Heavenly, Park City, Tamarack, Taos, Whistler • Indirect • Beach resorts, Cruise lines, Disney, State parks

    13. Business Trends – Competitive Landscape

    14. Market Segments • Market segments are monitored and evaluated consistently • Resources allocated and adjusted accordingly throughout the year • International • Visitation continues to grow given fluctuating dollar; Dominated by UK visitors • Report longer stays than other segments (53% stay 8 or more nights) • Rely on travel agents for winter (43%), internet for summer bookings (33%) • Out-of-state • Remains bread and butter segment • Balance penetration and frequency • Continues to be high spenders • Visitation dropped slightly but daily expenditures increased significantly • Online is number one method of booking

    15. Market Segments (cont) • Colorado Overnight • For second year, broke record for number of visitors • Increased to 13% of the total market share (54% of those renting a unit) • Colorado Day • Need to convert to overnight • Need to increase daily spending • Local/Second Homeowner • Contribute to sales tax revenues and local event attendance but do not factor into overall visitation efforts • Marketing dollars are allocated accordingly

    16. Market Segments (cont)

    17. 2007 Main Objectives • Promote Breckenridge • Maintain core winter market share • Grow summer market share • Grow opportunity seasons (April, June and September) • Maintain and grow Breckenridge Central Reservations leads • Be consistent call to action for all marketing efforts • Support local economy • Increase visitation, primarily during “valleys” • Increase visitor expenditures

    18. Examples of Successful Implementation • January • Events (UllrFest, ISSC and Mardi Gras) executed to add spikes in visitation between holidays and Spring Break • September • Event (Oktoberfest) added to lengthen the summer season

    19. 2007 Strategies Integrated approach across all disciplines • Marketing the Breckenridge experience • Bringing the guest to Breckenridge • 60% of resources and efforts • Managing the experience • Enhance the guest experience once in Breckenridge • 30% of resources and efforts • Community Relations • Cooperation with organizations with similar interests • Keep abreast of and support community-wide efforts • 10% of resources and efforts

    20. 2007 Tactics Branding Breckenridge • Maintain and expand “A real town. Friends Welcome.”™ • Develop a cohesive creative campaign strategy • Common elements that visually and quickly identify Breckenridge’s marketing campaign • Brand Breckenridge Central Reservations as central booking service and fulfillment of marketing efforts

    21. 2007 Tactics Messaging • Primary messages • History/Character of Breckenridge • Build to 2009 and beyond • Call to action - drive traffic to gobreck.com • Secondary messages • Events • UllrFest, ISSC, Mardi Gras, Spring Massive, Fourth of July, NRO/Breck Music Festival, Main St. Performances, Breck Film Festival, Oktoberfest, December/Pre-holiday, Heritage, other • Activities • Winter: Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, etc. • Summer: Mountain biking, golf, hiking, rafting, etc. • Year-round: Historic tours, arts and culture, ice skating, recreation center, horseback riding, hot air ballooning • Ecotourism: wind power • Packages • Ski Free-Stay Free, non-peak weeks, events, family, adventure, summer

    22. 2007 Tactics • Seasonality • Continue 50/50 split between winter and summer • Out-of-state (75%), In-state (25%) • Targets • Geographic • Primary • FL (Miami), GA (Atlanta), IL (Chicago), MO (Kansas City & St. Louis), TX (Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston) and CO (Front Range and statewide) • Secondary • CA, NY/NJ, LA, OK, International (UK and others) • Test Markets • PA, MN, AZ

    23. 2007 Tactics Leverage Communication Resources • Colorado Tourism Office (CTO) • Web site/E-mail/Newsletter • Collateral • Comprehensive campaign strategy • Collaborative efforts with TOB and BSR, etc. • Annual Report, Vacation Planner, etc. • Welcome Center • Breckenridge Transportation Station • Friends Welcome • Publish graphic standards • Town Council • Retail & Lodging Forums • Mixers • Local Media

    24. Increase sales tax revenue by 3% Lodging, restaurant and retail Web traffic – 1,075,000 Exposure/reach/ impressions – 344MM Revenue to BCR - $4.8MM Lead generation – 130,000 (database building) Leveraged value of marketing dollars - $5.7MM Increased attendance & participation in events – 120,000 attendees Visitation (total, first time and repeat) Research results Repeat guests Feedback Guests, events, testimonials, community 2007 Evaluation Criteria Quantitative and Qualitative results

    25. Marketing Goals

    26. 2007 Recommendations • Capitalize on 2006 successes, maintain momentum • Capitalize on increased media spending from CTO • Involvement with new CTO programs will cost money initially • Decrease spending in some key markets where CTO plans to spend (i.e. FL) • Shift media spending • More on-line, less print (28% of media spending, up 2% from 2006; actual dollars increase $50,000 or 71%) • Expand media buys into these geographic targets to include: • Secondary markets: New York City, Los Angeles • Test markets: Philadelphia, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Phoenix • Reach via Web sites • Develop and execute events to fill gaps • Heritage theme/message – 2009 & beyond • Spring Massive enhancement • Increase in-town spending by 3% (retail, restaurant sales tax and capture rate) • Existing Capture Rates: • Summer 05: Shopping – 69%, Dining out – 36% • Winter 05/06: Shopping - 47%, Dining out - 44% • Increase business participation with events

    27. 2007 Recommendations • Marketing special projects • Projects with far-reaching and long-term effects • After considering 20 projects, the BRC staff recommends going forward with 2: • A Heritage / Breckenridge History Event (i.e. “The Days of Yore Festival”) ($50,000) • Launch in 2007 and build momentum toward 2009 and beyond • Year 2, expenses will be offset with sponsorships and will continue to grow • Establish as a signature event • Filling a valley in summer visitation • Event for visitors, second homeowners and locals of various ages • Multi-faceted event that celebrates our past in relevant ways • Offer greater sponsorship opportunities when partnered with other signature events • Group incentives ($30,000) • Sponsorship money to generate over $1MM in lodging and retail sales by bringing in the National Brotherhood of Skiers in 2008 (Jan.12-19) • Money will be used for various activities and collateral • Supplemented by $20,000 from Sales annual budget, and significant contributions by lodging companies and ski resort as part of overall proposal to NBS.

    28. Internal Considerations • Heritage message • Repeat guest/loyalty program • International markets • Increasing In-town spending • Second homeowners • Increase length of stay to BCR • Increase average daily rate • Community in-kind pool (offering for promo packages) • Develop itineraries/tip sheets • Overall website content and functionality

    29. Creative audit (EB on limited basis) Branding message/logo/media/markets Additional geographic markets (EB on limited basis) “Planned” itineraries (EB) Promotional items (EB) Interactive Wedding Planning Site (EB) Trade show booth enhancements (07) Media visits to opportunity markets (07) International trade shows (07) Breck video/DVD (07) Improve/expand “B” roll (07) Community contributions fund for media/promo (07) Group incentives (07/special project) Heritage event (07/special project) Develop a repeat guest/loyalty program (07/08) In-town spending (08) In-town visitors guide Video transfer on-line (08) Web Analytics (08) TV (Future) 4 color ads (Future) Internal Project List Some projects have been incorporated into 2007 plans, other have been postponed for later dates All projects total approximately $1MM Legend: EB = Existing Budget 08 = Priority for 2008, budget accordingly 07 = Priority for ‘07 if existing budget can be shifted Future= not immediate priority, but review for future consideration

    30. Basic Assumptions • 2007 plan developed based on following assumptions: • United Airlines exists and still services Denver in a similar operating capacity • DIA is operating in an acceptable fashion • International direct flights continue • Normal snow and snowmaking year • No more international incidents or escalation of war • Gas prices and cost to travel remain within reason • Quiet negative PR front • If any of these factors change, it will be necessary to re-evaluate the plan and adjust to the new environment

    31. Departmental Plans Advertising and Promotions Interactive Public Relations Sales Events

    32. Advertising & Promotions Plan Overall Strategy: • Focus on maintaining and growing current business levels • Attempt to flatten peaks and valleys and extend opportunity seasons (April, June, September) • Expand/develop summer season opportunities • Exploit the internet and its global reach • Capitalize on rotation opportunities to test creative • Expand the use of promotions in radio and on-line • Explore other markets and targets via testing

    33. Advertising & Promotions Plan Marketing the Experience: • Targeted advertising and promotions in key markets (Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Kansas City, Front Range) • Shift more spending into interactive in key markets • Add more value to purchased media • Email blasts, Link building • Capture contact details to add to database • More co-operative print efforts • Identify more opportunities for members in key markets and possible test markets • Capitalize on expanded efforts from CTO • Increase direct mail promotions • Capitalize on lead generation programs • Add secondary markets: New York City, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Oklahoma City via interactive • Philadelphia, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Phoenix as new opportunity markets

    34. Advertising & Promotions Plan Managing the Experience: • Secure media sponsorships supporting events • More cross-season marketing – in print, on-air and on-line • Promote major events, Main Street Performances and Welcome Center as part of overall experience • Promote shopping, dining and activities once visitors are here • Promote heritage-based opportunities/experiences

    35. Advertising & Promotions Plan Community Relations: • Continue/expand Front Range co-op program – Westword, Denver Post, CO Springs Gazette, Boulder Weekly, Radio • Expand Front Range promotions – Bolder Boulder, Sports teams, Music @ the Bottom, Film on the Rocks • Continue/expand local promotions w/local businesses • Expand Newspaper Day • Develop and execute a Co-op Day

    36. Advertising & Promotions Plan Key Communication Messages: • Branding • A Real Town. Friends Welcome.™ • Heritage/History- lead up to Sesquicentennial celebration • Character of Breckenridge • Activities • Summer - Mountain biking, golf, hiking, rafting, etc • Winter - Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, etc. • Year-round - Historic tours, arts and culture, ice skating, recreation center, horseback riding, hot air ballooning • Events • Calendar of events • Packages • Lodging Packages • Stay and Play, Ski Free/Stay Free • Spring Break, Non-peak weeks • Events • Family, Adventure seekers • Call to Action • Unique 800#s/coding per media vehicles • Gobreck.com – information and on-line booking

    37. Advertising & Promotions Plan Deliverables/Results: 90 MM Impressions • Frequency in major markets (TX, FL, IL, MO, GA, CO) • $4.2 MM in Lodging Revenue into BCR (14% spending to revenue) • Include unique packages in advertisements • Contribute 70,000 names to the master database • Done through promotions (enter-to-wins) and direct mail • Business-to-consumer • Business-to-business • Travel agents, meeting planners, etc. • Leverage a $625,724 budget into a $2.5M budget

    38. Advertising & Promotions Plan • Goals • Increase ROI • Development of loyalty program • Tactics • Shift/increase spending on-line (28% of media spending, up 2% from 2006; actual dollars increase $50,000 or 71%) • Increase direct mail programs • More value-added in all negotiations

    39. Interactive Plan Overall Strategy: • Increase overall Web site traffic – new users and repeat users • Increase conversion – on-line bookings • Develop/expand overall usability and functionality of gobreck.com • Increase interactivity to increase time spent on site • Be primary call-to-action in all marketing efforts

    40. Interactive Plan Marketing the Experience: • Manage Web site content to appeal to the variety of target audiences • Expand natural/organic search – stay above the fold for searches • Increase search marketing (keywords and key phrases) • Increase number of opt-ins for consumer e-newsletter by 50% • Increase number of opt-ins for travel agent e-newsletter by 50% • Ensure co-op partners are utilizing “For visitor info” links to gobreck.com

    41. Interactive Plan Managing the Experience: • Provide event, activity and business information for guests • Provide relevant information and functionality for all users (guests, local businesses) • Highlight interactive map • Highlight the Breckenridge Welcome Center • Highlight last-minute lodging available

    42. Interactive Plan Community Relations: • Increase link building among community partners • Cross-promotion of community partners’ information and events

    43. Interactive Plan Key Communication Messages: • Branding • Images and copy support overall branding message by season • Packages • Provide latest information on packages and availability, including last-minute availability • Events • Up-to-date and interactive community-wide calendar pages

    44. Interactive Plan Deliverables/Results: • Increase Web visits to 1MM • 4MM impressions • $600,000 in on-line lodging revenue • Add 50,000 names to master database • Add 10,000 names to opt-in e-newsletter

    45. Interactive Plan • Goals • To make Web site the primary call to action for all marketing efforts • Increase overall interactivity of Web site • Tactics • Make Web site primary fulfillment method for a loyalty program

    46. Public Relations Plan Overall Strategy: • To enhance and support the brand image of Breckenridge through a comprehensive PR campaign to internal and external audiences • To complement, where possible, other marketing initiatives in order to create layers of messaging • To drive presence in secondary markets, where advertising spend is minimal • Drive national reach in broad and niche publications

    47. Public Relations Plan Media-specific target audiences • International • Ski, travel and consumer/lifestyle • UK, Germany and Mexico • Other international markets as co-op opportunities arise • National • Ski Publications • Newspapers: USA Today, New York Times, LA Times • Cable news programming: MSNBC, The Weather Channel • Cable feature programming: The Travel Channel, MTV • Magazines: Mountain Bike Magazine, Outside, National Geographic Traveler, in-flight magazines • Regional • Ski/Travel sections of newspapers in key markets and other top 20 markets • Travel editors, heritage writers, recreation writers for daily newspapers in key markets and other top 20 markets • TV newscasts at in-market affiliate stations • News directors/producers of in-market travel and news radio programs • State and Local • Newspaper, radio and TV in Summit County • Recreation, Ski, Travel and Event writers of statewide daily newspapers • Recreation, Ski, Travel and Event reporters for statewide TV newscasts • News Directors of statewide radio stations

    48. Public Relations Plan Marketing the Experience: Ongoing • Pitch events to journalists through story ideas with unique twists or unique tie to key markets • Utilize contacts and databases to target niche publications and media • Nordic skiing in the winter, biking in the summer • Utilize specific packages (including events and activities) to target niche publications (spa, family, heritage, etc) • Work with BSR to host/attend media familiarization trips • Build relationships with media in key markets • Travel in conjunction with sales/travel agent shows, media events or independent visits • Keep media room on the Web site up-to-date and fresh • Produce and distribute annual Breckenridge Media Guide • Work with Colorado Tourism Office • Capitalize on their expanded efforts in promoting Colorado • Heritage tourism sectors

    49. Public Relations Plan Marketing the Experience: New • Coordinate with other entities in town to distribute consistent messages • Develop/distribute one-pager to enhance their communications (i.e. BMF, BFF, art fairs, lodging properties) • Utilize 2009 anniversary to drive media coverage and story placement

    50. Public Relations Plan Managing the Experience: Ongoing • Vacation Planner • Publish annually for distribution to potential guests • Manage editorial calendars • Write the bi-weekly consumer E-newsletter • Publicize events and community happenings around Summit County to capture locals and visitors staying outside Breckenridge • Identify opportunities to drive media coverage and business (i.e. fly-fishing clinics and culinary classes)